Best Natural Homemade Makeup Removers

Natural makeup remover is vitally important to give your skin a rest and leaving a great impact on your skin. You need to spend extra money to buy chemical based makeup remover from the market that may can harmful to your skin. If you are using natural makeup brands, you need not an extra effort to remove it. Its enough to use your herbal soap to remove makeup. If you are using other brands, you must have to dissolve these synthetic ingredients. Infect, you may be able to wipe off makeup with these natural makeup remover that are given below.

Best Natural Homemade Makeup Removers

Witch Hazel Extracts and Aloe Vera Gel

This non-greasy mixture work well on light and heavy makeup. Witch Hazel has strong antioxidant and astringent properties that are perfect for killing bacteria that lives within skin’s pores after makeup. Also stop cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer, preventing signs of aging and environmental pollutants. As well as aloe vera gel has the same properties for skin care after removing makeup. Make a paste with one tablespoon witch hazel extracts and 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel. Apply it on your face and neck with a cotton ball or tissue. Rub it in a circular motion on your face and neck softly for five minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.

Corn Flour with Witch Hazel Extracts

Easy to use and it also work well with effort to remove even waterproof makeup. It removes several layers of makeup foundation and lipstick. Mix one tablespoon corn flour in two tablespoons witch hazel extracts. Apply this paste on your face with a cotton swab and rub it for 3-4 minutes than wipe it off with wet tissues.

Coconut Milk, Turmeric and Red Grapes Juice

Another best natural home made all-over makeup remover for all skin types. You need not to rub it, even for waterproof makeup. After applying this wonderful natural makeup remover your skin felt moisturized, plump, soft and re-hydrated. Mix half teaspoon red grapes juice, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder in 2-3 tablespoon coconut milk. Apply this mixture on your face and neck for 10-12 minutes then wash it off with normal water.

Lavender Oil and Rosewater

Lavender oil prevent your skin from allergic reactions of makeup and rosewater cure your skin from irritation. It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores especially for acne skin. Mix 8-10 drops of lavender oil in one tablespoon rosewater and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it for 15-20 minutes then remove it with cotton balls. Wipe it off with cold water.

Cucumber and Calendula Oil

Another perfect makeup remover for oily skin. Mix one teaspoon calendula oil in 4-5 grated cucumber. This will help to remove makeup from sensitive skin and also soothe irritated skin or acne-prone skin. Rub it all over your face in a circular motion, and then rinse off with ice cold water.

Olive Oil, Milk and Lemon Peel Powder

Olive oil and milk not only perfect makeup remover but also a best skin moisturizer. Make a fine powder with dry lemon peel powder and keep it in a glass bottle. Mix one tablespoon lemon peel powder in 2 tablespoons fresh milk and one teaspoon olive oil. Wash your hand and face first. Now tie up your hair with a catcher and apply this paste on your face with a cotton swab to remove your makeup.

Glycerine with Jasmine Oil

This perfect combination is best to remove makeup from dry skin type. This wonderful makeup remover also treat dry, brittle and dehydrated skin naturally. Mix 10-15 drops of jasmine oil in one tablespoon glycerine and apply it with a cotton swab on your face. Rub it with your finger tips over your face and neck area softly. Now remove it with a cotton pad or tissue and then wash with plain water.

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