Best Makeup Brushes for Perfect Makeup

There are a large number of beauty tools in the market to give you the perfect makeup finish. These essential brushes are also perfect tools to makes your appearance more confidant. Every woman should keep these brushes in your own personal make up bag for a professional personality.

Best Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own

Foundation or Base Brush

Wide, soft haired brushes with loosely packed bristles give an even, light dusting of face powder. Use a translucent powder which doesn’t alter the shade of your foundation or base. Dip brush in powder, shake off excess and brush from forehead downwards to chin to avoid lifting up and accentuating tiny facial hairs.

Contouring Brush

Smaller brushes can be used for shading or contouring. Use a darker color shadow stroked just under the cheekbones in the hollows of cheeks to slim down a round face. A small triangle dotted just under the chin and blended downward also helps to reduce a double chin.

Lip Liner Brush

You can give a professional look to your lips with this brush. It stops lipstick from smudging and smearing into fine crease lines around lips. After lining, fill in rest of lips with lipstick. Lip liners can also lip correct. Too full lips can be trimmed by using liner just inside the natural line and too thin lips can be made fuller by lining just above the natural line shape.

Eye Shadow Brush

An angled eye shadow brush is great for applying and blending shadows. Particularly if you want to concentrate color and ‘wing’ shadows to give an almond up shape effect.

Eye Shadow Blending Brush

A general blending eye shadow brush can soften eye shadows and highlighters under the brow line so that they all bled in beautifully. It can also sweep off excess powder after coloring has been applied with a sponge tipped applicator to give a more natural effect.

Mascara Brush

A curved mascara brush is handy for separating lashes before building them up with a second coat of mascara. For thicker looking lashes, apply loose powder before using mascara. On top lashes, apply first coat from topside of root to tip, second coat from underside of root to tip. Make sure they dry in between coats. Always allow a minute for mascara to dry between applications. Bottom lashes should normally only has one light coating at outer edge.

Eye Brows Brush

Always brush brows into shape after complete make up. An old clean toothbrush does the job well and removes any surplus base or powder. If your brows are unruly, try brushing through a tiny dot of Vaseline or hair gel to keep them shape. If your brows are fair, don’t pencil them in with one continuous line. For a natural look, pencil in tiny upward strokes and then brush through for a softer effect.

Blusher Brush

Blusher brushes should be long haired and fairly wide so you can sweep along cheekbones in one or two flicks. Always place blusher on your cheekbones just above the cheekbones where you apply your blusher, and blend outwards towards hairline.