Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Hypotension

Hypotension is the term for an abnormally low level of sugar (in the form of glucose) in the blood.  The condition is normally due to diabetes mellitus, where the production of insulin in the pancreas is restricted. Insulin is needed to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, and diabetics usually have too much  blood sugar because of the lack of insulin.

However, if the sugar lowering drugs that are prescribed are taken in too large a dose, or if a diabetic does not eat enough carbohydrate or takes too much exercise, the blood may become too low in sugar.

Hypoglycemia may also result from drinking a large amount of sugary alcohol, or it may be due to a tumor in the pancreas causing overproduction of insulin.


The main symptoms include sweating, hunger, dizziness and trembling, weakness, headache, palpitations, confusion and double vision. Movements become uncoordinated and sometimes aggressive, and if the condition is prolonged and left untreated, the patient may fall into a coma.

Some best natural tips and home remedies are given below to get rid of this problem fast and effectively.

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Best Natural Herbal Remedies for Glossitis

Glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue, which may be caused by hot, or certain deficiencies. When the tongue swells, it usually becomes smooth and dark red, as well as feeling sore and uncomfortably swollen.

Main Causes of Glossitis/Inflammation of Tongue

The condition is most often caused by burning the tongue on hot food. It can be caused by eating spicy food, irritation from dentures, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption. Pipe smoking causes glossitis, and is associated cancer of the tongue.

Oral thrush may also cause a swollen tongue, together with the white spots which are characteristic of thrush. More seriously, glossitis may be a sign of thrush. More seriously, glossitis may be a sign of iron deficiency. In addition, glossitis is occasionally a symptom of infections of the mouth such as herpes simplex.

As long as an infection or deficiency is no responsible, then the main treatment is to avoid spicy foods and other irritants until the swelling has gone down. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, and regular rinsing with a salt solution may help. Here we also suggest your some cool herbal remedies to treat glossitis problem naturally at home without any side effect.

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Best Natural Home Remedies for Colic Pain

Colic is a type of spasmodic pain caused by internal muscles fighting to overcome an obstruction. Colic is not actually a disease in itself. It is, instead, a form of pain which comes and goes, usually building up to a minute or so of real agony and subsiding to a dull ache before building up to another crescendo. The site of the pain as well as the time interval in between each attack can give your doctor some very useful clues as to weather or not you have been struck by colic. Many organs, such as the gut and the ureter (the passage through which urine travels from the kidneys to the bladder) contain the type of smooth muscle which is usually affected by colic.

Classic Colic

Pain from the ureter, renal colic, is felt in the back, just below the ribs. The pain is severe and often seems to travel into the groin. Renal colic is due to the presence of a stone in the ureter.

Waves of contractions pass down the ureter to try and pus the stone along. Often they succeed and the stone passes into the bladder causing immediate relief of the pain. Before Nature does the rick a painkilling injection, may be needed. Biliary colic is very similar but in this case the stone will be stuck somewhere en route from gall bladder to intestine.

The Commonest Colic

The commonest type of colic is intestinal in origin This may be due to constipation or inflammation in the bowel wall. Inflammation and swelling fool the gut into thinking it is full and powerful waves of contraction buildup to try and shift the obstruction Simple Painkillers, hot water bottles and peppermints may help to relieve the discomfort.

Baby Colic

Every parent can remember sleepless nights with a screaming baby. This is ‘three month colic’, so called because it should get better at that age. Nobody knows the cause, though it does seem commoner in families which are under stress. It is certainly commoner in the children of smokers. This condition can be very distressing for mother and baby alike so make sure you seek advice from your GP.

We suggest you some useful natural home remedies which are given below to treat colic pain at home for all ages.

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Best Natural Remedies to Treat Swollen Ankles and Feet

Ankles and feet swelling indicate fluid retention that is due to an excess of fluid in the tissues. Edema is most commonly seen around the ankles and feet. It can be distinguished from other forms of swelling by the fact that gentle pressure leaves a dent which takes a few seconds to smooth itself out.

