Best Foods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Life is full of stress and sorts of anxiety. This may be the cause to reduce your confidence level. Stress fattens you up, stress hormones also ramp up fat storage. Stress and anxiety also can reduce your growth level in growing age. It may effects digestive system, skin and beauty in all ages and both sex. So you have fewer cravings to produce good chemicals to cure yourself from stress and anxiety. Avoid junk foods it can be the cause to increase stress hormones. Lack of activity can also tighten our muscles which may be tension in our shoulders and neck. We feel trouble in sleeping too. Here we have some natural tips and remedies to feel free from stress and anxiety.

Best Foods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Orange with Black Pepper and Salt

User of vitamin C found with low stress or anxiety. Vitamin C controls your blood pressure level which is the main cause of stress and anxiety. If you feel heat in your hand and feet during stress or anxiety sprinkle black pepper powder and salt on Orange slices and eat it. Must feel cool and reduces stress level too.

Fresh Litche and Litche Seeds Powder

Eating fresh fruit of Litche (Lychee) also best to reduce stress and anxiety level. Or make a powder with Litche (Lychee) seeds and take 3-4 pinches with water after 2 hours of having your breakfast. The best tip to release your anger naturally.

Sugar Cane Juice with Lemon and Ginger Juice

Calcium (Vitamin C), iron and magnesium in sugar cane juice reduces high blood pressure level and control stress and anxiety naturally. Take one glass fresh sugar cane with one teaspoon ginger juice and mix half lemon juice. Diabetes patients avoid to use it.

Mango with Cold Milk

Drink 1 glass of cold milk after eating 1 Mango. The best tip to reduce stress and sleeping well.


If you feel stress after a long workout eat 100-150 grams fresh Plum to relax your muscles and you will feel free from stress. Or make a glass of plum juice with 5 to 6 fresh plums and take it.


Eating salmon can reduce stress and anxiety. Adding at least three times in a week in your meal to control your stress and anxiety level.


Iron and calcium in Spinach is best to control your blood pressure and low blood level. Eating 2-3 times spinach weekly or drinking spinach juice with honey when you feel stress or anxiety. Found very effective to deal with this condition.


Omega 3 in walnuts found very great to reduce anxiety and stress level and help stabilize mood. Walnuts have a calming effect on your body and help relieve feelings of anxiety. Omega 3 also contain DHA , vital for brain function.

Chamomile Tea

Drink chamomile tea during facing stress and anxiety may calm down your brain muscles. Daily take one cup chamomile tea and smell it first for few seconds then sip it. Within 4 to 6 weeks symptoms of stress and anxiety significantly decreases.

Rose Petals

Take an aroma with fresh rose petals before your bed time. Boil some fresh rose petals in water and take steam for 5 to 10 minutes. Or place some fresh rose petals near your pillow for one week before your sleep time. This will naturally relax  your brain and body muscles.

Soaked Poppy Seeds

Soak two teaspoons poppy seeds in one cup water for 4 to 5 hours. Filter this water and take it before bed time. Poppy seed is a popular aid due to its tranquilizing effect that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that mimics the effects of stress on the body and deplanes it of essential nutrients. Coffee tea and caffeine based soft drinks are often used as a quick fix to boost flagging energy levels and concentration by making you feel more alert. But the effect is short lived. Drinking several cups of coffee throughout the day can leave you feeling more tired, irritable, restless and with a headache.


Exercise is one of the most fast effective tip to reduce increased stress hormones naturally. Also reduce stressed brain muscles and promotes mental health.