Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a sudden or continuous infection which blocks the airways of the lungs. Bronchitis is a good example of an illness that means different people. To the writer of a medical dictionary it is sufficient to describe it as an inflammation of the bronchus. In plain language this means irritation of the larger air passages. To a doctor it is an acute or chronic infection in the lungs. To the patient, bronchitis can often simply mean an irritating cough.

Causes of Bronchitis

Bronchitis may be due to an infection. In the great majority of cases the illness is brought on by a virus and only lasts for about two or three days. It is one of the most annoying of short term illnesses, however, as it is characterised by a cough or wheeze which is usually most severe at night, interrupting the precious sleep of the recuperating patient. Some viruses do, however, increase the risk of a bacterial infection. If you have a bronchial cough and it becomes ‘productive’, that is when colored phlegm is brought up by the coughing action, then you should make sure that you consult your doctor.

Elements in your surrounding environment, such as cold weather, pollutants in the atmosphere or smoke, can often cause or prolong coughs and cigarette smoking is probably the most common cause of bronchitis in the adults. In some cases an allergy may cause bronchitis, although this is usually called asthma.

The smoker’s cough is one form of bronchitis that is all too familiar. The patient is usually in his/her thirties and complains of shortness of breath. This and the production of phlegm has gone on for so long that the patient has accepted it as normal. Unless smoking is stopped at once the condition inevitably deteriorates into chronic bronchitis or severe breathlessness.

Most cases of bronchitis can be treated at home with some useful natural tips and home remedies. These fast effective natural tips and home remedies are given below.

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Best Natural Tips for Fainting and Dizziness

Fainting is a loss of consciousness, usually accompanied by loss of color in the skin. Although a faint occurs suddenly, it is often preceded by feeling of lightheadedness and nausea. Fainting is twice as common in women as in men, and peaks in the teens and during pregnancy. Faints in older people may be a sign of serious disease.

Main Causes of Fainting

  • Fainting is the body’s response to a reduction in blood, and therefore oxygen, to the brain. The brain uses the faint to bring the head down to the level of the heart to make the best use of the available blood.
  • The reduction in the flow of blood to the brain may be due to sudden blood loss, either internal or external. The brain response in exactly the same way if blood pressure drops for a reason other than blood loss.
  • Many people faint at the sight of blood. This is because the body’s mechanisms see the blood loss and assume that it is going to reduce the amount of oxygen to the brain. This may also cause due to dehydration.
  • Low blood pressure may also cause for fainting. Doctors encourage sufferers to get up slowly and to leave at least a minute between sitting up and standing up. Pregnant women faint for the same reason and the same advice applies.
  • A sudden change in heart rhythm can also cause fainting. In this case heart attack may cause a weakness and difficulty speaking.
  • A very low blood sugar level can also cause faintness or even fainting. This is usually as a result of too much insulin or not enough food in a known diabetic. However, even people who are not diabetic may faint if the gap between meals is too long.
  • Hysterical fainting is commonest in young women with immature personalities. They always occur in company and are used by the victim as a way of drawing attention to herself.

Here we have first aid tips and natural remedies to get back to normal from fainting and dizziness, which are given below.

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Best Natural Tips for Excessive Eye Blinking

You may observe some people blink excessively. Mostly we see this problem with children, it may be the cause of some health and vision problems. Blinking too much can be very irritating and painful. A normal healthy person blink 14-18 times per minutes. Normal eye blinking regulated the amount of tears and helps to moisturize our eyes and protect our eyes. Anxiety or fear, neurological problems, infections, eye allergies, swelling eyelids, over eye makeup, facial muscle problem and fatigue are the main causes of excessive blinking.

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Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Stop Snoring

Snoring can be very irritating to others but it is also the sign of a serious sleep disorder that discontinue the oxygen flow to your body. Snoring occurs during sleep when inhalation causes the soft palate at the back of the mouth to vibrate noisily.

Snoring is usually due to a blockage of the nasal passages, due to a cold, ‘flu or hay fever, for example, or due to enlarged adenoids. It may also occur, particularly in obese people, due to sleeping on the back.

