Best Tips for Professional Facial Massage At Home

Facial Massage not only cleanses and conditions; it also rises the skin’s temperature and improves blood circulation. Facial massage is good for all skin types, providing it is done gently and  in the right direction.

Every professional facial at a salon after routine cleansing, exfoliation, blackhead and whitehead removal, masks and conditioning, finishes with a few minutes face and neck massage which is probably the most relaxing part.

The most popular methods of massage include Swedish massage and Shiatsu. The Swedish technique involves  more vigorous and stimulating method of kneading, stroking, rolling and squeezing than Shiatsu which works on the acupuncture points using fingers and thumb.

Aromatherapy is a revived art using natural plant oils. Essential oils are massed onto the skin using a combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and Swedish massage, Aromatherapy is used to treat nervous disorders, fluid retention, sinus complaints and wrinkles. A favorite beauty treatment at many salons and health farms, it can be used either on the face or body but this treatment is usually expensive.

There are many techniques used in facial massage but here are a few simple guidelines and tips so you can give yourself a face lifting massage at home.

Best Tips for a Professional Massage at Home

A massage which exerts slight pressure is ideal for beginners: never tug or pull at skin: be gentle yet firm. If you want your skin to absorb oils and creams, start with clean skin. If you love the freshness of herbs, use an essential oil for slicker lubrication. Tie or wrap hair away from neck and face.

Massage Neck and Shoulders First

Start at the neck and shoulder area where a lot of tension builds up. Using both hands place right hand on center of chest and sweep upwards and out wards over to the left side of neck and shoulders. Repeat with left hand on right side of chest and alternate movements in a steady rhythmic motion.

Ease tension at back of neck, again with both hands. Cup hands into the contours of neck, one at the bottom of neck and the other at the base of skull. Pull each hand lightly up from base of neck to back of skull, alternating hands in this upward pull. Follow on by moving around the neck, first bringing one hand and then the other around the neck curve from back to front.

On front of neck chest and up towards throat, use finger pads in upward and outward strokes to jaw line. From left to right use firm overlapping strokes, and back again from right to left in at least eight movements.

Facial Massage Step by Step

Contours Massage

Moving to your face, start on chin line to relax jaw. Put thumbs under center of chin line and stroke outwards towards end of jaw line. Work on center of chin. Using fingertips and pads press and push chin gently upwards and outwards to ears. Try a methodical movement using both hands and gradually move upwards on each side from mouth corners in a sweep across the ear lobes.

Lower Contour

Start in two movements across upper lip, left to right and back again. Then in four movements do vertical strokes up chin.

Forehead and Eyes Massage

Never massage the eye socket area since this tends to be delicate and lacks strong muscle power. Start form center of eyebrows and move across and around the eye area in one circular movement to bridge of nose. Never tug eye area underneath or above against this natural oval. Massage on the eye area is best left to the experts. Relax and discourage frown lines on the forehead with two simple techniques. Start by working across from the center above eyebrows to each side, sliding fingertips across to hairline above the ear. Gradually move up until the whole forehead has been crossed to temples. Next use fingers in a vertical direction, gently sliding upwards from eyebrows to hairline. Never pull frown lines down and always ease across or upwards.


A tension releaser at the temples can easily be manipulated with pads of finger. Slowly massage temples in a circular movement, lightly to begin with and then gradually exerting slight pressure.

Nose Massage

Make three stroking movements down center of nose, two movements in small upward strokes on left side of nose, and then right side of nose.

Finish it

Put on your favorite music close your eyes and relax for 10 minutes.