Best Manicure at Home for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Manicure as important for your hands as facial to your face once a month and also reduce to stress. Because best natural manicure can work to relieve all over tension. If you ignore it your hands lose its beauty and softness. Try to cut out nightshade foods like potato and tomato, which can cause arthritis pain in hands. Your favorite ‘Engagement Ring’ does not attract your partner and friends.

Remember! Beautiful hands don’t stop at the nails. Always pamper your skin with a moisturizing hand cream. Try to cut down on some of the wear and tear you give your hands around the house. Always wear rubber gloves for washing up, cotton gloves for housework and gardening gloves when weeing. Carry an emery board in your bag, so you can do an emergency manicure before a break gets too bad.

You can do it at home easily just follow these steps for naturally gorgeous hands .

Best Manicure at Home for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Use Emery Board

Using an emery board, file nails in one stroke from side to center of nail.

Soak Nails in Bowl

Soak nails in warm, soapy water for a couple of minutes to soften cuticles and to wash away any traces of oily nail polish remover. Softened cuticles are easier to push back and any hangnails are easier to trim. Soak your hands in milk with slat and add few drops of almond oil for 15-20 minutes. Keep rubbing your hands and finger joints with Loofah softly. This will remove dead skin cells of your hands. Or  mix one tablespoon Hydrogen per Oxide, one tablespoon shampoo, ½ tablespoon salt and 15-20 drops of lemon juice in 2 liter Luke warm water.

Remove Cuticle

If your creamy cuticles remover doesn’t come with a brush, apply it with an orange stick covered with cotton wool. Using the hoof edge of the stick, push back cuticles and, with pointed edge, clean underneath nails. Wash away remover.

Trim Nails

Always use proper manicure clippers or scissors which are designed specifically for manicure. Only hangnails and excess skin should be neatly trimmed. Never cut into the cuticle or you may find it will harden and crack.

Nail Care and Buffing Cream

Nails that split easily, chip, flake or simply snap off need extra care. If you are not going to wear nail polish for a few hours, then condition nails by applying a nail care cream to the entire area, massaging it well into the cuticle. Then use a buffing cream and chamois leather polisher. You can also use this homemade massage cream. Mix one teaspoon sugar in one teaspoon olive oil or almond oil and massage with it for 2-3 minutes.

Hand Mask

Now for a mask at home you can use Aloe Vera Gel or Mud mask on hands for effective results. Than soak a towel in Luke warm water after wrinkle the towel wrap it on your hands for five minutes at the end push back the edges of your nails with the cuticle pusher, then wear gloves for 1-2 hours.

Polish Your Nails

For perfectly polished nails, first apply a clear baste coat to stop nails discoloring. Paint nails in three strokes from center and then each side. Next add two coats of polish. Finish with a clear top coat for extra protection. Make sure each coat is allowed to dry between applications.