Best Natural Tips to Tighten Sagging Belly

tighten belly skin
Tighten Sagging Belly Skin Naturally

Sagging belly due to extra fat deposits or internal organs inflammation can be frustrated for your health and beauty. Aging, weight lose fast, pregnancy, skin vitamins deficiency, poor blood circulation to the skin and surgeries mostly causes flabby skin. Because when we get older our skin elasticity reduces and collagen production slows down. If you lose weight fast within weeks it will be left ugly sagging skin.

Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy and after delivery are causes sagging belly. Our skin elasticity has its own limitations when it exceeded the skin expands and muscles become loose because everyone has different skin type and condition. During labor pains our skin cells burst very speedy and loss skin tightness very fast.

Regular exercise, proper diet and some useful natural tips and remedies can help to tighten sagging belly skin.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Tighten Sagging Belly

Alum Powder, Rose Water, Almond Oil, Lemon Water and Egg White

Take 100 grams rose water, 50 g lemon water, 100 grams almond oil and 100 grams Alum powder. Mix all the ingredients finely with 4 egg white. Cook it on low flame when it becomes thick and viscosity turn off the stove. Apply it to the affected navel area before going to sleep and wash it next morning.


Ginger is the best herb to fight obesity and reduces the formation of new fat cells. Ginger has the quality to clean up the waste and toxins from the whole body organs especially from the colon and liver. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the intestines and help to burn more calories. It boosts the immune system, increases the metabolic rate of the body to burn fat faster and naturally.

Mung Bean Sprouts

Vitamin B2 in mung bean sprouts are best to reduce extra belly fats and also increase your metabolism naturally. Dietary fibers in mung beans best to keep you from constipation which is one of the main causes of sagging belly. Soak two tablespoons in water overnight. Drain and rinse, then put them in a sprouting jar. Rinse them daily until they start sprout. They are ready to eat when the shoots are about 1 cm high. Application of mung bean sprouts paste on sagging belly skin is also very beneficial to tighten the skin. Take 8 to 10 tablespoons of mung bean sprouts and make a fine paste with few drops of rose water. Apply it on affected area and rub it for 4 to 5 minutes. Leave it to dry for one hour and wash with normal water.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are the natural source of organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid, quinic acid and that process functions as digestive enzymes in our body. These acids emulsify elements on sticky fat deposits in the lymphatic system that drain out all of the waste products that the liver cannot process. Cranberry juice also helps to digest the extra fluids and wastes as well as helps you to reduce extra fat deposits and tighten your belly skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice with 6 tablespoons of water and take it. You can take it 3 times in a day.


Cinnamon balances blood sugar level and insulin naturally because excess sugar in the blood can lead to fat storage. Sprinkle two to three pinches of Cinnamon powder on your each meal daily for 9-10 weeks best to cure obesity and waist line. This will slows down the absorption of excessive fat and carbs in our body. It also increases metabolism activity which reduces excessive calories. Never exceed the consumption of cinnamon amount because Coumarin chemical in it can damage you liver cells.

Pumpkin Paste and Pumpkin Seeds Oil

Boil 3-4 Pumpkin slices (cut into small pieces) in 1 glass of water for 8-10 minutes. Leave it to cool then blend it with a glass of Milk and 1-2 tablespoon of Honey in it. Drink it daily at least 2 times a day. Pumpkin seeds oil massage daily before going to bed found very effective to tighten and lifting loose skin. Protein in pumpkin seed oil promotes breast new tissue growth. Both pumpkin remedies will make your skin tissues, glands and muscles tighten.

Aloe Vera Gel with Gram Flour

Blend fresh leaves of Aloe Vera and mix gram flour to make a paste. Apply it to the navel area to tighten loose skin for 25-30 minutes. Continued use of this remedy for 1 month will tighten your skin effectively.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are powerful source of healthy omega 3, calcium and iron. Antioxidant and dietary fiber in chia seeds makes you fuller for longer and antioxidant speed up your skin repair system naturally. Mix half teaspoon of chia seeds powder in 250 grams yogurt and take it daily with your breakfast. In this way your belly skin start tighten gradually.

Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil massage after a surgery will tighten your navel skin muscles and the skin returns to its natural tightening. Make a mixture of 60 ml castor oil, 10 ml adviati (anjbar) oil and 10 ml winter cherry oil. Place this mixture in sun for 2 hours and keep it in a screwed bottle. Daily apply a soft massage on your belly or affected area for two weeks. You will get tighten belly in few days. You can also use it over the whole body to tighten skin.


Tamarind and Dry Plum

Soak 2 tablespoons of Tamarind and 8-10 dry Plum in 3-4 glasses of water overnight. Next morning strain seeds of tamarind and plum then blend it in a blender. Mix 4-5 tablespoons of Sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt in it. Cool it with ice cubes and drink it 2-3 glasses with an empty stomach. Continued use for 15-20 days will make an effective change in your belly glands and tissues to tighten them.

Lemon Juice with Lukewarm Water

A lemon a day keeps the fat away. Because lemon may metabolize fat effectively that keeps your waistline and liver fat free naturally. It also reduces the fat cells production and increase liver function for detoxification. Add one lemon juice in one glass of lukewarm water and it is better to mix one pinch of salt. Take it daily early in the morning on an empty stomach to keep your liver healthy and tighten sagging belly.

Lemon Juice with Egg White

Mixture of Lemon juice and Egg white is one of the best skin tightening natural treatment. Apply the paste for 20-25 minutes on affected area then wash it off. Vitamin C in lemon will help to produce new and tighten skin cells and also help to reduce sagging skin. Egg white is also ideal to tighten skin cells naturally.

Saw Palmetto

Make a paste of Saw Palmetto and apply this paste to your belly area then wear a tight shirt or belt. Leave it overnight and wash it next morning with lukewarm water. One of the best and effective herbal remedy to regulate hormone, tighten skin. Daily use of 2-3 Saw Palmetto is also beneficial for your skin tightening.

Almondette (chironji) with Strawberries

Grind Almondette (chironji) in raw milk and 2 to 3 strawberries. Now rub your lower belly area with it. Wash with normal water after 10-15 minutes.


If you want to convert your food into energy and want to stimulates the body to burn fat start add cayenne in to your every meal while cooking daily. Cayenne also reduces the fats in blood and purifies your blood. Reduces the creation of fat cell in different body cells especially around liver and stomach and reduce belly fat faster. Cayenne apart from being a rich source of vitamin C is an excellent natural antioxidant. It reduce your body inflammation while increasing lean body mass. Avoid taking it directly this could be harmful for your stomach and digestive tract.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Eat foods that are high in skin plumping, anti inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids:oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines an herrings if you are not vegetarian), walnuts an freshly ground flax-seeds; also eat lots of fresh vegetables, an non-citrus fruit (particularly blue- and other berries).

Avoid Sugar and Sweet Foods

Sugar is the big enemy, it triggers a process in the body called glycation, where the sugar molecules bind to your protein fibers-those wonderfully springy and resilient collagen and elastin fibers-which are the building blocks of skin. Collagen is our skin’s mattress and the elastin fibers are the coils holding it together. The sugar attacks these fibers, making them less elastic and more brittle so they break.’ That results in sagging skin. The process of glycation also promotes inflammation. Sweet food and Drink is also a disaster for anyone with a gut problem such as irritable bowel syndrome which can cause bloating.