Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Menopause

Menopause is the end of a woman’s fertile life, when periods stop. The menopause usually occurs at about 51 years, but anything from 44 to 58 years is considered normal. Doctors do not recognize the menopause until six months have elapsed from the last period.

Unfortunately, the hormones produced by the ovaries have many other functions. According to experts dropping estrogen levels may be the main cause of menopause. Estrogen deficiency leads to a loss of elasticity in the genital area, leading to dryness, irritation and sometimes bleeding. The breasts tend to shrink and the normal female fat distribution is lost. Without the stimulus of estrogen the bones gradually thin and this may lead to problems such as fractured hips and compression of the spine. Depression and insomnia are very common at the time of the menopause.


  • Periods may stop suddenly, or the cycle may get longer and longer
  • The skin of the upper body dilates due to frequent bouts
  • The sufferer turns bright red, feels intensely hot and sweats profusely
  • Many women experience hot flushes for a year or two, but in some they continue into their sixties.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Digestive disorders
  • Anxiety and Irritability
  • Poor Concentration and Forgetfulness
  • Weakness or low immune system
  • Body and Joints pain

If you are seeking for natural solutions to treat menopause try these natural ways to treat and reduce menopause symptoms. These tips and remedies work as adaptogen for female hormones. Natural foods and herbs also help to alleviate some other symptoms like hot flushes, insomnia and fuzzy thinking. Natural ways are highly effective even if you are experiencing severe symptoms. These treatments work better than using drugs with side effects.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Menopause

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort has long been an alternative treatment for menopausal stress, blood pressure, improve sleep, relaxation, and reduce depression and anxiety. The dried leaves and flowers are much beneficial to treat menopausal symptoms. Make a tea with leaves or prepare pills by mixing powder with water. Daily take a pill with normal water or take a cup of st. John’s wort leaves tea before going to sleep.

Soy Foods

Soy foods loaded with certain chemical and have an estrogen like effect and may help relieve symptoms such as irregular periods due to menopause. Try to take one serving of soy a day, such as a soy smoothie made with one cup of low fat soy milk and frozen fruit whirled in the blender, or have two tablespoons of roasted soy nuts.


Garden sage can help reduce or sometimes even eliminate night sweats. To make a sage infusion, place 4 heaping tablespoons of dried sage in one cup of hot water. Cover tightly and steep for 4 hours or more. Then strain and drink.


Ginseng roots has been used from a longer time in all over the world. It may be used to treat menopausal symptoms of stress, fatigue and anxiety. The effectiveness of ginseng treat all females related problems wonderfully. Steep one inch stick of ginseng root in one cup boiled water for 10 minutes and take it. You can take ginseng powder and extract for the same purpose.

Asparagus Roots

A topical Asian economical herb which is best to enhance male and female fertility and also increase follicle stimulation in female hormone. Also best to stimulate genital health and estrogen level.  Asparagus roots healing quality is ideal to strengthen uterus walls and cure the uterus from other female diseases. Add 2 g powder in milk and take it daily one hour before going to sleep.

Black Cohosh

European doctors has been prescribed to women for menopausal symptoms from centuries. New research shows that Black cohosh works primarily by lowering LH hormone, much like popular anti-depressant natural treatment herb. Most women reported after using this herb that it reduces hot flushes as effectively as oestrogen replacement. The benefit is slower than conventional HRT, however. It may take four to six weeks for an effective results. Daily take 2 grams with one glass lukewarm milk.

Nigella Seeds

Daily consume 2 to 3 pinches of Nigella seeds powder with one glass of carrot juice 2 times during the day. It is very much effective to decrease the symptoms of menopause.

Passionflower Tea

If you are seeking for one of best herbs to treat menopause naturally. Passionflower is best to helps to decrease the activity of some depression inducing brain cells. It can greatly reduce depression and hot flushes associated with menopause. To prepare passion flower tea, boil one cup water on low flame and add half teaspoon dried passion flowers powder. Cover the pot so that the oil of this herb do not evaporate. Now remove it from stove and steep it for about 10 minutes. Then add one teaspoon honey in it and take it before going to sleep.

Grapes Juice with Bistorta Syrup

Daily drinking Grape juice with Bistorta (anjbar) syrup is very effective to regulate the cycle. The best natural and easy tip to treat menopausal symptoms.



Peach is the best choice to get healthier body and skin during menopause. It controls the hormone level which causes excessive facial hair or beard like hair production.  Also reduces stress and anxiety level during this period.

Sweet Pomegranate

Sweet pomegranate juice can be very effective to reduce the depression and insomnia during menopause. It also keeps your body dilates due to frequent bouts and a lower risk of osteoporosis. Daily take half cup of pomegranate juice after 50’s.


Start eating guava daily in your diet after fifties. Because Iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates and other vitamins in guava are best to treat and reduce menopause symptoms naturally.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits, seeds and nuts are contains lots of vitamins and minerals. These are best natural energy boosters which are beneficial during treating menopausal period. Daily take a handful of dry fruits, seeds or nuts.


It has been found that menopausal depression is likely to be low in serotonin levels. There are many foods that contain this amino acid, but chocolate is one of the more effective foods to treat menopausal symptoms. Take more chocolate to reduce and treat menopause symptoms like anxiety, fatigue and stress.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Totally avoid alcohol and smoking from your daily diet plan. Women who are for an alternative to HRT for relief from hot flushes should try stubbing out their cigarettes. Smoking may lead to more severe or more frequent hot flushes during the menopause.
  • Women with a body mass, considered obese, were more likely to have frequent and severe hot flushes than the women with healthy weight.
  • Drink a lots water daily.
  • Regular exercise daily can help to reduce the symptoms.
  • Avoid to take more protein food like beef, meat and other red meats.
  • Reduce more salt or other spices from your diet.
  • Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • If you have gone through the menopause and want to protect your bones from osteoporosis, you may have heard the advice from experts to undertake regular weight bearing exercise.
  • Research shows that when it comes to lifting weights to fortify bones, more is definitely better.