The fluid excess is of a type known as extracellular. This forms a halfway house between fluid inside the cells and the fluid in the general circulation (blood and lymph system). Extracellular fluid exists in equilibrium with these other fluids and is readily exchangeable with either. In the normal individual this equilibrium is maintained by a combination of factors including the blood pressure in the arteries and veins and the concentration of various salts and proteins in the blood cells.

Common Causes of Swelling/Edema

The vast majority of edema sufferers are perfectly fit and healthy. In hot weather the capillaries on the skin surface dilate. This dilation causes fluid to leak out and swelling is the result. A similar condition occurs on long haul air flights. Lack of exercise, low cabin pressure and alcohol all contribute to the swelling of feet. This form of edema can largely be avoided by regular walks up and down the aisle and by exercises involving the legs and feet.

Any factor that slows the return of blood to the heart will cause swelling. Swelling is not a disease in itself, just a sign of one. It is essential to find and treat the cause of the swelling after consulting your GP.

Swollen Legs and Feet in Women

The fluid retention most women suffer before a period is due to a hormone imbalance. If severe, it can be treated medically. Although there is a hormonal element in water retention during pregnancy, the main cause of the swelling is pressure on the pelvic veins by the pregnant womb. In late pregnancy, a sudden increase in the amount of edema, especially if it is accompanied by high blood pressure, may be a sign of toxemia. You should consult your gynecologist at once.

Some effective natural home remedies are also helpful  to treat and heal this condition naturally at home without any side effect. It will be better to stop salt intake during treatment for fast effective results.

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Best Natural Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is rarely caused by tooth decay, but commonly caused by gum disease. If you are dentally fit, there so may be an underlying cause for bad breath. Bad Breath is embarrassing and can be the cause to make your personality image ‘BAD or DIRTY’. When you feel others making a distance from you while talking, then inhale your breath to keep your mouth near to your palm.

Causes for Bad Breath

  • Bacteria on your tongue
  • Constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Fats Gum infection
  • Medication
  • More intake of Alcohol
  • Smoking and coffee Upset stomach
  • Zinc Deficiency

Careful thorough cleansing with the right tools, regular check ups and healthy eating may be very helpful to cure bad breath. Some useful and effective natural tips are also best to get rid of bad breath.

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Best Natural Foods and Remedies to Treat Malaria

Malaria is a serious disease which is spread by the bites of the anopheles mosquito. The mosquito is host to a parasite, which spends part of its life cycle in humans. Once it gets into the blood stream, it infects the red blood cells. When the victim is bitten by another, uninfected mosquito, that mosquito picks up the parasite, so the disease is passed on. It can take anything from a week to a year from the bites until the time the symptoms emerge. If the victim is taking antimalarial drugs, these may suppress the symptoms, rather than preventing the invasion of the parasites. The symptoms appear when the red blood cells, which are infected rupture and release parasites into the bloodstream. They go on to infect more blood cells.

Symptoms of Malaria

  • Shaking chills and fever Shiver then temperature rises to around 105F
  • Headache and vomiting
  • The infected cells may block blood vessels and vital organs, including the kidneys, enlarged spleen.
  • Hemolytic anemia and jaundice Weak immune system and brain, which may lead to coma

Some natural foods and remedies are most effective to treat malaria at home. These are good and helpful for malaria patients to get well soon.

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Best Natural Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking from now if you love yourself and lower the risk of getting cancer, heart attack, thyroid, infertility, pre menopausal effects, early aging and much more health problems. The brain is hooked on nicotine. Without it, you’ll go through withdrawal. Nicotine withdrawal may give you headaches, affect your mood, or dupe your energy.

Mostly smokers do not even accept (or ignore entirely) the effects smoking has on the body. It effects your immune system and leaving various toxins in your body.  Similarly, smoking also effects on the people around you that are inhaling smoke quietly.

Smoking can resolve with blood flow to the genitals. With the interruption of blood flow can make a acitve women and men declined. Nicotine can also cause the decline in blood testosterone levels in men. Though these hormones affect the ability of men to erection. In women, smoking can lead them to infertility. Nicotine contained in cigarettes also damage the ovaries, causing menstrual abnormalities and reduced production of the female hormone like estrogen.

