How to Treat Endometriosis Naturally

If you are feeling excessive pain in your legs, in the lower back, both sides of pelvis and in the rectal area. these are the major signs of endometriosis. In endometriosis the layers of tissues which covers inside of uterus, grows outside of the uterus. These tissues are develop in other places, such as the […]

Uterine Fibroids Causes, Symptoms & Shrink Naturally

Uterine Fibroids are benign tumors of muscular tissue in the uterus. They are mainly made up of muscle and fibrous tissue. Fibroids either grow into the muscular wall of the uterus or grow outwards into the uterine cavity. Fibroids develop very slowly over a number of years. Eventually, they may row to be no bigger […]

Best Foods High in Folic Acid for Pregnancy

folic acid in pregnancy

Folic acid is an essential component of pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy care across the world. The first month of pregnancy is a crucial time for the development of the neural tube when folic acid is most essential for the fetus. It is also important for the women to have enough in their system before conception. […]

Best Foods to Treat Dental Problems During Pregnancy

  More than half of pregnant women are affect by dental problems. These problems can seriously affect the health of the baby. Even women who have perfect oral health can suddenly have problems during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can significantly affect the health of teeth and gums. Eating healthy food with a good multivitamin […]

Best Foods to Fight Hot Flashes (Night Sweat)

  Hot flashes usually occur during or after the menopause, and they are caused by decreased estrogen production by the ovaries. Once a woman has reached menopause, she may continue to have hot flashes and night sweats for six months in some women, they may linger for five years or even longer. Women can also […]

Best Natural Tips to Increase Breast Milk

Breast milk is the most natural and important way to feed your baby. The production of breast milk is switched on by a hormone, protactin which is produced by a gland in the mother’s brain. If you can, put the baby to the breast straight after birth. The baby sucking produces a powerful bond, and […]

Best Natural Tips to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor is a very embarrassing offensive odor for females. Use of personal poor hygienic synthetic pads or cotton tampons for a long time, bacteria in menstrual blood flow, sweat and germs in the vagina.  An infection in the cervix, sexually transmitted, non-healthy diet, strong menstrual blood flow with clots or abnormal discharge and abortion […]

Best Foods to Recover Fast after Cesarean Delivery

‘Cesarean Delivery’ has been increasing gradually from last 30 years. Experience of cesarean deliver is very painful but sometimes a c section becomes inevitable to keep the mother and baby safe from the complications. Causes of Cesarean Delivery The placenta lies low in the uterus and partially or completely covers the cervix. If complete or […]

Best Tips to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy, happy, pregnant woman undoubtedly can look most beautiful. Her hair, her skin, everything about her glows and it is a beauty that is not lost as the baby enlarges and changes her shape. A pregnant woman who is tired, lacking essential nutrients and taking inadequate care of herself will look as drab as […]

Best Natural Tips to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is caused by some growths on the ovaries may originate from the ovaries themselves, or they may be secondary growths which have spread from another part of the body. Ovarian cancer usually occurs after the menopause. It is more common in women who have never had children, and no so common in women […]