Best Natural Remedies to Treat Mumps

Mumps is a highly infectious viral disease. The main feature is swelling of the parotid glands, the salivary glands at the angle of the jaw.

Spreading Infection

Mumps is spread by droplets of saliva, direct contact, or through shared use of personal objects such as knives and forks. No age is exempt from infection but, because of maternal antibodies, it is rare before the age of two. School age children and young adults are most frequently affected. The incubation period is about 18 days. The patient is most infectious two or three days before and two or three days after the swelling appears.

Symptoms of Mumps

The first sign of an attack is generally a ‘flu like illness with fever, malaise and loss of appetite. This is followed a day or two later, by severe pain at the angle of the jaw. The swelling usually affects both sides, though in some cases only one side is affected. The swollen gland hides the angle of the jaw and may displace the earlobe. At this stage the pain may be so intense that the sufferer is unable to open mouth.

Complications with Mumps

Complications are common, with 5% of patients developing meningitis. Fortunately this settles without treatment. 30% of men who develop mumps after puberty suffer acute swelling of the testicles. In a small number of cases this can cause permanent sterility. A small percentage of women develop enlarge uterus. Mastitis, hepatitis and pancreatitis may also occur.

After diagnose treatment involves strong analgesics for the pain, and plenty of fluid must be drunk. Some useful tips and effective home remedies can also help you teat this problem naturally at home.

Best Natural Remedies to Treat Mumps

Aloe Vera and Mint Leaves

Take one aloe vera leaf and 5-10 g mint leaves to make a paste. Make a bandage with cotton and apply aloe paste over it. Band it over affected area before going to sleep best to take one teaspoon of aloe vera gel with turmeric milk to treat mumps from inside. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel and cooling effects of mint leaves are best to treat mumps naturally.

Banyan Tree Gum, Roots Mud

Take banyan tree roots mud and make a thick paste. Apply this paste 2-3 times during the day and take 1-2 pinches of banyan tree gum 1-2 times better to take it before going to sleep. Best effective tip to treat mumps naturally.

Charcoal Powder 

Make a fine powder with charcoal and apply this powder in your tonsils with your finger tip. Press tonsils with your finger tip and keep your mouth open.  Daily repeat this for 2-3 days to treat mumps naturally. Charcoal is the best way to drain out tonsils toxins fast and effectively.

Pineapple Juice and Flower

Fresh pineapple helps to keep the mouth clean and fresh also best over swelling and inflammation. Take 2-3 times fresh pineapple juice during the day to treat and cure mumps. Make a paste with pineapple flower (if available) and apply this paste on affected area 2-3 times especially before going to sleep. The best tip to get rid of mumps.

Sacred Fig Fruit/Leaves

Make a paste with scared fig fruit and make a bandage now smear the 2-3 leaves of scared fig. Put the paste quickly over leaves and band it quickly on mumps area 2-3 times during the day. It is a wonderful natural tip to treat and get rid of mumps fast.

Carrot Juice and Leaves Paste

Take one glass of carrot juice after every 1 or 2 hour and apply carrot leaves paste on effected area to reduce inflammation and swelling fast. This is an excellent natural tip to treat mumps at home easily and effectively.

Fenugreek Leaves Paste

Make a paste with fresh green leaves of fenugreek and apply this paste on mumps area 2-3 times a day. Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of fenugreek best to relieve the pain and swelling.


Baking Soda

Make a paste with a little water and baking soda as required. Apply this paste on affected area 3-4 times during the day to reduce inflammation and swelling. Best tip to treat and cure mumps at home.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Drink a lot of water during the day.
  • Take a plenty of rest and relax.
  • Take soft and well cooked food and avoid taking solid foods.
  • Avoid to drink too hot and ice water. Better to take lukewarm water during treatment.
  • Treatment involves strong analgesics for the pain and plenty of fluid must be drink.
  • Rubbing ice and applying dried ginger paste can also be effective to treat mumps.
  • Drop 2-3 drops of mustard oil in your ears to reduce ear pain due to mumps.
  • Avoid taking spicy, citric and acidic foods.