Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Urinary Retention

Urinary retention or urinary obstruction is the commonest urinary tract disorder and occurs when the bladder does not empty completely itself. Urinary retention problem tends to be restricted  to older men. Pain is usually felt at the beginning of passing urine. If frequency involves passing only a few drops of urine, it is the result of cystitis or urethritis. If it is coupled with a white vaginal discharge, the cause is probably thrush. Pain sited at the urethral orifice, or over the bladder, when water has been passed is usually a sign of cystitis or local urethral irritation. If the pain is in the small of your back, you may have a kidney infection. Large amounts of urine held in the bladder can cause kidney damage or failure. If you did not control it on time, this may create some serious health problems in nearby future. Some useful easily available natural tips and remedies that can be more helpful and would be more effective for bladder retention and underlying problems.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Urinary Retention/Obstruction

Sweet Corn Silk and Nigella Seed Oil

Sweet Corn Silk

Boil 1 sweet corn silk in 20 ml water and mix 10 drops of nigella seed oil in it. Drink it several times during the day. Best natural remedy to treat urine obstruction also removes bladder infections.

Raisins (Munakka) and Black Pepper

Take three raisins and three black pepper. Remove the seeds and replace them with black peppers. Take them and continue it for few days to treat blockage or urine retention.

Coriander Seeds, Tamarind and Dry Plums

Soak 50 grams coriander seeds, 25 grams tamarind and 50 grams dried plums in one liter water overnight. Next morning mash all the ingredients with your finger tips and remove tamarind and plums seeds. Now blend them in a blender and mix natural candy (mishri) and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Drink the whole mixture and repeat this in the evening to treat urinary retention problem.

Pear with Soda Water

Take one pear and remove the seeds blend one pear in 250 ml soda water and drink it. Repeat this remedy several times a day to get rid from urinary retention problem. It also helpful to reduce bladder inflammation and pain.

Coconut Water

Drink fresh and raw coconut water as much you can, because this is of the the best natural sources to treat urinary tract disorders. It strengthen bladder walls and reduce bladder pain. Coconut water reduces the symptoms which causes passing only few drops.

Sugar Cane Juice, Nigella Seeds Powder and Honey

Mix 1/4 teaspoon nigella seeds powder and one tablespoon honey in one glass sugar cane juice. Drink it 4 to 5 times in a day and continue this remedy until required results.

Pineapple Juice

Drink 50ml pineapple juice daily to treat urine stoppage fast and improves bladder function. Pineapple juice is also beneficial to overall urinary tract system.

Dried Gooseberry Shell, Sugar Cane Juice and Honey

Soak 10 grams dried gooseberry shell in half cup water overnight. Next morning filter this water and mix one teaspoon honey in it. Now take it with one glass sugar cane juice. After continue consuming it you will get relief from urinary Difficulty quickly. Diabetic patients avoid to take sugar cane juice.

Dates Tree Gum

Make a fine powder with dates tree gum and keep it in a glass bottle. Daily take half teaspoon with one glass lukewarm water until required results. This will not only treat urinary obstruction also reduces veins inflammation and pain.

Banana Tree Stem

Boil one inch banana tree stem in one glass of water for 5 minutes. Strain it and mix half teaspoon of candy sugar in it. Take it 3 to 4 times a day. It is another most effective remedy for urinary retention.

Black Mulberry Juice and Salt Peter (kalmi shora) Paste

Make a thick paste with black mulberry juice and salt peter and apply it externally on your lower belly/navel area. You can get relief within few minutes from urinary obstruction/stoppage naturally.

Melon Seed Kernels

Blend 10 grams melon seed kernels in two glass of water and drink it immediately. Take it several times during the day to treat urinary tract infection, inflammation, pain and urine obstruction.

Pelvic Floor Exercises Urinary Retention

This type of exercise is included in post natal classes, and is a useful exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

The exercise can be done at any time while you are washing up or standing in a bus queue, for example, or during an exercise session.

Exercise No. 1

Clench together all the muscles around your vagina an urethra (as though you were trying to stop yourself going to the toilet).

Exercise No. 2

Imagine these clenched muscles are a lift, going up in a department store. Clench them tighter, to take you up to the next floor.

Exercise No. 3

Repeat step two, tightening your muscles even further.

Exercise No. 4

Relax your pelvic floor muscles slowly. Another helpful exercise to improve muscle control is to try to stop the flow half way through urination.