Best Foods to Increase Male Libido

It is natural to loss the libido when a man ages because the testosterone hormone level slow down with age. But lack of nutritional diet, stress, depression, some diseases and medication that affect sexual desire at any age negatively. To increase your partner sexual satisfaction use of natural tips are more effective without any side […]

Best Natural Home Remedies for Urinary Obstruction

Urinary obstruction is a blockage of urine. It reduces or stops the flow of urine into the urethra. When your bladder can’t empty completely itself it calls urinary obstruction. Instead of flowing from your kidneys to your bladder, urine flows backward, or re-fluxes, into your kidneys. Urinary obstructive can cause swelling and other damage to […]

Best Natural Tips for Thin and Watery Semen

Thin and watery semen problem can create a major critical health problem for the whole life in males. Age, extra weight, masturbation, prolong ejaculation, unhealthy diet, zinc deficiency, smoking and excessive intake of alcohol can be the main causes for this problem. But lack of proper information can create a major problem for the whole […]

Best Natural Tips to Reduce Enlarged Prostate

With increasing age, most men’s prostates enlarged and this is a frequent cause of urinary symptoms. The main problem is distortion of the urethra as it runs through the gland. This blocks the outflow and may eventually lead to pressure damage in the kidneys. Benign prostatic enlargement is uncommon under the age of 60 and […]

Best Tips to Increase Beard and Mustache Scanty Hair

Beard and mustache hair is usually associated with virile and facial beauty of males. Scanty beard and mustache hair can decreases your personality image. increase beard and mustache hair growth normally starts in the later years of puberty or adolescence, and most of them do not have sufficient facial hair growth until their twenties or […]

Best Natural Tips to Control Masturbation

It is difficult to fight and quit masturbating when you admit it to get sexual satisfaction. There is no harm in masturbating. Although masturbating is a kind of exercise which help to burn down calories but excessive addiction to masturbation can be harmful to your physical health, also reduces hormone level and sperm count badly […]

Best Natural Tips and Foods to Conceive A Son

Every couple wishes to conceive a baby boy first to complete the family. For thousands of years couples desire to have a baby boy from different techniques and methods. Even in today’s modern time in some cases of divorce, for not delivering a baby boy and in some countries in the world that also the […]

Best Natural Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most embarrassing problem for men. When a male ejaculate very soon without sexual satisfaction called premature ejaculation. More than 30 percent males affected by premature ejaculation before 30s and  this problem increases with age. If Blood circulation in the penis and its muscles are not stronger, you cannot maintain an erection […]