6 Great Dental Hygiene Tips for Healthy White Teeth

A Guest Post by Ethel Huizar, Dental Hygienist and Co-founder at healthrow.net.

Everyone wants to have healthy, white teeth. Has someone ever told you to “say cheese” and you felt self-conscious that your smile was not as white or healthy as it could be? Here are some great dental hygiene tips for a better smile. They will help you feel comfortable with your own teeth and make you smile more often.

1. Brush Properly

The most important thing to do on your way to a healthier smile is to brush your teeth properly. This is a given for good oral health; however, many people fail to brush their mouth as well. Brushing your mouth means also taking good care of your tongue, gums, and the roof of your mouth. All of these can collect food residue; therefore, resulting in bacteria and decay build-up.

2. Flossing Regular

Brushing your teeth is doing only half the job since the brushing cleans the surface of the tooth. You must also use floss to clean the in-between areas of your teeth. You should make a habit of flossing at least once a day in order to get rid of any food residue that is stuck in between your teeth.

3.Ensure that your Diet is Teeth Friendly


Some food and drinks we consume are more “tooth friendly” than others. Foods that are good for our teeth are nuts, fruits (apples, bananas, strawberries), vegetables, chicken, and cheese. Added cheese creates more saliva in the mouth which will balance acid.

4. Eliminate Tobacco & Limit Soda and Alcohol Intake

Quit smoking because tobacco is something that should be eliminated completely from one’s lifestyle because it can cause periodontal problems like oral cancer. If you usually use something to hide the tobacco smell (such as candy, coffee, or tea) you are only doing further damage to what has already been done by the tobacco.

Alcoholism and soda consist in mineral phosphorus, which is necessary for a healthy mouth. However, too much phosphorus can be bad and can result in calcium depletion, tooth decay, and gum disease. Try abstaining from sugar based drinks completely. If you can’t refrain from them completely, you should try using a straw, which will help keep the substance off the surface of your teeth.

5. Make Regular Visits to the Dentist

Even if you keep in mind all the advice mentioned above, you should know that they do not eliminate the need for a regular semi or annual visit to the dentist. In order to maintain a good oral health, you should have your teeth cleaned professionally at least once a year, as well as have a full oral check-up.

6. Leave a little Fluoride on Your Teeth at Bedtime

Fluoride is a toothpaste component that aids in the strengthening of teeth. Some good advice would be to-not rinse all the toothbrush after you brush your teeth in the evening. Try to not do a final water rinse. This way you will allow the fluoride to remain on the tooth surface to fight off any bacteria from forming as you sleep.

By following these six dental hygiene tips you should have no problem at all the next time someone tells you to “say cheese” and allow you the chance to show off that beautiful, white, healthy smile!