Best Foods to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is caused by some growths on the ovaries may originate from the ovaries themselves, or they may be secondary growths which have spread from another part of the body.

Ovarian cancer usually occurs after the menopause. It is more common in women who have never had children, and no so common in women who have been on the Pills. It affects about one woman in a hundred, and although it only accounts for although it only accounts for a quarter of all female genital cancers, it is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women after breast, lung, colon and stomach cancer.

This is because the tumor is usually completely symptom less until it has spread beyond the pelvis. Three is no completely reliable test for the early detection of ovarian cancer (as there is with cervical cancer), but it can be detected with ultrasound, and mass screening for ovarian cancer may soon be more common than screening for breast cancer.

Causes of Ovarian Cancer

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

  • The commonest symptom of ovarian cancer is abdominal swelling, either as result of the tumor itself, or as a result of the excessive production of fluid.
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Pain in the pelvis
  • Back Pain
  • Upset Stomach
  • Frequent Urination
  • Pain During Sexual Intercourse
  • Sever Constipation

There are also best natural ways that really help to treat and cure ovarian cancer naturally.

Best Foods to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Nigella Sativa/Black Seeds

Nigella sativa is a miracle natural healer against cancer according to our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), “There is healing in Black seeds for all diseases except death”. According to new researches antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti tumor/cancer properties of nigella sativa best to kill ovarian cancer cells. Thymoquinone in nigella sativa kill approximately 80% cancer cells with a regular use of ¼ teaspoon of nigella sativa with honey for 3 to 6 months. Those who use black seeds in their diet regularly have strong immune system against diseases. Regular use of black seeds powder in your regular meal is also a best choice to cure from any cancer.

Green Tea

To deactivate plasmin that causes to spread tumor in ovary which can lead to cancer use green tea 3 to 4 cups daily continuously. Scientists believe the high level of antioxidants found in green tea are responsible for the results. Green tea helps to prevent and repair DNA damage but they also hinder the growth and spread of cancer cells by increasing apoptosis. Those who drank one cup of green tea regularly has the lower risk of ovarian cancer positively.

Natural Aspirin Foods

Regular use of natural aspirin prevented the growth of ovarian tumor cells and encourage cancer cells growth by 84%. Fortunately, there are many foods that contain salicylates or salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in aspirin. Apple, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, black currants, dates, figs, grapefruit, grapes, cherry, kiwi, peaches, spinach, turmeric and zucchini are the best natural sources for aspirin.

Soy Beans

Daily take 20 grams soy beans to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Soak soy beans in one glass water overnight and next morning add 3 to 4 glasses of water more and one pinch of salt in it and put it to boil until the water evaporates into one glass. Now blend it in a blender for 2 to 3 minutes and strain the soy milk with a cotton cloth piece. Take it daily, this is highly beneficial to cure ovarian cancer.


ginger is an excellent herb to kill cancer cells naturally and also reduces ovarian inflammation. Chronic inflammation during ovarian cancer can also be heal with ginger. It contains antioxidants and cancer fighting agent which cures us from cancer. Those who use ginger powder daily in their diet has the lower risk of cancer. You can also use ginger tea for effective results.

Red Onion

Quercetin in red onion specially inhabit cancer cells in ovarian cancer. Red onion are best natural cancer fighter but try to consume it raw. Because cooked or boiled onion reduces their cancer fighting properties. The best way to eat them positively add onion in your salad plate daily as a dose.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish that are good protector against against cancer. Omega-3s are anti-angiogenic, so they too starve cancers by cutting off the blood supply to them. Researchers suggest to eat 15 to 18 oz fish (salmon, tuna, sardine etc) or omega 3 fatty acids per week to treat and cure ovarian cancer.

Ginkgo Biloba

Researchers strongly suggest to use ginkgo biloba that may help to lower the risk of developing ovarian cancerous cells. Those who use supplements with ginkgo biloba had lower rate of ovarian cancer.



Those women who use flax seeds regularly and use flax seed especially after an abortion or delivery had the lowest rate of ovarian cancer. Lignans found in flax seed are considered phytoestrogens and antioxidant which aggravate ovarian cancer. Flax seed lignans also act as an antioxidant.


There is no food like honey that will cure cancer of any kind. Pure and natural honey is also best for prevention of ovarian cancer. Anti inflammatory and anti oxidants properties of honey are good effects and anti fungal or anti viral properties are good to kill cancer cells and prevent our body from cancer if we use it regularly.


Antioxidants and lycopene in tomatoes help to reduce cancerous cells growth in the body and reduce the cancer risk. According to some research they suggests to increase you lycopene intake that may aid in cancer prevention. In addition, some studies indicate that a diet high in lycopene (especially from tomatoes) may help prevent ovarian cancer in pre-menopausal women and reduce risk of pancreatic cancer.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Avoid using more sugar, dairy products, red meat and foods high in fats because they may increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Add more citrus fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet to heal ovarian cancer.
  • Take a healthy and balanced diet for a longer life.
  • Avoid using birth control pills.
  • Breast Feeding.
  • Avoid having birth or ovulation.