Best Healthy Foods to Reduce Body Fat

Body fat is like an unwanted guest, you just can’t get rid of, and kicking it to the curb can be the mother of all health challenges. Studies show that packing on too much body fat can harm your health and raise your risk of many major health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney failure and metabolic syndrome. But some methods are more promising than others. Knowing what to include in your diet is half the job, the other half is doing exercises daily that suit your body type. Certain foods actually help reduce stubborn body fat and will get you well on your way to enjoying a slimmer figure.

Best Healthy Foods to Reduce Body Fat


Apples contain antioxidants and pectin that helps burn body fat because it has no fat and sodium. Pectin restricts the body’s ability to absorb fat into the cells and the antioxidants prevent metabolic disorders which may result in the accumulation of excess fat. Ursolic acid in apple is the best natural source to reduce obesity.


This is a truly magical fruit, due to their richness in various vital nutrients. Avocado is rich in fiber, which helps to keep hunger at bay and the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids helps to burn body fat easily.


Mix 250g walnut kernels in 100g honey, 3-4 fresh garlic cloves paste and 3-4 medium size lemon juice. Put all the ingredients in a glass jar and mix well. Daily take 1-2 teaspoon on an empty stomach to reduce body weight naturally and also increase your immune system. Walnuts, pears, dark chocolate, nuts, flax seed oil, macadamia nuts, natural peanut butter, olive, canola, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and almonds with honey have high calories, but with sufficient amount it will help to slim down your body naturally.


Almonds are also said to reduce body fat and have manifold health benefits as well. Eating at least 6 almonds in the morning will promote the protein in it to burn fat.

Alfalfa Sprouts

You can help reduce cholesterol levels in your blood naturally by eating alfalfa sprouts, and this is an amazing vegetable to eat during the spring months to reduce body weight especially cholesterol.

Garlic and Lemon Water

Eat raw garlic chews two to three cloves of garlic every morning, and drink a glass of lemon water after that. This treatment will double up your weight loss process and make your blood circulation smooth in your body.

Green Tea

Green tea extract is known to produce a weight reduction due to its natural material, belonging to polyphenol material. Numerous study possess suggested that green tea makes use of metabolism and uses up excess fat, which makes it the actual possibly helpful weight reduction device to get rid of belly fat.

Lemon and Honey

First thing in the morning drink 1 cup of lukewarm water with lemon juice. You can add some honey to improve the taste and effect. Drink lots of water throughout the day and with all meals.

Mint Leaves

An herb, yes, but this one goes the extra belly-fat burning mile. Mint leaves trigger the release of extra bile from the gallbladder, which is important because it helps the body to digest fat. For a quick remedy to belly bloat add 10 crushed mint leaves to 2-4 cups of roasted dandelion tea every day and you could lose two or more pounds in 10-14 days.


The best way to start your journey to sexy stomach is by having oats for your breakfast. Oats are filling and thus help you to lose weight. Besides, it is also low in calorie and provides energy to your body slowly. It is a very good source to provide energy to your body all throughout the day, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and can even lower your cholesterol.


A large tomato contains only around 33 calories. Moreover, a recent study identified a compound extracted specifically from the fruit called 9-Oxo-octadecadienoic (9-Oxo-ODA) which was shown to influence the amount of blood lipids in circulation. According to Dr. Teruo Kawada, the study leader, “finding a compound which helps the prevention of obesity-related chronic diseases in food stuff are a great advantage in tackling these diseases, and tomato allows people to manage the onset of dyslipedemia through their daily diet.” According to Wikipedia, Dyslipedemia is a condition where there is too much lipid in the blood. This normally caused by diet and life style.



A hydrating fruit rich in lycopene, it will increase your body’s arginine levels, an amino acid that ups the body’s fat-burning potential. At the same time the juicy red fruit helps the body burn fat, it also builds lean muscle. Just 1 cup a day does the trick.


Consuming means on a regular basis helps to get rid of the body fat, develop body muscles and improves digestion. Beans also help to feel full for a longer duration, thus avoiding over indulgence. Add beans to your diet, if you want your middle to be sexy and firm.

Cranberry Juice

Drink 100 percent cranberry juice. Cranberries are high in organic acids that act as digestive enzymes. The enzymes work to gobble up little fatty deposits that get stuck in the lymphatic. Mix a day’s supply of cranberry with 8 oz. Unsweetened cranberry juice and 56 oz. of water.


Celery is a negative calorie food containing only eight calories. It is high in vitamin C, calcium and is best enjoyed raw. Enjoying fresh celery juice before a meal can even help you lose weight. It contains apigenin, an active compound that slashes the risk of ovarian cancer.

Eat High Fiber Foods

Eating a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber is an effective way to stay fit and avoid the bloated feeling that comes with constipation. Incorporate fat burning foods in your diet. These fat burning foods are foods, which helps in increasing the metabolism, which in turn helps the body to lose the fat. Include fats, which are high in proteins. Foods such as broccoli, green tea, cabbage, carrots, jalapenos, beans (kidney, navy, white), grapefruit, watermelon, apples, berries (blue, black, etc.), cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger, low fat dairy products, papayas etc.

Green Leafy Vegetable

Want to get a flat tummy instantly? Then fill for plate with green leafy vegetables. All types of green leafy vegetables are extremely low in calories, full of fiber and offer several vital vitamins and minerals that help to ease water retention without causing the bloating and tummy discomfort.

What to Add and What to Avoid

    • The manner in which food is cooked plays a very important role too.
    • In order to reduce tummy naturally, fried food, junk food, processed food and foods containing refined flour, white rice and sweets should be strictly avoided.
    • Instead people should opt for fresh salads , sandwiches made in brown bread and food that has been broiled, roasted or grilled.
    • Unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies and other products that are high in salt and fats should be replaced with fresh fruits salads, nuts and seeds.
    • Replacing two of your daily meals with milkshakes, soups, pasta or meal bars, and eating a 600 calories balanced meal for the remaining meal. In addition, you can eat two to three snacks a day.
    • This proves 1200 to 1400 calories per day – lower than the daily recommended amount, so the dieters lose weight.
    • The products contain vitamins and minerals to ensure a nutritious diet.
    • Bicycling 5 miles in 30 minutes
    • Bicycling 4 miles in 15 minutes
    • Dancing fast or 30 minutes Gardening for 30 to 45 minutes
    • Jumping rope for 15 minutes
    • Playing basketball for 15 to 20 minutes
    • Playing touch football for 30 to 45 minutes
    • Raking leaves for 30 minutes
    • Running one and half miles in 15 minutes
    • Stair running for 15 minutes
    • Swimming laps for 20 minutes
    • Walking one and three quarter miles in 35 minutes
    • Walking two miles in 30 minutes
    • Washing and waxing the car for 45 to 60 minutes
    • Washing windows for 45 minutes to 60 minutes
    • Water aerobics for 30 minutes