This condition also known as sleep apnea in which sometimes the brain cannot send the proper signals to muscles that controls breathing and sometimes you wake up with a sweating body. That means the main problem is in there in the brain. Weak brain does not pass proper signals during sleep or your brain awaking during sleeping. In recent study use of those foods that contains provides melatonin in your body naturally can control and regulate your sleep and help to stop snoring. Use of sleeping pills can be harmful to your brain and body as well but some useful and effective home remedies and tips can help you to get rid of snoring naturally.

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Best Natural Remedies to Relieve Indigestion Fast

Indigestion is a group of symptoms, usually brought on by overindulgence in food and alcoholism. Symptoms of indigestion include pain or discomfort in the abdomen, wind, nausea and acid reflux (a slight regurgitation of acids from the stomach up the food pipe) and heart burn (a burning pain in the center of the chest).

Causes of Indigestion

These symptoms may be caused by gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), which is caused by eating and/or drinking too much, and is made worse by smoking.If an unsuitable diet continues, ulcers may develop, causing a long term problem. Indigestion may also be caused by a hiatus hernia and gallstones.

Relieving the symptoms

Milk of Magnesia or even a glass of milk may relieve the symptoms. However, if indigestion is recurrent, doctors will recommend to look carefully at their diet.There are various natural tips and remedies to treat indigestion. Some natural tips and easy home remedies are also best and found very helpful to relieve indigestion which are given below.

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Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Cure Red Eyes

A redness of the white of the eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It is usually due to irritation. It produces pain and the release of fluid discharge. Infections may be caused by viruses or bacteria. Red eyes is very common in adults. Red eyes usually contracted when the eye comes into close contract with a substance.

Hay fever or an allergy to birds fur, allergic to pollen or eye makeup are the common causes of red eyes. In this case, the eye usually feels gritty and the discharge is watery. If a red eye is painful or if it is associated with a loss of vision it may be a sign of raised pressure in the eye.

Consult your doctor at once. You may also try these natural tips and home remedies to get rid of this eye problem effectively.

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Best Natural Remedies for Glue Ear and Deafness

Glue ear and middle ear infection are the most common cause of conductive deafness especially in children. Middle ear infection normally follows a cold and can be caused by water getting into the ear while swimming. This may also cause due to something, like a nut or even a cotton bud, being pushed into the external part of the ear.

Glue ear happens when the middle ear gets excessively blocked up, due to normally to inflammation and an accumulation of pus. This stops the eardrum and the bones that transfer sound from moving adequately. Unfortunately many young children are quite deaf before anyone actually notices. Slow speech development may provide a clue, but many mothers instinctively know that something is wrong. If you think that your child is affected, it is worth consulting your doctor first then you may use these natural remedies to cure it naturally.

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Best Natural Foods to Treat Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is caused by a virus that normally lives in the gut. Small epidemics occur and the infection is spread from person to person through contaminated food and drink.

The incubation period is between two and six weeks and the onset is gradual with malaise ad ‘flu like symptoms, often followed by loss of appetite, nausea vomiting and pain in the upper abdomen. Jaundice, when it occurs develops aster a interval of between two days and two weeks, and is accompanied by dark urine and pale stools.

As a rule, once the patient develops jaundice they will being feeling better although itching all over can be a problem for several weeks. The symptoms should disappear after a week or two and a second attack then becomes extremely unlikely. Rest during the jaundiced phase and be sure to avoid alcohol entirely for a year.

Consult your doctor or GP first if you have signs and symptoms of hepatitis A. These natural tips and home remedies are also most effective and helpful to treat hepatitis A naturally.

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The Best Foods for Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are substances that are needed in low amounts to support our body. These vitamins and minerals act as an bodyguard against possible low intakes, particularly if you are under stress, smoke, drink alcohol, exercise regularly, or cannot always eat a balanced diet. Our body needs vitamins and minerals  to work perfectly and for a strong immune system, nervous system and hormonal system to ward off diseases. We need a lot of different vitamins which are needed to support every system in our body.  The minerals have mainly structural roles, such as calcium in the bones or regulatory roles, such as muscle contraction.

You can get vitamins through natural and organic sources but minerals are inorganic elements. These essential vitamins and minerals will allow you to perform better both physically and mentally, to resist infections more effectively and even to extend your lifespan.

