Best Natural Essential Oils for Fitness

Natural essential oils are a terrific and natural way to suppress appetite for weight loss and fitness. Oils can’t really burn fat but only can help you to control weight on your weight loss program. Use of essential oils provides a number of health benefits too. Regular exercise and balanced diet with essential oils is the best way to lose weight in a healthy way.

Best Natural Essential Oils for Fitness

Grapefruit Oil

Use of grapefruit oil is best to dissolve fat and flush out excess toxins naturally. Just add ¼ teaspoon or 5 to 6 drops of grapefruit oil in half cup goat’s or camel milk and take it daily before going to sleep. Suppress appetite, prevent water retention, belly bloating and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Olive Oil

The healthiest oil ever because those who want to take lower calories diet start consuming olive oil daily with their regular meal plan. The best way to take olive oil is to drop a few drops of olive oil on your salad plate with black pepper powder in lunch.

Lemon Oil

Best oil to improve your digestive system because constipation is also one the main causes of heavy body weight. Take 4-5 drops of lemon oil with lukewarm water daily early in the morning to control this cause of bloating.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is also great to control sugar level and body weight naturally. Not only suppress your excessive hunger also boost metabolism and convert your body sugars into energy. Improve digestive system and reduce fat production process naturally. It is best to take 2-3 drops of cinnamon oil with your morning cup of tea or in lunch with a cup of green tea.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil will boost your metabolism, but it does help with stomach ailments. Peppermint oil may help suppress the appetite. Take 3-4 drops with lukewarm water 30 minutes before every meal.