Best Nutritional Sprouts for Natural Weight Loss

Sprouting seeds are a simple, economical and soil less way of providing a selection for natural weight loss. Most beans and pulses are rich in protein and once they start to sprout they become rich in vitamins too. The vitamin C content is nearly as high as in citrus fruit, and they are a good source of B vitamins. After four days of keeping, the nutritional value drops. Cooking destroys much of the nutritional value, so ideally, eat them raw or boiled. If you cook them, do so in the minimum of water and save cooking liquid for stocks and gravies.

How to Eat Sprouts:

Eating 2-3 cups weekly can help you lose weight naturally with fewer calories. But eating too much can cause various infections and health problems like enlarge spleen, low red blood cells etc. Sometimes raw sprouts are hard to digest and can cause indigestion problems. The best way to use sprouts in your salads or adding in your diet according to your desire.

Choose only organically grown grain with no trace of pesticides. Some best sprouts are best for weight loss which are given below:

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Best Natural Anti Aging Foods to Fight Aging

Everyone want to protect from all diseases that can cause aging, from cancer to loss of memory. It is the nutrients in fresh foods, traditionally grown without added chemicals. These organic foods are the best to keep you healthy, slim and bursting with energy. These best natural anti aging foods can help slow the aging process naturally, which are given below.

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Best Natural Homemade Makeup Removers

Natural makeup remover is vitally important to give your skin a rest and leaving a great impact on your skin. You need to spend extra money to buy chemical based makeup remover from the market that may can harmful to your skin. If you are using natural makeup brands, you need not an extra effort to remove it. Its enough to use your herbal soap to remove makeup. If you are using other brands, you must have to dissolve these synthetic ingredients. Infect, you may be able to wipe off makeup with these natural makeup remover that are given below.

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Best Natural Tips to Treat Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a condition that usually affects young women or girls. The sufferer binges and then makes herself sick after she has eaten in an attempt to lose weight.  In common with anorectics, the victims of bulimia nervosa often have a distorted image of themselves as being excessively fat also define as anorexia nervosa.

There is, however, one major difference between the two conditions. While anorectics actually lose weight and become painfully thin, bulimics often find that their eating habits result in little or no overall loss in weight.

Symptoms and Causes

Often, a bulimic will overindulge in food or drink before deliberately making herself sick and bringing it all back up again. Such behavior will have a serious effect on the sufferer’s health and not only because her body is not receiving essential vitamins and proteins. The repeated action of bingeing and vomiting can seriously damage the oesophagus, the teeth and even the gums.

Ulcers are likely to develop in the oesophagus, which is the muscular channel that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. The damage is caused when the stomach acid used to break down food is unnaturally brought back up to the mouth to be vomited out with the food that was originally consumed.

This stomach acid can also wear away the bulimic’s teeth and gums. In the most serious cases the stomach acid eventually creates holes in the oesophagus.

Recommended treatment for bulimia nervosa is similar to that recommended for anorexia. Once the bulimic has been convinced of the need to visit a doctor she will undergo close scrutiny to ensure that she is eating regularly and is not regurgitating her food.

Here we suggest you some natural tips and home remedies to treat bulimia nervosa. These natural ways helpful to treat resulting side effects, such as depression and also work as anti depressant. All these remedies also helpful to maintain your body weight without any side effect.

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Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Hypotension

Hypotension is the term for an abnormally low level of sugar (in the form of glucose) in the blood.  The condition is normally due to diabetes mellitus, where the production of insulin in the pancreas is restricted. Insulin is needed to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, and diabetics usually have too much  blood sugar because of the lack of insulin.

However, if the sugar lowering drugs that are prescribed are taken in too large a dose, or if a diabetic does not eat enough carbohydrate or takes too much exercise, the blood may become too low in sugar.

Hypoglycemia may also result from drinking a large amount of sugary alcohol, or it may be due to a tumor in the pancreas causing overproduction of insulin.


The main symptoms include sweating, hunger, dizziness and trembling, weakness, headache, palpitations, confusion and double vision. Movements become uncoordinated and sometimes aggressive, and if the condition is prolonged and left untreated, the patient may fall into a coma.

Some best natural tips and home remedies are given below to get rid of this problem fast and effectively.

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Best Natural Herbal Remedies for Glossitis

Glossitis is an inflammation of the tongue, which may be caused by hot, or certain deficiencies. When the tongue swells, it usually becomes smooth and dark red, as well as feeling sore and uncomfortably swollen.

Main Causes of Glossitis/Inflammation of Tongue

The condition is most often caused by burning the tongue on hot food. It can be caused by eating spicy food, irritation from dentures, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption. Pipe smoking causes glossitis, and is associated cancer of the tongue.

Oral thrush may also cause a swollen tongue, together with the white spots which are characteristic of thrush. More seriously, glossitis may be a sign of thrush. More seriously, glossitis may be a sign of iron deficiency. In addition, glossitis is occasionally a symptom of infections of the mouth such as herpes simplex.

As long as an infection or deficiency is no responsible, then the main treatment is to avoid spicy foods and other irritants until the swelling has gone down. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, and regular rinsing with a salt solution may help. Here we also suggest your some cool herbal remedies to treat glossitis problem naturally at home without any side effect.

