Best Tips for Female Frequent Urination


Female frequent urination is also increasing now a days due to some internal and external causes. Stress, urinary tract infection, enlarge bladder, kidney stones, constipation, weak pelvic floor muscles, hormonal changes, pregnancy and diabetes can be the main causes of frequent urination can be the source of embarrassment and inconvenience to the woman. Frequent urination at night can be more irritating for you; if you did not control it on time it may be create some serious health problems in nearby future. In this condition some useful natural tips and remedies can be more helpful and effective than medication.

Best Natural Tips for Female Frequent Urination


walnuts Use walnuts to reduce frequent urination. Increase or reduce intake the quantity of walnuts as required for the condition.

Water Chestnut/Caltrop (Singhara)

water caltrops

Make a fine powder with Water Chestnut (singhara) 250 grams and mix 125 grams Brown Sugar (crushed jaggery) with it. Use 1 tablespoon twice a day. Water chest nuts are best to reduce frequent urinating.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Eating sesame seeds before going to bed reduces frequent urination at night as well as in the morning.

Millet (Bajra)


Eating 1 times Millet bread or roasted millet during the day is one the best tip to stop frequent urinating.

Red Lentil (masoor)

Red Lentil1

Roast Red Lentil (Masoor) is one of the best and easy tip to stop or reduce excessive urination. Daily eat 2-3 tablespoons 2-3 times during the day.

Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

Daily use of 10-15 Pumpkin seeds is one of the best tip to power your bladder and treat frequent urinating.

Dry Gooseberry Shell

dry gooseyberry shell

Make a powder with Black Cumin and dry Gooseberry shell. Mix it in Honey and daily take 1 teaspoon full before going to bed.

Sweet Corn Hair/Silk

Sweet Corn Silk

Boil 1 sweet corn hair in 1 glass and drink it before going to sleep at night. Not only reduces excessive urination but also removes bladder infections.

Saw Palmetto


Daily eating 2-3 Saw Palmetto is also one of the best natural tip to power your bladder and reduce frequent urination.

Jaggery With Sesame Seeds


Daily eating a small piece of Jaggery with 1/2 teaspoon of sesame seeds is one of the best natural tip to decrease excessive or frequent urination.

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Control Frequent Urination

This type of exercise is included in post natal classes, and is a useful exercise for any woman, to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

The exercise can be done at any time while you are washing up or standing in a bus queue, for example, or during an exercise session.

Exercise No. 1

Clench together all the muscles around your vagina an urethra (as though you were trying to stop yourself going to the toilet).

Exercise No. 2

Imagine these clenched muscles are a lift, going up in a department store. Clench them tighter, to take you up to the next floor.

Exercise No. 3

Repeat step two, tightening your muscles even further.

Exercise No. 4

Relax your pelvic floor muscles slowly. Another helpful exercise to improve muscle control is to try to stop the flow half way through urination.