Best Natural Tips to Fight Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a tumor which is found most often in the upper and outer part of the breast. It is normally first noticed as a painless lump. Breast cancer is one of a group of tumors that metastasize to other parts of the body. The speed of spread varies from person to person and with the age of the patient.

Tumors spread faster, and are therefore potentially more harmful in young women. Early diagnosis is essential; therefore you should examine your breasts regularly for lumps. Cancerous lumps may be accompanied by a puckering of the skin and a dark discharged from the nipple. In most cases, only one breast is affected.


  • No-one knows exactly what causes breast cancer but one or two statistics have emerged from recent studies
  • One in 14 women will develop breast cancer at some stage in their lives
  • Breast cancer is commonest in older women
  • Breast cancer tends to run in families
  • Breast cancer is least common in women who have had children and breast fed them
  • Taking the contraceptive pill does not increase the risk of breast cancer


  • Most cancer specialists would now suggest a combination of surgery in most cases of cancer of the breast.
  • The choice of what type of surgery is not clear. Mastectomy or removal of the breast and lumpectomy or removal of the lump seems to have similar cure rates. Especially if radiotherapy is used at the same time to control any further spread. Surprisingly, women who have had the whole breast removed seem to suffer less psychological harm after surgery.

The nature has always discovered to treat all health problems. Use of these foods and herbs which are given below with Tamoxifen that can stops estrogen acting in the breast tissue.

Best Natural Tips to Fight Breast Cancer

Flax seeds

Flax seed contains phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc. It also contains high levels of the omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid which has been shown to confer protection against breast cancer. Flax seed or oil is best to reduce the growth of breast cancer cells and tumors.

Nigella Seeds

The best natural spice that has best anti-cancer effects. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant radioprotective and chemopreventive properties of nigella seeds has been found very good to treat breast cancer naturally. Use ¼ teaspoon daily 2-3 times to treat and cure breast cancer.


Pumpkin is good sources of micronutrients with suspected or demonstrated cancer fighting properties. According to studies consuming vegetables especially pumpkins reduced the risk of cancer. Daily take one slice of pumpkin 2-3 times (cooked or raw) is best to treat and cure breast cancer.


Cabbage contains numerous substances with demonstrated cancer fighting and suppresses inflammatory properties that are best to cure breast cancer. Cabbage has been shown to reduce the estrogen acting in breast tissues and significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer naturally.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-thrombotic and hypolipidaemic properties of fresh garlic are best to improve immune system and have anti-breast cancer, as well as leukemia. Daily use of garlic reduces the breast cancer cells growth. In recent researches it has been shown those who use onion and garlic regularly in their diet have lower risk of breast cancer.

Red Grapes and Seeds

Red grapes have more and powerful anti-cancer properties than other kinds of grapes. Red grapes and grapes seeds have the quality to kill active breast cell and enhance breast health. According to a study grape seed extract significantly reduces tumor volume in few days and those who use red grapes has the lowest risk of breast cancer. Daily take 100 grams red grapes also eat its seeds. Or take 5-10 drops of grapes seed oil in one cup lukewarm milk daily before going to sleep.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is the best source of a lots of vitamins and minerals, also contains selenium, which is very beneficial to treat and cure breast cancer. Blackstrap molasses has also been associated with shrinking cancerous tumors. Blackstrap molasses boost energy level of breast cancer patient. Some testimonials have suggested combining blackstrap molasses with baking soda for cancer to good effect.

Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins and other polyphenols that are thought to be responsible for its anti-cancer properties. It may reduce the risk of breast cancer and tumor growth in older women in early stage. Daily consume 3-4 cups to treat and 1-2 cups to cure breast cancer naturally. Consumption of tea has been found to be associated with reduced risks of melanoma and adult leukemia too.


Broccoli is a good source of vitamin K, vitamin C and its anti-inflammatory properties are best to suppress and fighting breast cancer. Consumption of broccoli reduces the estrogen cell growth. Cancer fighting chemicals in broccoli are best to treat breast cancer naturally.


The walnut-containing diet inhibited the growth rate of human breast cancers. The walnut-containing diet reduced the number of mammary gland tumors. Researchers have identified biochemicals, including fatty acids, tocopherols, β-sitosterol, and pedunculagin, that are found in walnuts and that have cancer-prevention properties. The reduction in mammary gland tumors was greater with whole walnuts. Daily consumption of 3-4 whole walnuts is best to treat and cure breast cancer.


Turmeric and its components have been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-thrombotic, anti-proliferative, anti-angiogenic, radio-protective, neuroprotective and cardio-protective effects. Anti-cancer properties of turmeric have been observed that turmeric is best to treat against several breast cancer types. We recommend consuming turmeric as food rather than taking direct.

Extra Virgin Olive oil

A number of studies have found that olive oil consumption and monounsaturated oil consumption generally is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer especially for women after 50. In fact, some observers have concluded that the protective effect of olive oil against breast cancer is mostly confined to the breast cancer.

Mustard Seeds

Both white and black mustard seeds are an excellent source of melatonin. Melatonin protects against breast cancer in several ways, including by reducing aromatase activity within the breast, thereby reducing estrogen production.