Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is the term used to describe irregular bowel actions or difficulty in passing feces. It is twice as common in women as it is in men and increases with age.

A recent study revealed that 10% of adults believed they had suffered from constipation during the previous fortnight. Those results may have stemmed from the widespread belief that the bowels should be opened daily and that failure to do so will cause any number of complaints ranging from headaches to depression. In fact, one medical study has shown that the average person may pass feces as little as twice a week or as often as three times every day.

Constipated Children

Children are often taken to a doctor by a parent who is worried that their child’s bowel frequency is not normal. This is common in parents who use laxatives, probably because their idea of the norm is unrealistic.

Constipation in infancy is usually due to the child not having been given sufficient fluids or having been given cows’ milk formula feeds. Very rarely constipation in early infancy can be due to Hirschsprung’s disease. In this case, a segment of the bowel lacks the nerves that provide an individual’s bowels with the strength to pass feces on and out of the body. Occasionally surgery may be the only hope of curing this condition.

If your child is constipated the treatment is usually fairly easy. First, offer them extra fluids, preferably as fruit juice. This is especially important in hot weather. If this fails then extra sugar in one or two of their feeds may do the trick. If your child is still struggling to pass a hard motion you should then consult your doctor, who may pass a well vase-lined finger into the rectum. This often has spectacular results!

Dietary Constipation

The commonest cause of constipation in young adults is dietary, often at times when they are dieting to excess and not receiving enough fiber. Irritable bowel syndrome may cause constipation but this usually alternates with diarrhea and is accompanied by abdominal bloating and pain. Treatment consists of a high fiber diet and anti-spasmodics such as peppermint oil. Irritable bowel syndrome is much more common in women and seems to be stress related.

If you are elderly and have been constipated for two weeks or more, especially if it is associated with weight loss or bleeding, you should consult a doctor. Cooking for one is never very interesting, especially if old age has robbed you of your appetite.

Foods that Causes Constipation

  • Fast Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • Fatty Foods
  • Colas and Sodas
  • Alcohol

Main Causes of Constipation

  • Constipation can be caused by a low fiber diet, dieting disorders, dehydration, and low fluid intake.
  • Many medicines have constipation as a side effect.
  • Sometimes people urge to have a bowel movement during their busy schedule. It can be harmful when you avoid it or when you feel it.
  • Lack of physical activity can cause of serious constipation especially in older age.
  • Constipation in children usually appears after starting school and toilet training, during this period children more affected than adults.
  • During pregnancy bouts of constipation due to hormonal changes can cause of constipation. Enlarged uterus cause of constipation. Daily walk can reduce this problem.

Here we suggest you some food tips and remedies to get fast relief from constipation at home.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Constipation

Dried Pumpkin Slices

Peel off Pumpkin and take 3-4 slices. Dry these slices in room temperature for 2-3 days then crush these slices and add 1-2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon sugar in it. Take it continuously use of this remedy is best for chronic constipation.

Dried Figs with Honey

Soak 2-3 dried Figs in one glass water overnight, blend it next morning and add 1 teaspoon of honey in it. Within one week any kind of constipation will be eliminated. This herb is ideal for those women who are facing constipation and heavier bleeding due to early menopause.  Also best to deal this condition for pregnant women.

Dried Figs Tea

Boil 2 to 3 dried figs in one cup water for 5 minutes and strain it. Take it like tea and eat figs. Repeat this tip once in a day. Within one or two weeks regular consumption of this remedy best to treat constipation.

Guava (Amrood) with Ginger Powder, Salt and Black Pepper

Take 250 grams guava and cut into slices, sprinkle ginger, salt and pepper powder. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and eat it. Take it 2-3 times in a day. One of the best natural tips to treat constipation naturally.



Dietary fiber in beetroot is best to keep your digestion track health. Not only reduces excessive acids from our body but also maintain our internal body nerves softness and improves bowel movement. Best to get fast relief from constipation naturally. Take one raw medium size beetroot daily until required results.

Tamarind Liquor with Lemon

Boil one tablespoon of tamarind in one glass water for 2-3 minutes and place it to cool. Now filter it and mix few drops of fresh lemon in it and you can also add one pinch of black pepper or green chili paste for better results. Add sugar to taste in it and also mix one pinch of salt in it. Drink it, take 3-4 times in a day to treat and cure constipation naturally.