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Best Natural Home Remedies for Colic Pain

Colic is a type of spasmodic pain caused by internal muscles fighting to overcome an obstruction. Colic is not actually a disease in itself. It is, instead, a form of pain which comes and goes, usually building up to a minute or so of real agony and subsiding to a dull ache before building up to another crescendo. The site of the pain as well as the time interval in between each attack can give your doctor some very useful clues as to weather or not you have been struck by colic. Many organs, such as the gut and the ureter (the passage through which urine travels from the kidneys to the bladder) contain the type of smooth muscle which is usually affected by colic.

Classic Colic

Pain from the ureter, renal colic, is felt in the back, just below the ribs. The pain is severe and often seems to travel into the groin. Renal colic is due to the presence of a stone in the ureter.

Waves of contractions pass down the ureter to try and pus the stone along. Often they succeed and the stone passes into the bladder causing immediate relief of the pain. Before Nature does the rick a painkilling injection, may be needed. Biliary colic is very similar but in this case the stone will be stuck somewhere en route from gall bladder to intestine.

The Commonest Colic

The commonest type of colic is intestinal in origin This may be due to constipation or inflammation in the bowel wall. Inflammation and swelling fool the gut into thinking it is full and powerful waves of contraction buildup to try and shift the obstruction Simple Painkillers, hot water bottles and peppermints may help to relieve the discomfort.

Baby Colic

Every parent can remember sleepless nights with a screaming baby. This is ‘three month colic’, so called because it should get better at that age. Nobody knows the cause, though it does seem commoner in families which are under stress. It is certainly commoner in the children of smokers. This condition can be very distressing for mother and baby alike so make sure you seek advice from your GP.

We suggest you some useful natural home remedies which are given below to treat colic pain at home for all ages.

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Best Natural Remedies to Treat Swollen Ankles and Feet

Ankles and feet swelling indicate fluid retention that is due to an excess of fluid in the tissues. Edema is most commonly seen around the ankles and feet. It can be distinguished from other forms of swelling by the fact that gentle pressure leaves a dent which takes a few seconds to smooth itself out.

The fluid excess is of a type known as extracellular. This forms a halfway house between fluid inside the cells and the fluid in the general circulation (blood and lymph system). Extracellular fluid exists in equilibrium with these other fluids and is readily exchangeable with either. In the normal individual this equilibrium is maintained by a combination of factors including the blood pressure in the arteries and veins and the concentration of various salts and proteins in the blood cells.

Common Causes of Swelling/Edema

The vast majority of edema sufferers are perfectly fit and healthy. In hot weather the capillaries on the skin surface dilate. This dilation causes fluid to leak out and swelling is the result. A similar condition occurs on long haul air flights. Lack of exercise, low cabin pressure and alcohol all contribute to the swelling of feet. This form of edema can largely be avoided by regular walks up and down the aisle and by exercises involving the legs and feet.

Any factor that slows the return of blood to the heart will cause swelling. Swelling is not a disease in itself, just a sign of one. It is essential to find and treat the cause of the swelling after consulting your GP.

Swollen Legs and Feet in Women

The fluid retention most women suffer before a period is due to a hormone imbalance. If severe, it can be treated medically. Although there is a hormonal element in water retention during pregnancy, the main cause of the swelling is pressure on the pelvic veins by the pregnant womb. In late pregnancy, a sudden increase in the amount of edema, especially if it is accompanied by high blood pressure, may be a sign of toxemia. You should consult your gynecologist at once.

Some effective natural home remedies are also helpful  to treat and heal this condition naturally at home without any side effect. It will be better to stop salt intake during treatment for fast effective results.

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Best Natural Remedies to Treat Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a painful bacterial infection which is transmitted by sexual contact and which can affect any part of the body that is not covered by skin . This includes the urethra, the cervix, the mouth and the anus.

The discovery of penicillin in 1928 led to a dramatic fall in the number of cases of gonorrhea. Unfortunately, this trend was reversed over the 25 years after the introduction of the pill in the early 1960s. The resultant increased sexual activity brought about an increase in gonorrhea. Nowadays, apart from the common cold, it is still the most prevalent infectious disease in the world.

Now, however, the growth of the AIDS epidemic and the practice of ‘safe sex’ mean that gonorrhea is once again on the decline. Such is the nature of the disease that more women than men are infected, the average age of the women infected is falling. Now, 25% are less than 20 years old.

Transmission and Symptoms

  • In theory, it might be possible to catch gonorrhea from a toilet seat but in reality this may be a convenient let out for those who don’t want to admit to sexual indiscretions.
  • The disease may take anything from two days to two months to develop and in men the symptoms are obvious.
  • These are a discharge from the penis and pain when passing urine. There is often a stinging pain when urinating after drinking alcohol.
  • Women may be infected and have no symptoms at all. The usual complaint is of pain on passing urine, increased frequency of passing water and a vaginal discharge.
  • In women with severe infection the whole vulva can be red and painful and the patient will generally feel unwell. If left untreated the condition may be infectious for years. It will cause chronic damage to the urethra, cervix and Fallopian tubes.
  • Severe cases may cause pelvic peritonitis. It may spread causing inflammation of tendons and joints.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is suggested by the symptoms and the patient’s recent sexual behavior and is confirmed by recognizing the bacteria under a microscope. Sexually transmitted diseases tend to hunt in packs. If you think you may be infected you should seek advice to exclude other diseases. This is one of the few occasions when it may be better to by pass the GP. Some of the most effective natural home remedies for gonorrhea can be very helpful but in severe condition GP should be consulted first.

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