Once it becomes habitual in nature, smoking becomes very hard to leave this addictive habit. There are some natural remedies which may help offset some withdrawal symptoms related to quitting smoking naturally.

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Best Natural Remedies for Nasal Polyps

Blocked nose may also be cause by nasal polyps. Nasal polyps jelly like bag that usually grow due to allergies and may block the sinuses. Large polyps appear on the inner linings of the nasal cavities and are usually benign (non-cancerous).  The nasal polyps symptoms can include severe breathing difficulties, decreased sense of smell, headaches postnasal drip, stuffy nose, itchy eyes and snoring.

Main Symptoms of Nasal Polyps

An affected person may experience loss of vision; double or blurred vision; or excessive eye tearing. Certain patients may also notice extensive swelling around the eyes and difficulty in hearing, constantly running or dripping of mucus in the nose. Small polyps cause no symptoms at all. Larger ones can cause obstruction in the air passages of the nose, causing stuffiness or blocked sensation. Such complications are rare and typically resolve as a patient begins to heal after nasal polyp surgery.

Causes of Nasal Polyps

Polyps grow due to chronic inflammation in the lining of the nose. Although the reason for this chronic inflammation is not clear. Polyps tend to occur more in those who suffer from chronic nasal problems like sinusitis , chronic colds , asthma and nasal allergies. Chronic inflammation causes the blood vessels in the lining of the nose to become more porous, causing them to accumulate lots of water in the cells. When over a period of time gravitational force acts on these heavy water-laden mucous lining, polyps develop.

You May Choose Natural Way

Nasal polyps may shrink with these best natural tips and herbal remedies. Nasal Polyps will regrow after surgery and you may need to undergo surgeries continuously to remove recurring nasal polyps.  Over-the-counter and prescribed medications used to treat nasal polyps. But natural remedies and using herbs are best to help you to avoid the potential side effects of medications. Natural treatments are safe and the cure is permanent. Herbal remedies are potent and are not meant for continuous use for a long period. Using these natural herbal remedies in form of herbal teas or infusions are best to cure nasal Polyps permanently and effectively without any side effect.

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Best Natural Foods to Fight with Dehydration

The body is said to be dehydrated when it becomes dangerously short of water. The average man is made up of about 60% water, and the average woman about 50%. The figure is even higher in children, but declines in old age.

An adequate intake of water is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Diarrhea and vomiting should not normally cause dehydration problems in adults. There are actually two main causes of dehydration: either the body can take in too little water, or it can lose too much.

Symptoms of Dehydration

Though the severity of dehydration symptoms may different due to age, weight, and level of activity, certain symptoms are common.

  • Thirst
  • Dark colored urine
  • Dry skin
  • A dry and sticky mouth
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness and fatigue
  • Stiffness of the muscles or joints

Main Causes of Dehydration

  • Normally a poor intake of water is due either to poor water supplies or to difficulties with swallowing.
    Many people who are being sick thin that the best remedy is to drain nothing at all. But in fact it is fat better to take regular sips of cold, clear water.
  • In a temperate climate, the adult body normally loses about 1.5 liters of water a day, simply through the natural processes of sweating, breathing and urinating. In a hot climate between two and five liters of water can be lost daily, which can in fact be doubled if hard physical work is involved.
  • Diarrhea is the most common cause of an increased fluid loss from the body. The patient may possibly lose up to 10 or 15 liters of fluid in 12 hours.This sort of fluid loss can prove to be a fatal problem, especially in children.
  • Under normal circumstances this should be at least enough to produce urine that is consistently pale.
  • In hotter climates, especially in direct sun, it needs to be very much more, possibly as much as half a liter of water every hour.

Dehydration treatment is usually quite simple. The main thing is to try and keep up a regular and adequate fluid intake. Some natural foods are also helpful to deal with this condition which are given below. However, Essential minerals replaced by a special sugar and slat solution, like Dioralyte. if problems do occur, it is advisable for the doctor to be consulted.

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