Aloe Vera

Blend 2-3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel in one glass water, you can add sugar to improve the taste and drink it immediately. Best herb to relieve painful constipation fast.


Radish has reduces your risk of cancer, keeps your blood pressure in check, is good for diabetes, beats cold and cough, helps recovery from jaundice, fights constipation, helps with weight loss. Just ad daily with your every meal especially in lunch to reduce constipation symptoms.

Raw or Green Banana

Boil raw Banana and eat it after boiling it for 2-3 minutes. Best and easy remedy for any type of constipation.


Daily eat 1 full plate of Watermelon for 10 days. It keeps hydrate your internal body cells which leads and causes constipation. Constipation must go away permanently for this season.


Plums are not usually known for its benefits on skin but they do help to fight against constipation. Plum is a  rich source of antioxidants. Plum contains folic acid which can help to prevent or reduce colon cancer. In addition, plums are beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels and protect against heart attacks. To overcome constipation, plums are a good choice as it can also be used as a laxative. Dietary fiber in beet root best to keep your digestion track health. Not only reduces excessive acids from our body but also maintain our internal body nerves softness and improves bowel movement. Best to prevent constipation.

Guava or Pear

In hard stool pass or strain conditions eat ½ kg GUAVA+PEAR early in the morning and then go for a morning walk. You will positively make a change.

Turmeric Milk

Fry ¼ teaspoon turmeric in 1 teaspoon olive oil/desi ghee, add one cup of boiled milk and crushed almond 4/5 PCs. It will help with the movement of bowel and soften stool.

Fenugreek Seeds Tea

Boil 1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds in two cup water for 5-7 minutes. Filter it and add honey/sugar to taste in it. Take this tea 2-3 times to relieve in any kind of constipation. Fenugreek is the best natural source to maintain Fiber level in our body with vitamin and minerals.

Psyllium Seeds

Psyllium is rich in soluble fiber, soaks up water in your bowel, which makes stools, softer and easier to pass. Take Psyllium Seed (Ispghul) 2 tsp. In one cup boiled milk, but do not  boil Psyllium in milk just add it in warm milk and have it before going to bed. Psyllium improves stomach and colon health too.

Use of Psyllium during pregnancy can cure you form severe constipation and best gel to lubricant stool. Take daily 1-2 tablespoons in 1 cup lukewarm milk early in the morning.

Castor and Almond Oil

Take 1 glass of hot milk and add 2-3 teaspoon of castor oil/Almond oil before going to sleep. It really works fast. It also improves the digestive system and colon health.

Flax Seeds

Boil 1 tbs. Flax seed in half glass of water and when it becomes like jelly cool it and mix 1 tbs. Apple cider vinegar. Use this mixture in the morning.

Prune Juice

Prune juice very much effective and eats prunes at least 8-10 daily. It will work about 15-20 minutes. It is harmless can take it daily.

Non-Iodized/Pink Salt

In ¼ glass of warm water dissolve 2 tbs. non-iodized/pink salt in it and drink it when your stomach totally empty. You can have it early in the morning; it must be resolved your problem.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • There is no doubt that as far as treatment is concerned, the natural way is the best by far. The standard western diet consists of far too few foods which provide fiber. An apple a day, an orange or a meal consisting of some lightly cooked vegetables will certainly keep the doctor away. Only rarely will laxatives be required to help ease your bowel movements and in such cases your doctor’s advice should be sought immediately.
  • Drink plenty of water and juices. Liquid can ease constipation and in the movement of the bowel. When you get up in the morning drink at least 2 glass of water before going for your morning walk.
  • All kinds of beans like red beans, black beans, and navy beans are excellent for the solution of constipation. It may cause of gayness but it can ease your problem naturally.
  • Daily Exercise must be helpful to change bowel movement. Use more grains, Fruits and Vegetables with more Fiber. Fiber food should be a part of our daily diet.
  • Constipation is a symptom not a disease; effective treatment may stop some serious diseases.
  • Consult your physician with the symptoms of blood in stool, rectal pain, intense abdominal pain and weight loss faster. Sometimes constipation may lead to complications.