Best Natural Home Remedies for Colic Pain

Colic is a type of spasmodic pain caused by internal muscles fighting to overcome an obstruction. Colic is not actually a disease in itself. It is, instead, a form of pain which comes and goes, usually building up to a minute or so of real agony and subsiding to a dull ache before building up to another crescendo. The site of the pain as well as the time interval in between each attack can give your doctor some very useful clues as to weather or not you have been struck by colic. Many organs, such as the gut and the ureter (the passage through which urine travels from the kidneys to the bladder) contain the type of smooth muscle which is usually affected by colic.

Classic Colic

Pain from the ureter, renal colic, is felt in the back, just below the ribs. The pain is severe and often seems to travel into the groin. Renal colic is due to the presence of a stone in the ureter.

Waves of contractions pass down the ureter to try and pus the stone along. Often they succeed and the stone passes into the bladder causing immediate relief of the pain. Before Nature does the rick a painkilling injection, may be needed. Biliary colic is very similar but in this case the stone will be stuck somewhere en route from gall bladder to intestine.

The Commonest Colic

The commonest type of colic is intestinal in origin This may be due to constipation or inflammation in the bowel wall. Inflammation and swelling fool the gut into thinking it is full and powerful waves of contraction buildup to try and shift the obstruction Simple Painkillers, hot water bottles and peppermints may help to relieve the discomfort.

Baby Colic

Every parent can remember sleepless nights with a screaming baby. This is ‘three month colic’, so called because it should get better at that age. Nobody knows the cause, though it does seem commoner in families which are under stress. It is certainly commoner in the children of smokers. This condition can be very distressing for mother and baby alike so make sure you seek advice from your GP.

We suggest you some useful natural home remedies which are given below to treat colic pain at home for all ages.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Treat Colic Pain At Home

Lukewarm Mustard Oil Massage for Colic Baby

Massage is one of best tips to get rid of your baby fast and effectively from colic pain. Heat the oil in ovan for just 8 to 10 seconds and check the temprature before appling on baby’s skin. Starting at the base of the rib cage, stroke down with one hand, then the other, in a paddle-wheel-like motion.Massage the abdomen area with your fingertips in a circular, clockwise motion. Stroke across the belly along the base of the ribs from her right side to the left and down. Stroking from low on the baby’s right side, up and around the navel, and down the left side.Hold knees and feet together and gently press knees up toward her abdomen. Rotate baby’s hips around a few times to the right.Also take a little massage on back and shoulders. This will relax your baby within few minutes.

Gripe Water for Colic Baby

Another trial and tested tip to get rid of you baby from this painful condition. Warm drinking water may help as may ‘colic drops’, available from our chemist, or gripe water. Heat the empty spoon on fire for few seconds and then fill it with gripe water. Take it to the baby immediately but check the temperature on your own first. Repeat this 3 to 4 times during the day if needed.

Boiled Milk with Fennel Seeds and Green Cardamom

Breast feeding is the best for your baby but if you eat some raw, dairy and spicy foods, this may cause trouble in your baby. In this condition boil one liter milk with two teaspoons fennel seeds and 4 to 5 green cardamom for 2 to 3 minutes. Give this prepared milk to your baby during the whole day instead of breast milk to treat any type of colic pain. Also maintain your healthy diet because the foods you consume are likely to pass into the breast milk. Therefore, try eliminating certain foods from your diet.

Carom Seeds, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Fennel Seeds and Ammonium Chloride

Make a fine powder with 100 grams carom seeds, 100 grams fennel seeds, 10 grams black salt, 25 grams black pepper and 10 grams Ammonium Chloride (Dry Noshader). Keep this mixture in a tight screwed glass bottle. When you feel pain and gas problem take one or two pinches of this wonderful powder with lukewarm water. Within 5 minutes you can get rid of colic pain fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best tips to treat colic problem. Apple cider vinegar soothes an irritated stomach and relieves nausea. It works like a sweeper in the stomach when you take one tablespoon apple cider vinegar with one glass lukewarm water the secretion of food starts moving.

Chamomile Tea with Lemon Juice

Make one cup chamomile tea and ad one teaspoon of fresh honey. Add few drops of fresh lemon juice in cup and take it. Take this tea 2-3 times in a day. Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties of chamomile tea help to soothe an upset stomach which causes colic pain.
Nigea Seeds Oil, Ginger Water and Black Salt
Make a mixture with 10 grams ginger water, 6 drops of nigella seeds oil and 2 pinches of black salt powder. Mix them in one glass water and drink it. The best fast effective remedy to treat gastritis and colic pain.

Mint Leaves, Cinnamon, Black Cardamom and Fennel Seeds

Boil 4 glass of water, add 4-5 Fresh Mint Leaves (with branches), 1 inch piece of Cinnamon, 2 Black Cardamom and 1 tablespoon Fennel Seeds in it. Boil it for 8-10 minutes and turn the stove off. When it becomes cool drain it and add 1 teaspoon of Sugar and 1-2 pinch of Salt in One glass. Drink it thrice a day. It is very much effective home remedy for colic pain, there is no need to use on second day. For kids reduce the quantity and for infants use 1 cup for three times a day.

Yogurt with Mint

Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics and aids in curing colic in babies and adults caused by discomfort in their stomach.Blend 20-25 Leave of Fresh Mint in 1 cup Yogurt. You can add 2 tablespoons of Lime Juice in too. Very much effective tip for colic pain in all ages.

Turmeric, Grapes and Pomegranate Juice

Add 2-3 Pinch of Turmeric in 1 cup grapes and Pomegranate juice. It helps to reduce the symptoms of colic and also boost energy level of the sufferer.

Carom Seeds, Lemon Juice

Soak 100 grams Carom seeds (ajwain) in 250 grams Lemon juice. Daily add lemon juice in it and leave it to dry. Repeat this for 7 seven days then keep this carom seeds in a glass jar. Use it daily ¼ teaspoon with lukewarm water for 2-3 days just before going to sleep. One of the best remedy for colon cleansing can also help in getting rid of colic pain fast.

White Onion Powder with Yogurt

Make a powder with dried white onion and mix half teaspoon in 125 grams yogurt. Give it to the patient and repeat the dose after one hour. After 2 hours you will have a loose stool but after that indigestion will be cured. Only add boiled rice with yogurt in patient’s diet until complete recovery from colic pain.

Dried Pomegranate Seeds and Mint Leaves

Another very effective home remedy to treat colic pain fast. Grind two tablespoons dried pomegranate seeds in mortar. Now mix a handful of fresh mint leaves to make a paste. Take one teaspoon with 4 to 5 times during the day.

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