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Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Numbness

Numbness  is a common condition that effects several individuals. Numbness, which is often coupled with tingling sensations, eventually we have feel that a thousand pins or needles pricking on hands and feet or fall asleep. Low blood circulation in arteries or prolonged pressure on the nerves temprarely disconnect the neuro transmission signal to the brain which causes asleep or tingling numbness in some body parts.

Poor posture in sitting or while sleeping, anemia and excessive body weight are he basic root causes of feeling this unusual sensation of tingling. Stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, deficiency of iron, vitamin B 12, thyroid problem, menstrual problem in females and dehydration are the other possible causes of asleep body parts.

Rear Causes of Numbness

Patches of numbness in a recent immigrant from a third world country, especially if they are around areas of depigmentation, may be a sign of Hansen’s disease. another rare cause of numbness is syphilis of the spinal cord. In this case, the numbness has a strange effect on the feet. The patient is unable to feel his footfall, and adopts a stamping style of walking.

Damage to the sensory region of the brain may occur as a result of an accident or a stroke. In many cases of patient can still feel major sensations, but is unable to perform complex tasks such as identifying an object by its feel.

Immediate walking around or little exercise in this condition can increase the blood circulation to the effected area. In a severe condition it is better to consult a doctor because it may be the sign of a serious disease. Some effective tips and home remedies may also helpful for you to get rid from this condition naturally.

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Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of joints that causes stiffness and swelling. It is a common cause of pain and disability. 40% of people over the age of 65 suffer from it in one form or another. And 45 million working days are lost each year because of it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop arthritis, but there are a number of natural treatments available on net that will help to ease the pain and slow down the progress of the disease. Anti inflammatory natural treatments are more effective. Rather  than using drugs and injection could be more effective temporary but have greater side effects, such as nausea and abdominal pain.

Forms of Arthritis


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and one person in 10 will suffer from it. Sufferers will often be people who have been used to vigorous exercise and who have, quite literally, worn the lining of their joints away. The knees, hips and spine are usually the first areas of the body to affected. Pain start off as an ache that comes and goes. As the disease gets worse, it will become more and more difficult to move these joints initially due to pain, but later due to deformity. The worn out surfaces, especially of the knee, can be felt grating over each other.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is the most severe form of arthritis and will affect one peron in 100. It occurs when the membrane which lines the joint becomes thick and swollen. Unlike osteoarthritis, this affects the fingers and toes first. The onset is often slow and many joints,  particularly the arms, feet, wrists and hands, will become stiff, painful and deformed inhibiting movement.

Juvenile Chronic Arthritis

About 1000 children under the age of 16 are affected by juvenile chronic arthritis. It often starts with a severe ‘flu like illness that leaves the joints swollen, painful and stiff. Fortunately, 75% of the sufferers will recover on their own.

Here we recommend you natural treatments to ease arthritis pain and stiffness naturally.

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Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Treat ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a mental disorder in children and may continue into adulthood. ADHD causes lack of focus and difficulty to learn properly or usually attributed to brain chemistry imbalance. In people with ADHD, certain areas of the brain appear smaller or structurally abnormal when compared to the brains of people without the condition. About 4-5% children in the whole world facing this problem. Boys are more affected than girls with ADD and ADHD. Inattention, disruptive behavior, hyperactivity and impulsive are common in ADHD. Children with ADHD/ADD feel problems in his/her all tasks and poor performance in school.

Few parents try to take medicine to their children to treat this problem. Ritalin and amphetamines such as Dexedrine are the most commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. These medication also have long term side effects causes nausea, weight loss and dizziness.

According to a UNICEF research ‘Sharing a bed with your baby’ outlines the benefits. The ease of feeding and the calming effect on a child with sensible provisos.


  • Become bored with any non interesting task after only a few minutes
  • Daydreaming
  • Move slowly and making lots of mistakes in all tasks
  • Difficult to follow instructions
  • Very short memory
  • Easily get distracted
  • Forget things and words
  • Want to quit from one activity to another
  • Feel difficulty maintaining focus on one task
  • Feeling much easy in playing games but not playing quietly
  • Has difficulty focusing attention on organizing and completing a task or learning
  • Feeling difficulty in learning quickly and accurately
  • Seem not to listen attentively in the classroom
  • Speak more frequently or feeling difficulty in speaking


  • Genes
  • Environmental Factor during Pregnancy Period
  • Imbalance Diet
  • More intake of sugar
  • Preservative food

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