Best Natural Foods to Treat Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is an infestation by a single celled microorganism, toxoplasma gondii. Which is normally lives in the intestines of cats ( and sometimes dogs). The disease can occur from drinking contaminated water, eating under-cooked foods especially meat, preparing food with contaminated boards and knives, and making contact with infected cat feces.

Toxoplasmosis is particularly dangerous if it is caught by a pregnant woman, as the infection may be pass on to the foetus, causing hydrocephalus or brain damage. The only symptoms, which are not always present, are abdominal pains, body pain, headache, fatigue and swelling of the lymph glands. Generally this condition calls TORCH infection (athra)

As for toxocariasis, attention to hygiene when dealing with animals prevents the spread of the infestation to humans. Treatment involves a course of drugs that are getting too much costly. Here we suggest you some natural foods and remedies to treat tomoplasmosis that are more affordable and effective to the sufferer.

Best Natural Foods to Treat Toxoplasmosis

Best Fruits for Toxoplasmosis

Green Papaya

Papain and Bromelain are two enzymes found in green papaya which help the body to fight the parasite causing toxoplasmosis. Papaya is a fruit which destroys parasites and them suppress in the body. Papaya is full of antioxidants as well which prevent damage to the body and enhance energy levels.


Pineapple fruit also contains Bromelain and Papain. Both these enzymes have the capacity to increase digestion of protein and destroy parasites like toxoplasma gondii. This fruit contains enzymes which target the parasite in the human body and destroy it. You can also take pineapple juice to fight toxoplasmosis naturally.


Pomegranate juice is also very effective for killing internal parasites. You can also eat Pomegranate dried seeds for fast treatment. Pomegranate contains tannins called Punicalagins which have antioxidant properties. They also destroy free radicals which cause cell damage. Parasites such as toxoplasma gondii can be eliminate by drinking up to 4 glasses of Pomegranate juice in a day.


Grapes improve the alkalinity of our body, which make it difficult to the parasite to improve. They are the best natural fruit which is high in alkaline that you can take easily to treat toxoplasmosis gondii.

Best Vegetables for Toxoplasmosis


Garlic (Allium sativum) is the best food to treatm toxoplasmosis. It has antimicrobial, antibiotic, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, anthelmintic, and anti-parasitic properties. Garlic cloves, and garlic juice can all help prevent reproduction of parasites like toxoplasma.


It is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti viral is a good remedy for toxoplasmosis. Eating it raw or drinking radish juice will be greatly beneficial to the sufferer. It is very effective in killing the parasite which causes toxoplasmosis. Also it helps fight all types of infection.

Mint with Yogurt

When the immunity is lowered, parasitic infections tend to thrive in the human body. Yogurt contains good bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus. When diseases like toxoplasmosis strike the body, bad bacteria multiples in the gut of the stomach. To counter this, yogurt with mint which produces good bacteria in the intestines, should be taken regularly.

Best Natural Oil and Spices for Toxoplasmosis

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is widely popular for its antiparasitic activities. It not only destroys the parasite in the body, it also coats the walls of the intestine causing the parasites to have difficulty in attaching themselves to the intestinal walls. Coconut oil then causes the expulsion of these parasites from the body. Coconut oil also contains a substance (caprylic acid), which is made up of fatty acids that eliminate parasites from the human body.

Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is the seed kernel inside the fruit of the nutmeg tree. It essential oil showed significant inhibiting activity in an in vitro anti-Toxoplasma gondii assay during a study presented at the third International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Science. The result was considered comparable to the standard antibacterial drug clindamycin.


Oregano Oil

Oil of Oregano is a wonderful natural remedy for food poisoning caused due to the bacterial toxoplasma gondii parasite and the intestinal infection caused by helicobacter pylori. It contains two potent substances called thymol and caryacrol which are anti-microbial in nature and have been found to cure infections with ease and rapidity. It can be safely ingested for curing parasitic infections such as toxoplasmosis.

Nigella Seeds Oil

Nigella seeds oil is an annual flowering plant native to southwest Asia. Mix 8-10 nigella seeds oil drops in one cup warm water and take it like tea. It significantly increased the survival rate and decreased the parasite density and pathological insult in both liver and spleen. Also, significant increase in interferon-γ level denotes stimulation of cellular immunity.

Best Herbs and Spices for Toxoplasmosis

Black Pepper

As the disease toxoplasmosis is out of it, which can be consume. Black pepper can help you in effectively fighting against toxoplasma gondii. You can chew few of the raw black pepper each day. You can also make a tea, with ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut is a herb which cures parasitic infections such as toxoplasmosis. It contains substances like juglone and hydrojuglone which give it anti-parasitic properties. Researchers have found that Black Walnut can destroy more than 100 different kinds of parasites in the human body. The hull of this herb contains remarkable curative powers. Pregnant as well as lactating women avoid using this herb.

Psyllium Husk

High fiber foods help to flush out parasites and other toxins from our body. Fiber rich foods can be very supportive to treat toxoplasmois gondii naturally. Makes sure to drink a full glass of water with one tablespoon of psyllium husks on an empty stomach daily.

Cinnamon and Azadirachita Indica (Neem) Leaf Extracts

Make a cup of tea with half teaspoon cinnamon powder and mix 4-5 drops of neem leaf extracts. Take it once a day regularly for two weeks. After treatment with neem and cinnamon, the percentage of infected cells and the number of intracellular parasites drastically decreased. The extracts of neem and cinnamon are most effective to eliminate the intracellular development of Toxoplasma gondii naturally.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Wear gloves when gardening or handling soil. Wash hands thoroughly with hand-wash liquid or soap and water after coming into contact with soil.
  • Avoid to eat raw or under-cooked meat, especially pork, venison, or lamb.
  • Wash kitchen utensils thoroughly with dishwasher liquid and water.
  • Thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid unpasteurized raw milk.
  • Avoid feeding cats raw meat. Indoor cats are less likely to develop toxoplasmosis.
  • We suggest to pregnant women avoid to keep any cat, dog or any other pet during pregnancy and after delivery.