Best Tips to Treat Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Naturally


Shingles is an infection of the nerve supplying certain areas of the skin, which causes a crusty, blistered rash. Shingles is caused by the herpes zoster virus. Herpes is a blister like rash caused by infection with any of a group of viruses responsible for many common illnesses, including chickenpox, shingles and glandular fever. Shingles (herpes zoster) simplex is probably the most common viral parasite which lives off man.

Types of Herpes

It exists in two forms type 1 usually causes cold sores, spots and blisters on the face, lips and eyes but oral sex with a partner who has cold sores could cause genital herpes.

Herpes simplex type 2, is transmitted sexually, causing genital herpes in men and women, and can affect non genital skin areas in the new born babies of mothers who are carrying the infection.

Symptoms and Causes of Genital Shingles (herpes)

  • The incubation period (the length of time between picking up the infection and developing the disease) is short, only five or six days.
  • The first attack usually consists of blisters on the genitals. The most fast affected parts of the body are the anus, buttocks or thighs as well as on the fingers.
  • Shingles (herpes) can cause severe pain, discharge and constipation. The degree of pain depends on the number and site of the blisters, although some of the areas likely to be affected will probably are more painful than others.
  • The blisters will usually take about 10 days to heal completely but throughout that time they will be constantly shedding viruses.

Some natural treatments are best to treat this problem at home without any side effect which are we given below. In severe condition better to consult a dermatologist.

Best Natural Tips to Treat Herpes


How to Protect Skin with Natural SPF

spf foods

We can get easily a large number of Sun Protection Formula (SPF) in the market. But some time chemicals in these products can increase skin damage if not suited to your skin texture. For this it is much better to improve your skin quality to produce itself natural SPF. It is a more reliable way to get the SPF naturally with your daily food to cure your skin from damaging. These natural super foods are the best source to get natural SPF against the sun rays.

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Best Tips to Remove White Spots on Skin

white patches

Nobody like white patches or skin pigmentation, but some of both sexes suffer from this skin condition. Vitiligo is a medical condition in which due to poor blood supply and auto immune disorders leads to skin spots or white patches. This type of patches can notice on different body parts such as back, face, scalp, hands, feet, arms, legs, around the eyes and genital area.

Main Causes of White Patches (Vitiligo)

Melanin production for your skin protection deficiency, lower level of calcium in body, stress, deficiency of vitamin B12, thyroid problem, liver problems, after effects of some diseases which causes anemia or lower HB level, side effects of any medication which disturb or decrease melanin production and direct exposure to sun rays are the main causes of white patches (vitiligo) on the skin without itching.

You need to adopt an integrated, consistent approach and be patient to get rid from this skin problem. Natural topical tips and foods are best to cure it from spreading and are more effective than allopathic medication.

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Best Natural Tips to Remove Underarm Rashes

underarm rash

Chafing between inner thighs or under the arms can be very painful, making difficult even walking and burning sensation even touching water to the affected area. Skin irritation, itching and inflammation, swelling are the main symptoms of chafing under your arms or inner thighs becomes extremely tender and sore. Excessive sweating during work or sleeping and prolonged friction with sweating skin sides results in red sore patches on under arms and thighs. Overweight and do more exercise often causes chafed skin. Try to keep your skin dry during a walk or work and avoid wearing tight or silk fabrics. Here we have some useful and effective natural tips to cure and treat Chafing or Rashes.

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Best Natural Tips for a Skin Abscess


A skin abscess is a collection of pus in skin tissues or organs caused by a bacterial infection. The pus is infectious, so care needs to be taken to prevent the infection from spreading. Common sites of abscesses include the breast, the armpit, the acne, back of the neck, the groin, and the tissue around the root of a tooth that has been damaged, but they may develop in any organ or beneath the skin.

Symptoms of Abscess

Symptoms include swelling, redness, a fever and pain. The pain is due to the build up of pus which causes a great deal of pressure as it tries to burst out.
An abscess should be seen by a doctor; usually it will treat with antibiotics, but if it’s very painful the doctor may drain it for you and then take a swab to see what caused it.
A tooth abscess should be treated by a dentist. If the infection has not spread too far, he will be able to drain the pus away without having to remove the tooth.

Abscess Causes

When germs get into skin breakouts, obstruction of oil glands or sweat glands and inflammation of hair follicles caused tension under the skin and inflammation which calls the abscess.

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Best Natural Tips to Cure Cracked Heels

crack heels

Cracked heels with flaky patches tends to be worsen for people with dry skin and especially middle age problem. They are bound to face this problem during the whole year. Usually oily skin rarely affected with this problem. But oily skin with lack of zinc, vitamin A and E food and dehydration are the most common causes behind this problem. There could be many reasons and causes for cracked heels with painful cracked skin but with extra good care and food changes can resolve your problem naturally at home.

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Best Yogurt Masks for Fair Glowing Skin in Winter

Yogurt is made with milk and the sugar naturally present in it. Some yogurts are fat free. It has benefited and happy living bacteria or probiotics which are ‘good’ for your health and skin. Milk powder can also thicken yogurt and increase shelf life. Lactic Acid in Yogurt smooth, softens, improves complexion, exfoliate skin, save your skin from discoloration in winter and best anti-aging to reduce wrinkles or age spots. Yogurt Moisturize also cleans and nourish your hand and feet skin to keep them beautiful. Zinc in yogurt save your skin from sunburn and best to treat Acne, blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin problems without spending a lot of money. Yogurt is also a very good conditioner for dull and lifeless skin. Yogurt promotes your new skin cells growth and make it shiny, glowing and healthy. Here we have some best yogurt homemade masks for your beautiful skin.

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Best Natural Tips to Remove Warts


Warts are usually a small circular skin or roots growth about the consistency of a scab. They are a viral infection and affect the outer epidermal layer of the skin. Warts are a viral infection that mostly spread from barbers because their instruments are not properly sterilized.

Warts commonly develop on hand and foot fingers, neck and shoulder area and especially the men’s beard and mustache hair area. Most men use some chemical medicines and painful treatment to cure facial warts. Once acquired, scratching, rubbing or shaving leads to the spread of it.

Scratching may result in warts appearing on fingers or around the nails and common for the warts to spread to other parts of the body. Here we have some useful most effective natural tips and remedies to cure and remove warts.

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