Best Natural Tips To Get Rid Of Head Lice and Nits

Head lice and nits are very common problem, especially in school children. They get this problem once or twice and some never seem to be free of them. Head lice and nits spread by close contact, usually as children sit with their heads close together.

Head lice are brown insect about 1.5mm to 2.5mm long and they live for several weeks, and the female can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime. The eggs, or nits, are paler and smaller than the lice, and are attached to the hair near the scalp.The eggs are most commonly found behind the ears or round the back of neck. The eggs take a week or two to hatch, and once hatched the empty shells are white. Empty shells can easily be combed out of the hair, but unhatched ones are harder to shift.

Lice do not jump; they creep from one head to the next,  need to be near the skin to survive. It is very unlikely that could catch head lice from, say, sitting where an infested person has just been sitting; if the lice have left their host, they are on their last legs and unlikely to have the strength to climb on to a new host.

Short clean hair is just as likely to be infested as long, dirty hair. In severe cases the infestation can be bad enough to cause ‘flu like symptoms.

If you find you are infested, you should inform anyone you think you could have passed them on to or picked them up from. Because with head lice, the whole family could be infested.

Here we suggest you some natural ways to get rid of head lice and nits naturally.

Best Natural Tips to Get Rid of Head Lice and Nits

Lamp Oil

You can use Lamp Oil to get rid of the head lice and nits. You can use hair conditioner for this method too. To clean the nit comb and kill the lice and nits use hot water and an old toothbrush after every combing out, clean the comb with a toothbrush and immerse lice and nits in hot water.

Neem and Eruca Sativa/Rocket Seeds

Mix gently 1 tablespoon Pure Vaseline, 1 tablespoon Neem Seeds Oil, 1 teaspoon Oil of Eruca sativa seeds and 1 teaspoon Olive Oil. Apply this paste on the scalp with a hair coloring brush and left it overnight. Shampoo your hair next morning with lukewarm water. It really works to get rid of lice and nits.

Eruca Sativa/Rocket Seeds with Yogurt

Mix 1 teaspoon Oil of Eruca sativa seeds in 7-8 tablespoon of Yogurt. Apply this mixture with your fingertips on your scalp and leave it for 1-2 hour and wash your hair with a regular shampoo.

Ulesfia Lotion 

Apply Ulesfia Lotion on scalp for 8-10 minutes and then wash your hair. Use it once in a week. One of the fast effective tips to get rid of head lice and nits.

Ginger Water, Green Teabag and Lemon

Mix 4-5 tablespoons of ginger water, 1 green tea bag, 1 lemon juice and 1 tablespoon Olive Oil in a large bowl of water. After shampoo rinse your hair with this mixture for 10-15 minutes, during this use nit combing and then wash your hair again.

Vinegar and Alcohol

Take ¼ cup of vinegar, mix it with ¼ cup of alcohol and ½ cup of water.  After washing your hair wash your thoroughly with this mixture and then use nit comb on wet hair to comb out all the lice and nits. After combing out wash your hair again with regular shampoo. It removes all.

Tea Tree Oil with Olive Oil

Mix 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil in 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Massage well with this mixture and cover your head with a towel soaked in hot water. After 10-15 minutes comb out your hair. Then blow dry your hair with a dryer from roots to tips. Use it once a week. You must see the positive results.

Lemon Grass and Citronella Oil

Mix Lemon grass oil and citronella oil in 1-2 egg yolk. Apply it on your scalp with your fingertips leave it for 1-2 hours and then rinse with warm water. Repeat it twice a week.

Ginger Water with Vinegar and Coconut Oil

Mix 100 ml ginger water, 100 ml coconut oil and 100 ml vinegar. Apply it overnight and wash the next day with hot water then comb on your hair. Use it twice a week. After cleaning lice and nits totally cleanup cloths, bedspread, towel, comb/hair brush and even wash your flooring with hot water.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Daily wash your child head especially when they back from school.
  • Don’t use a shampoo with ingredients of insecticide or pesticide that could be harm full for your child’s scalp skin and health.
  • Daily comb their hair to decrease lice and nits growth. Remember! Separate the comb/hair brush, towel of the affected person.
  • Dandruff or dried scalp may cause of eggshells (nits).
  • Must apply any treatment for lice and nits for 7-10 days to get them off.
  • You can use in oily or wet hair a plastic or metal nit comb daily with less than 0.3mm spacing to remove lice and nits without using chemicals.