Best Foods and Remedies to Cure Typhoid Fever Naturally

Typhoid Fever
Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is known as “Entrails Fever”. Enteric fever spread worldwide by Salmonella typhi. Salmonella typhi (S. Typhi) has long been recognized to cause enteric fever in many parts of the world. Enteric fever is the most common bacteremic sickness in highly endemic countries, such as Pakistan and other Asian countries.

The patient affects by drinking contaminated water containing the bacteria and non healthy foods. Contamination of water is caused by poor sanitation and sewerage system in the town. Flies also carry the bacteria from feces to food. ‘Salmonella Typhus‘ bacteria in unhygienic food and water consumption are the root cause of Typhoid fever. Once the bacteria get into the body, they enter the blood stream form the intestine, and then travel to the spleen and liver, increasing rapidly. The organisms are then released back into the intestine via the gallbladder.

Weak immune system can be unable to stop bacterial infection. The bacteria have to be detected in CBC report or in stool tests. This bacterium affects the patient with a high fever as 103-104F°. The incubation period of typhoid fever is usually 8-14 days. The duration of illness is about 4-5 weeks. The fever rises in the evening and goes down in the morning. The fever starts to come down slowly and gradually by the end of 2nd week.

Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

These foods and remedies are best supportive to cure typhoid fever with medication.

Best Foods and Remedies to Cure Typhoid Fever Naturally

Best Foods for Typhoid Fever

Orange and Sweet Lime Juice

Add half glass Lime Juice in 1 glass of Orange Juice and drink it daily 3-4 times. It improves your immune system and lower the symptoms of Diarrhea, Vomiting, Constipation and Nausea. Keep using oranges at least after one week of recovery. Vitamin C in orange and sweet lime juice acts as an antioxidant and stimulates the production of white blood cells and platelets, which are the body’s first line of defense against infections.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice in typhoid fever is one of the best juices that not only best to cure typhoid fever but also remove bacteria from root. Daily take one glass during fever.

Pineapple Juice with Lemon Grass

Boil Lemon Grass in Half cup water for 3-4 minutes and leave it to cold. Then add 1 cup Pineapple juice in it and drink it. Use it daily.

Banana, Yogurt and Honey

Mix 2 Mashed Bananas in ½ cup Yogurt and 1 teaspoon Honey. Use it daily 3-4 times daily. Potassium in banana controls much of the fluid balance in the body, which is essential to fight an illness. Potassium can also lower blood pressure and reduce fevers caused by typhoid fever. Also very much effective to improve the route of your digestive system.

Coconut Water and Mint Leaves

Blend 3-4 Mint Leaves in ½ cup Coconut Water. Use 2-3 tablespoons 2-3 times daily. Very much effective remedy in Typhoid fever.

Dry Plum and Raisins

Take 2-3 pieces of Dry Plum and 8-10 Raisins. Soak in 2 glasses of water overnight and next morning blend it. Drink it with an empty stomach. Very much effective remedy in high fever.

Apple Juice with Ginger Juice

Add 1 tablespoon Ginger Juice in 1 glass of Apple Juice. Very useful and most effective juice in typhoid fever. Furthermore, apple and ginger has another powerful antioxidant with antibacterial properties, help to eliminate the basic infection causing typhoid.

Sweet Lime

Using sweet lime daily during fever is very much effective to remove bacteria. Try to intake more Iron food in your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables with iron are best to use in place of using pills or supplements.


Carrot Soup with Black Pepper

Boil 6-8 square pieces of Carrot in a glass of water for 8-10 minutes and filter it, mix 2-3 pinches of Black Pepper in it. Drink this soup to stop diarrhea due to typhoid fever.

Rice Pudding with Green Mung Beans

First of all  soak 100 grams rice and 100 grams mung beans (mung daal) in 2 liters water for 1/2 hour. Now filter the water and fry a small onion in 1-2 tablespoons of butter. When it becomes golden brown add soaked rice and mung beans. Fry it for 3-4 minutes and add 2 liters water in the pan. Add salt to taste and 2 pinches of black pepper powder. Cook it until it cook like pudding. Give it to the patient 2-3 times during typhoid fever.

Best Remedies for Typhoid Fever

Polyathia Longifolia Branches(Ashoka Tree or Glo Tree) and Carom Seed 

Soak 1- teaspoon Carom Seeds and one inch long 3-4 branches of Polyathia Longifolia (Ashoka Tree or Glo Tree) in half ½ liter water overnight. Next morning filter this water and give to the patient 3-4 times daily during the whole day. This remedy very much effective in any kind of fever like malaria, dengue and Typhoid. It reliefs the patient from Polyalthia longifolia, demonstrated significant antibacterial and anti-fungal activities. Use it for one month continuously for effective results.

Psyllum Seeds Pudding with Raisins

Boil 2 tablespoons in one glass milk for one minute and add sugar to taste. Daily give it to the patient in breakfast. The high levels of fiber in psyllium seeds can completely eliminate diarrhea and reduce stomach distress due to typhoid fever, which can lower the strain being put on your immune system. Raisins can also help to regulate the bowels, and bulk up stool to eliminate symptoms of diarrhea. Raisins are also rich, concentrated sources of important minerals, and can help to lower typhoid fever symptoms.

Barley Water

Barley water is best to eliminate bacteria and toxins from patient’s body fast. Also the best to increase patient’s appetite and immune system naturally. Daily take 1-2 glasses of barley water during typhoid fever.

Nigella Seeds Oil with Lemon Squash and Nigella Seeds Oil Steam

Boil water for steam and add one teaspoon in it. Take this steam for 5 to 10 minutes. Mix one teaspoon nigella seed oil in one glass lemon squash and take it twice a day to treat typhoid fever effectively.

Cloves and Honey

Boil 3-4 Cloves in 1 liter water, when water evaporates down into half quantity. Leave it aside until cold. Use this water with 1 teaspoon Honey 4-5 times in a day. This water is very helpful for the weak in patients. Honey is great for countering typhoid fever. It can give you a quick energy boost when you’re feeling exhausted, settle your stomach, and even counter the bacterial infection itself.

Echinacea (Pinkish-Purple Flower) 

Boil 1 teaspoon Echinacea roots or dried flower powder in one glass of water for 8-10 minutes. Filter it and sip it like tea 2-3 times daily. Echinacea enhances your immune system to fight with bacterial infections. It also strengthens the body tissues. Use it only for 2 weeks.

Bay Leaves

Use of Bay leaves boiled water is very much beneficial for patient of Typhoid fever. It removes bacteria and improve patient’s immune system. Moreover, it is antibiotic and antibacterial in nature, so it can help to eliminate the underlying infection causing your symptoms.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Avoid to consume high fiber food like raw vegetables, salads and whole grains.
  • Stay away from oily and spicy foods during and after six month of fever.
  • Use boiled and filtered water only, consume more liquid intake.
  • To remove after effects of typhoid fever use regularly vitamin K and folic acid tablets for one month and observe the 100% positive results and be healthy.
  • Totally stop use of beef, chicken and eggs.
  • During treatment try to use only soft cooked rice, custard, pearl rice.
  • Stop using bread and solid foods.
  • Totally avoid unhygienic food like fast food or spicy food.
  • Try to use hot or steamed food like soups and warm water.
  • The patient should take complete bed rest in airy and clean room.
  • Avoid taking a bath in the first two weeks in high fever but hand and feet washed thoroughly when you come out from the toilet.
  • Flush out the stool completely because the virus can affect others.
  • Avoid to take tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks.