Best Natural Tips to Stop Hiccups Fast

Hiccups are spasmodic, sharp emissions of air through the mouth, caused by minor disruption to the normal working of the diaphragm. The initial trigger for an attack of hiccups is usually difficult to trace but is unimportant as the condition is usually short lived and is not serious. The actual hiccups are caused by muscular spasm in the diaphragm. This forces air rapidly through the vocal cords and produces the hiccup sound. There are many folk remedies for a burst of hiccups, such as holding your breath, drinking a glass of water or standing on your hear. Some of these work for some people but not for all. Here we have some useful fast effective tips and remedies to stop hiccups.

Best Natural Tips to Stop Hiccups Fast

Nigella Seeds with Butter

Make a paste of 6 g nigella seeds and mix it with 6 g pure butter. Take it to stop hiccups naturally and fast.

Black Pepper 

Pinch one black pepper on a needle and fire it. When smoke starts, off the flame and smell this smoke quickly. The fast effective tip to stop hiccup naturally.

Green Mango Leaves and Green Coriander 

Blend one crushed green mango leaf and few green coriander leaves in half cup of water. Drink it to stop hiccups immediately.

Mango Leaves Tea 

Boil 1-2 crushed leaves in one cup of water for 1-2 minutes and drink it. You can add honey in it to taste. Effectively work to stop hiccups naturally and fast.

Sweet Almonds, Black Pepper with Brown Sugar

Blend 5 sweet almonds, 5 black pepper and 12 g brown sugar in a little amount of water. Take it 3 times during the day to treat and cure hiccups.

Turmeric with Honey 

Mix 1 g turmeric powder in 6 g pure honey and lick it 2-3 times after every one hour. Easy and fast effective tip to treating hiccups naturally.

Green or Black Cardamom Peels 

Boil 6 g green or black cardamoms in 25 g water and filter it. Divide it in 3 doses and take it 3 times during a day to treat hiccups.


When you got hiccups chew 2 cloves (long). Hiccups will stop fast and positively.

Cloves and Green Cardamom 

Make a powder with 2 g green cardamom and 5 cloves in one cup of water. Filter it and drink to stop hiccups fast.

Green Cardamom Seeds 

Make a powder with 3 g green cardamom seeds and 2 g sugar. Divide it into to doses and take every dose with lukewarm water to stop hiccups.

Honey to Cure Hiccups in Infants/Children Fast

Just lick it to the baby to stop hiccups naturally in infants or children.