Best Natural Fitness Tips for Working Women

Nowadays it is very hard to handle home for a single person. If a woman decide to share the burden she have to survive with her mental health and fitness problems. Because she have to look-after her home, kitchen and children after she came from work. Women also need an extra nutritious diet when expecting a baby.

Healthy nutritious diet always gives you a natural beauty, health and fitness. Working women cannot afford a sufficient time for their fitness and beauty due to their commitments and tight schedules. Nutritious diet can help to keep you healthy without wasting your time and can control your stress, fatigue, fluctuating hormones and energy levels.

You have to start from the basic foods like fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Working women need more protein and healthy fat food for plenty of energy to complete their daily tasks and targets without losing or gaining extra weight at any stage. This may be harmful to their health, beauty and fitness. Healthy food choice can make you feel energetic all the day long.

Best Natural Fitness Tips for Working Women

Add Enough Calcium and Vitamin D

A woman needs daily 1 to 2 glasses of milk from the day one till death for strong bones. Calcium based vegetables, fruits and calcium products can also helpful for this. Because women need more calcium than men to keep from osteoporosis especially during pregnancy if you did not take proper calcium to support bone health, it may be harmful for both. To absorb calcium in your body and bones, vitamin D consumption is a must add to your daily diet. Salmon, eggs, blueberries, red grapes and milk are excellent sources of vitamin D which power to immune system CAMP genes. CAMP genes are the best protection against diseases infection.

Add Enough Iron

Working women usually ignore important minerals and vitamins due to their busy schedules. During menstruation and pregnancy women need a lot of iron rich food to keep yourself from anemia and hangover. Spinach, red meat, apples, banana, potatoes and almonds are the best sources of iron.

Add Enough Protein

Protein food is very important for our bones density and body energy. But working women should take a proper recommended diet for protein because excessive use of high protein diet can be harmful for your health and can increase your weight especially for office job women. Proper protein diet can make it easier to stay slim and smart with energy. Fish, seafood, olive, canola, avocados, and nuts are the best source of diet to stay slim and smart.

Sleep More, Lose More

If you sleep less than seven or eight hours you are more likely to gain weight or extra pounds. Those who get enough sleep they have a greater sense of fullness, and they will spontaneously lose weight. Researchers have reported that sleep deprivation upsets our hormone balance, triggering both a decrease in leptin and an increase of ghrelin. So sleep is the cheapest and easiest weight loss tip.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Try to arrange daily exercise or morning walk for the day long freshness.
  • Drink a half glass of fresh water daily when you get up early in the morning to keep yourself from constipation.
  • Do not skip your breakfast as it can adversely affect your physique.
  • Take a 15 minutes rest before having your lunch in the office or workplace. And take 15 minutes rest after your lunch its better for your body and heart healthy.
  • Never eat a hot meal in a hurry due to the short time it may damage your stomach walls.
  • Add more vegetables in your daily meal and change your menu daily for a fresh look.
  • Cut off from your daily food plans junk food, alcohol and caffeine for your health and beauty.
  • Take adequate rest for at least 8 hours for a sparkling and healthful morning.