Best Foods to Treat Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a tumor which is found most often in the upper and outer part of the breast. It is normally first noticed as a painless lump. Breast cancer is one of a group of tumors that metastasize to other parts of the body. The speed of spread varies from person to person and […]

Best Natural Tips for Polycystic Ovary Syndromes (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are a poorly understood condition caused by an excess of male sex hormone. Researchers have also linked insulin to PCOS because many women with this condition also have too much insulin in their bodies. High levels of insulin cause the ovaries to produce more male hormones. This has many effects, including […]

Best Natural Tips for Blood Clots During Periods

Stress, some medication, birth control pills, physical and hormonal imbalance are the main causes of problem during the menstrual cycle. Due to lack of proper healthy diet can cause of many health and sexual problems. Weak or enlarged uterus and thin walls of the uterus cannot remove out blood completely during menstruation and the remaining […]

Best Tips to Shrink Enlarged Uterus (adenomyosis)

shrink enlarged uterus

Infection of the cervix is very common but the plug of mucus at the cervical opening means that infection very rarely spreads as far as the uterus. It may, however, become infected doing abortion or after childbirth. The symptoms are a bloody discharge, fever and pain. The infection usually settles on high doses of antibiotics […]

Best  Natural Tips for Breast Muscles Pain and Tenderness

Breast muscles pain and tenderness in females is common during menstruation, pregnancy and breast feeding. Hormonal changes are the basic reasons for tenderness and pain. Breast pain in teenagers mostly associated to breast enlargement. This unexplained inflammation in breast muscles may cause of fever or vomiting. During pregnancy hormonal fluctuation in estrogen and progesterone, which […]

Best Natural Tips for Contraception

Contraception or birth control is a general term used to describe the methods that reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. There is no perfect method of contraception. Even those methods which are the most successful in preventing unwanted pregnancies have certain disadvantages. However, the most efficient and effective natural methods of contraception are more effective. […]

Best Foods to Balance Female Hormones

Imbalanced diet, stress, excessive tiredness or work load, meal skipping, some medication can be the main causes of imbalance hormones which based on estrogen and progesterone level in our body. Hormonal imbalance may increase facial hair growth, the risk of high or low blood pressure, heart attack, joint problems, osteoporosis, weight gain, menstrual problems and […]

Best Natural Tips for Painful Periods

Many women suffer from painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea). It is also link to PMS, or premenstrual syndrome.  The pain is usually described as cramping or colicky. In 5% of these cases it is bad enough for them to seek help from their doctor, an in about 2% of women the pain is bad enough for them to […]

Best Tips to Cure Short Menstrual Cycle

Having Periods more than once in a month means that the time between the ovulation and the next menstrual cycle is too short. Normal Menstrual cycle period approximately occur in every 28 days. If it is starts less than 23-24 days than it linked to irregular periods. If periods does not ends for more than […]

Best Tips to Reduce Hip Size After Delivery

Most women lose their fitness and gain weight after childbirth and lose their gorgeous appearance too. To slim down your hips you need to focus on your weight. Most of the people also want to get rid of their heavy hips fat reduction and want to shape their overall figure.To lose weight takes low calorie […]