Best Foods to Heal Ulcerative Colitis Naturally

foods to heal ulcerative colitis

What is Colitis?

Colitis is a severe inflammation of the colon or large bowel.

What are the Common Causes and Symptoms of Colitis?

The symptoms of colitis are diarrhea or a pain, which may be severe, below the navel. The diarrhea may arrie every few minutes or may even consist of loose motions once a day. It may also be possible to identify colitis from inspection of your faces when you go to the toilet. Everybody passes some mucus with their bowel action but if this is present in large amounts, especially if it is tinged with blood, it may indicate that you are suffering from colitis.
Most diarrhea attacks are due to some form of irritation of the wall of the large bowel either as the result of an infection or after someone has eaten spicy food. The cause is usually fairly obvious such as a severe attack of gastroenteritis that affects the whole family.

Types of Colitis

Two rare but important causes of colitis are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Ulcerative colitis usually produces bloody diarrhea which is very rich in mucus. Ulcerative colitis is confine to the large bowel. The lining of the bowel becomes reddened, ulcerated and bleeds easily. In an acute attack, the sufferer may pass up to 20 loose, blood stained motions a day, and quickly develops lethargy and anemia. The majority of cases, however, are mild and some patients only suffer flare ups ever few years. Severe disease is associate with cancer of the colon, especially if the disease has been present for 10 years or more.

Although doctors describe crohn’s disease as colitis it is not, strictly speaking, a colitis at all as the region of the gut affected is usually the end of the small bowel rather than the colon. The sufferer usually has abdominal pain and diarrhea which lasts for many months. A diagnosis can be made by passing a flexible telescope into the bowel and inspecting the lining. Treatment for both of these conditions is with medicine but you can also cure and heal this problem with food easily.

Best Foods to Heal Ulcerative Colitis

Banana with Cow Yogurt

Mash ripe banana in cow yogurt and take it daily with an empty stomach regularly. The best food to cure colitis ulcer by curing your colon inflammation. The strong protective coat in banana called sitoindosides coat your colon walls. Also reduce burning sensation in abdomen and pain by curing it from acids. The substance of the banana activates cells that make up the colon lining. Lactic acid in yogurt is beneficial bacteria for your colon health. Add Yogurt and 1-2 pinch of Saffron with Banana for the treatment of loose motions. But add more banana than yogurt for better and fast results.

Psyllium Husk with Sandalwood syrup

Our colon gastrointestinal tract is the orbit of bacteria which needs to remove out overall health. Psyllium husk not only remove or drain out germs and bacteria but also make us fit and fresh. Cooling effects of sandalwood is also very beneficial for gastritis. Daily take one teaspoon of sandalwood syrup with one teaspoon of psyllium in one glass cold water to cure ulcer naturally.

Nigella Seeds, Psyllium Husk, Turmeric and Safaid Musli

Make a powder with 50 grams Nigella Seeds, Psyllium Husk 50 grams, Turmeric powder 50 grams and Safaid Musli root powder 50 grams. Keep it a jar and take thrice during the day ½ teaspoon. The best tip to treat naturally for stomach ulcer.

Cranberry Juice

Consuming one cup of cranberry juice is another best food to colon infections and bacteria naturally. To make a cup of cranberry juice just blend 2 to 3 tablespoons of fresh cranberry with one cup fresh water. Avoid to mix sugar in it but you can mix one teaspoon of honey to taste. Honey also has best natural powerful antibacterial properties.


Vitamin C in Pineapple juice help to coat the inflamed portion making for effective relief and cure. It also soothes the lining of the colon and rectum. Pineapple is also excellent at reduce internal body inflammation. Daily eat 100-150 grams Pineapple slices on an empty stomach.

Garlic with Honey

Daily wrap 1-2 garlic cloves into 1 teaspoon of honey and take it on an empty stomach. Repeat this before going to bed when you feel ease take this only one time. Anti-bacterial properties of honey are very effective in eliminating bacteria and healing wounds. Garlic also kills and eliminate from the bacteria (H.Pylori) that develop ulcer in our colon and stomach.

Purple Cabbage

If you want to eliminate the formation of the bacteria from stomach that cause stomach ulcer starts using red/purple cabbage soup from now. It reduces the over production of acids and the beneficial bacteria Lactic acid in red cabbage is also excellent to cure peptic ulcer. Boil 3-4 tablespoons of crushed cabbage in one glass water for 5-7 minutes than add a pinch of salt and black pepper. Avoid taking it hot because hot foods could be harmful for colon wounds. In severe condition it is better to take fresh cabbage juice in place of soup. You can take it 3-4 times during the day for one week to cure and heal colitis ulcers.


Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is very much effective to treat ulcers. Extract one cup of coconut milk and take one tablespoon after 2 hours intervals in a day. Repeat this tip 4-5 times during the week until required results.


Broccoli is the best food to kill bacteria in the colon which causes ulcer and remove ulcer infections. Its mucilage calms inflammation and helps to heal ulcers. Also soothes the lining of the colon and rectum. Try to eat it after every meal. Or boil 5 grams broccoli in 500 ml water and drink it after one hour of having your each meal.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera may also help decrease bacteria growth in the stomach and colon. Healing properties of aloe vera is best to heal ulcer faster. Blend Aloe Vera gel 2-3 tablespoons in one glass of water and drink it throughout the day. Another best remedy to stop bleeding caused by colitis ulcer. In a severe condition you may have to contact a medical expert soon.

Ginger and Peppermint Leaves Tea

Boil 10-15 Peppermint leaves and ½ inch square piece of ginger in 1 glass. When it remains half off the flame and adds 1-2 pinches of salt and Black pepper in it. Sip it like tea. The best and fast effective natural remedy to treat indigestion due to colon ulcers.

White Onion Powder with Yogurt

Make a powder with dried white onion and mix half teaspoon in 125 grams yogurt. Give it to the patient and repeat the dose after one hour. After 2 hours you will have a loose stool but after that indigestion will be recovered. Only add boiled rice with yogurt in patient’s diet until complete recovery.

Black-strap Molasses with Milk

Blackstrap molasses is full of iron, folic acid and other essential vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. Black strap molasses also best natural way to boost bone marrow ability to produce and increase blood level anemic patients. Mix one tablespoon of black strap molasses in one glass of lukewarm milk and drink it once or twice a week before going to sleep. Within one or two weeks your blood level will be increase incredibly.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Our body cannot produce omega 3 fatty acids itself, thus we have to obtain it from food or supplements. But if you want to use it as supplement do not continue it more than one week in a month. Or everyone can eat fish (particularly fatty, cold water fish) at least twice a week for healthy colon to heal and cure ulcers. Salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, lake trout, and tuna are especially high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is an essential supplement to increase both white blood cells and red blood cells that can be lower with ulcers.