Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Stammering

Stammering/Stuttering is a speech disorder in which there is hesitation and repetition of certain words or parts of words. The disorder usually starts in childhood, although it may begin later in life as a result of trauma or stroke, for example. For some people, it is particular consonant sounds which are a problem; for others, the difficulties are more generalized.

The condition affects about 1% of adults, but is more common in children and known to affect young children. Many children stutter temporarily at around the age of two, when their speech is developing. If their stutter remains with them to the age of six, it is quite likely to stay into adulthood.

Causes of Stuttering/Stammering

  • There are various theories about the cause of stuttering. Some maintain it is due to a particular form of brain damage, while other put it down to anxiety.
  • It is interesting that the problem usually recedes if the sufferer is singing or speaking in unison, which communication is less crucial.
  • Some people who hardly stutter have problems when speaking in public.
  • Genetic disorders or low brain cells.
  • Weak muscles and imbalance nerves system.
  • Imbalanced diet and highly protein diet can also damage brain cells.

Symptoms of Stuttering/Stammering

Anxiety or inferiority complex, frustration, depression, learning disorders, speech disorders, lack of concentration, fatigue, sleepiness, problems falling asleep, headaches, and hypertensives are the main symptoms of stuttering.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Stammering/Stuttering

Ficus Figs with Nigella Seeds and Black strap Molasses

Make a fine powder with 125 g dried ficus (peeple) figs and 50 g nigella seeds. Keep this powder in a glass bottle with lid. Daily take ¼ teaspoon of this powder with one tablespoon of black strap molasses and a glass of lukewarm milk for 2 to 3 months. According to research black strap molasses is packed with all essential vitamin and minerals which helps to recover all nutritional deficiencies in affected person positively and faster.

Gooseberry Preserve and Peanut Butter

Daily before having your breakfast eat two piece of gooseberry preserve and take one tablespoon peanut butter on one slice. One of the fast effective tip to treat and cure stammering.

Walnut with Honey

All nut are packed with healthy fats that promotes brain cells growth. Those who use nuts weekly in their diet noticeably less likely eventually to develop stuttering. Weekly take a handful of walnut kernels and mix it with one or two tablespoons of honey and eat it during the day.

Malabar Nut, Dried Ginger Powder and Colostrum Milk

Make a paste with 250 g Malabar nuts and mix 20 g dried ginger powder in it. Keep it in a glass bottle and daily take half teaspoon with colostrum milk (Bohli) for one week and start it with again 2 or 3 days interval. Repeat it for one month. Within one month effective results shown in effected person.

Almonds with Cinnamon Powder and White Butter (desi ghee)

Mix 500 g almonds and 50 g cinnamon powder with 125 g white butter or margarine. Preserve it in a glass jar and daily take one tablespoon with one glass lukewarm milk. Strengthen your body and brain muscles to treat stuttering.

Ajwa Dates, Sunflower Seeds and Coconut Balls

Pluck out seeds of 250 g ajwa dates and mix 50 g crushed dried sunflower seeds. Now make 30 balls with this mixture and wrap them with crushed coconut. Keep these balls in a glass jar and daily take one ball with one cup of warm milk before going to sleep for one month. Use this tip for 4 to 5 months to fulfill nutritional deficiencies that will also help to strengthen your brain cells and help to reduce stuttering causes and symptoms.

Vallarai Leaves Powder

Make a fine powder with dried vallarai and take ¼ teaspoon with one cup lukewarm milk daily for three months to strengthen brain and tongue muscles.

White Butter (desi ghee), Coriander Seeds Paste

Make a fine powder with coriander seeds and daily mix one teaspoon white butter with half tea spoon of coriander seeds powder. Take this mixture with one cup warm milk. This will strengthen brain cells and improve brain cells growth naturally.

Figs and Dates Milkshake

Daily soak 3 dried figs and dates in half cup of water overnight. Next morning put them in a blander with one glass of milk and drink it on an empty stomach. One of the best natural topical tip to treat and cure stammering problem. This will strengthen tongue and brain muscles naturally.



If you are seeking to safeguard your mind and memory, try to take 5 to 6 tablespoons of avocado paste.This will make sure your diet healthy with good fats and vitamin E. These healthy fats will help the brain to prevent the fluid surrounding the brain to preserve the mental capacity and improve brain growth cells hormones.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is best herb to boost brain power and lowers stress level naturally. Also strengthen nerves system gradually. Daily chew a small piece of gotu kola to reduce the symptoms and causes of stammering.

Herbal Teas to Cure Stuttering/Stammering

St. John’s Wort

Simmer 10 drops of St. John’s wort in one cup boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes and take it daily during the day.


Make a cup of tea with one or two Passionflower and take it after lunch to heal stuttering problem.


Boil one inch piece in one cup water than mix one teaspoon of honey in it and take it daily for one or two weeks.


Boil hyssop in two cup water until it evaporates into one cup. Now add one teaspoon of honey in it. Best natural essential herb to treat stammering.

Golden Shower

Make a tea with golden shower tree bark and mix natural sugar in it to taste. Take it daily before going to sleep.

Malabar Leaf Tea

Boil one leaf of Malabar in one cup water and mix one teaspoon of honey in it. Take it to strengthen your brain cells and nerves system.

Best Head Massage Oils to Cure Stuttering/Stammering

These oils massage before going to sleep are best to treat and reduce stuttering causing and symptoms:

  • Barhami Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Rosemerry Oil
  • Nigella Seeds Oil

Lifestyle Changing Treatment for Stuttering/Stammering

  • Parents behavior plays a major role in treating stuttering. Basically they didn’t know how to handle certain problems in this condition. Most parents lose their temper in different situations. They must learn how to manage and handle their children. Their positive discipline strategies are good to deal with stammering. Because healthy parenting can make a significant difference in children’s psychological and physical problems.
  • Spend more positive time with their affected child.
  • Listen to his/her concerns and worries.
  • Deeply check their stuttering points.
  • Tell Stories to improve their vocabulary

Exercise Treatment for Stuttering/Stammering

  • Hold the tip of the tongue with your finger tip tightly and pull your tongue 10 to 15 times daily in the morning.
  • Speak to yourself and speak loudly in front of mirror especially pause words.
  • Jaw Exercise is best to strengthen jaw muscles will be helpful speach movements. Daily eating chewing gum and making bubble of them can be very helpful to strengthen jaw muscles.
  • Pumping air by mouth in one dozen (12) medium size balloons also be very effective exercise for stutters.
  • Those kids who spent a half hour per week in front of a computer using only their brainwaves to ‘play’ a video game can sustain attention, focus, concentration and problem solving. This will increase their confidence level and brain activity as well as lower stuttering.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Speach therapy is necessary in serious cases. This may involve isolating and practicing problem sounds, and giving equal emphasis to all syllables.
  • All kinds of berries are rich in antioxidants which protect your brain cells from damaging and increase healthy brain cells growth.
  • It is best to avoid sugary foods to be avoid during treating stuttering.