Best Tips to Treat Testicle Pain and Infection

A testicle is one of the pair of male sex glands, producing hormones and sperm. The sperm are produce along the walls of these tubes and when they are mature they fall into the center of the tube to be carried to the epididymis, where they produce the male sex hormone testosterone and release it directly into the bloodstream.

Infection of the testis is much commoner problem in men. Although the age groups affected are different, confusion sometimes occurs. When making a diagnosis, most doctors’ work on the principle that occur pain in the testis of a young man is due to torsion until proved otherwise. Most infections involve not only the testis but the epididymis as well. The exception is mumps which causes an extremely painful swollen testis. The affected testis often withers and, if both sides are affected, sterility is common.

Infection of the testis and epidermis may be acute or chronic. Acute infections are usually the result of sexually transmitted diseases or urinary infections. Masturbation is a result of sexual excitement without ejaculation, but the condition is relieved by ejaculation. In some cases, no infecting organism can be found. It seems that in some circumstances, usually during vigorous exercise, sterile urine is forced down the vas deferens, setting up a chemical reaction very similar to an infection. In an acute infection the testis becomes red, tender and swollen. The epididymis feels thickened and is painful to the touch. There is often a penile discharge and occasionally the testis itself suppurates. Treatment consists of rest, scrotal support and high dose antibiotics.

The majority of cases of pain in the testes do not have a sinister cause. The most common problem is bruising, which happens easily, but in some cases of bruising the damaged blood vessel will continue to bleed, leading to haematoma formation. This blood filled cyst can grow to an enormous size, sometimes as big as a coconut. If bruising seems to be getting worse rather than better, a cold bath and tight underwear may help. If not, surgery to be evacuating the blood clot and seal the leaking vessel may be needed.

Here we have some best natural tips and remedies to treat testicle pain and infection naturally without any side effect.

Best Tips to Treat Testicle Pain and Infection

Banyan Tree Milk with Dates

Excessive semen leakage and masturbation can cause testicle pain and infection. Take 250 g Ajwa Dates and pluck out its seeds and fill the dates with banyan tree milk and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Now boil 2 liters goat’s milk until it evaporates into ½ liter. Mash the dates in it and keep it in a glass bottle. Daily take 1 tablespoon of this tonic to heal the problem naturally and also strengthen weak testicle nerves.

Camel Milk, Mango, Onion Juice, Rose Water and Saffron

Take 250 g thin juice of fresh mango add 50 g camel milk, 10 g onion juice, one egg yolk, 10 g pure ghee , 10 ml rose water and 2 pinches of saffron powder. Mix all the ingredients and add 25 g natural candy powder in it. Daily take it for two weeks early in the morning after 15 days prepare it with half quantity and take it in evening. Best remedy to treat testicle pain and infection naturally.

Camphor, Egg White, Glycerine and Honey

One of the best remedies to treat infections. Make an ointment to blend one egg white, glycerine, honey and camphor in equal quantity. Apply it on affected area twice a day to treat testicle pain and infection. Its cooling effects help to get rid of inflammation and burning sensation fast.

Nigella Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar Paste

Prepare a fine paste containing nigella seeds and apple cider vinegar. Apply it on the affected area and leave it for awhile. Do it on a regular basis. Within 2 to 3 applications testicle pain and infectious germs will be remove naturally and permanently.

Olive Oil, Nigella Seeds Oil, Fish Oil

Another most effective natural remedy to treat testicle pain and infection. Mix one part nigella seed oil, 9 parts olive oil and 7 parts fish oil. Keep this mixture in a glass bottle and apply a few drops on your testicles before going to sleep daily. Within one week your testicle pain and infection problem will be gone away.

Jamun Tree Peel Powder

Make a fine powder with 10 grams jamun tree peel and blend it with 100 ml water. Take it daily 2 times to cure testicle pain, inflammation and infection. You can apply the paste of this powder on your effected testicle to heal the pain.

Banana Flower Powder

Make a fine powder with dried banana flower and mix 10 g powder in two liter water. Keep this mixture in a mud pot overnight. Next morning start drinking this water but avoid eating anything this day and next day just drink milk for the whole day. Any kind of testicle problem will be solved within two days.


Betel Leaf with Honey

To reduce testicle pain, infection and inflammation fast cover the betel leaf (Paan) with honey from one side and wrap the affected area with it for 4 hours. Keep the testicle area from cold water. Daily apply this tip regularly until required results. Anti-inflammatory and healing properties of these natural ingredients best to heal the problem naturally.

Sesame Seeds oil, Neem Leaves and Onion

Burn 25 g fresh onion in 125 ml sesame seeds oil first, now burn 50 g fresh neem leaves in it. Cool it and mix 75 g petroleum jelly in it to make an ointment. Daily apply it on affected area especially before going to bed until required results.

Turmeric and Buttermilk

Wrap 2-3 pinches of turmeric powder in goat’s milk butter and take it with buttermilk 2 times a day. In severe condition take it 3 times during the day. This is one of the fast effective tips to treat testicle infection and pain.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice can be a natural remedy for scrotum pain causes by urinary tract infection. Use of cranberries in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection is often a trigger for epidemiologist.

Drink More Water

Even if you don’t have juice in the refrigerator, there’s another liquid strategy for preventing infections. Drinking eight glasses (8 ounces) of water a day will help your body wash away bacteria before they cause infection.