Best Natural Remedies to Treat Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a painful bacterial infection which is transmitted by sexual contact and which can affect any part of the body that is not covered by skin . This includes the urethra, the cervix, the mouth and the anus.

The discovery of penicillin in 1928 led to a dramatic fall in the number of cases of gonorrhea. Unfortunately, this trend was reversed over the 25 years after the introduction of the pill in the early 1960s. The resultant increased sexual activity brought about an increase in gonorrhea. Nowadays, apart from the common cold, it is still the most prevalent infectious disease in the world.

Now, however, the growth of the AIDS epidemic and the practice of ‘safe sex’ mean that gonorrhea is once again on the decline. Such is the nature of the disease that more women than men are infected, the average age of the women infected is falling. Now, 25% are less than 20 years old.

Transmission and Symptoms

  • In theory, it might be possible to catch gonorrhea from a toilet seat but in reality this may be a convenient let out for those who don’t want to admit to sexual indiscretions.
  • The disease may take anything from two days to two months to develop and in men the symptoms are obvious.
  • These are a discharge from the penis and pain when passing urine. There is often a stinging pain when urinating after drinking alcohol.
  • Women may be infected and have no symptoms at all. The usual complaint is of pain on passing urine, increased frequency of passing water and a vaginal discharge.
  • In women with severe infection the whole vulva can be red and painful and the patient will generally feel unwell. If left untreated the condition may be infectious for years. It will cause chronic damage to the urethra, cervix and Fallopian tubes.
  • Severe cases may cause pelvic peritonitis. It may spread causing inflammation of tendons and joints.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is suggested by the symptoms and the patient’s recent sexual behavior and is confirmed by recognizing the bacteria under a microscope. Sexually transmitted diseases tend to hunt in packs. If you think you may be infected you should seek advice to exclude other diseases. This is one of the few occasions when it may be better to by pass the GP. Some of the most effective natural home remedies for gonorrhea can be very helpful but in severe condition GP should be consulted first.

Best Natural Remedies to Treat Gonorrhea at Home

Banyan Tree Milk with Batasha 

Drip 3 to 5 drops of banyan tree milk on Batasha and take it daily early in the morning. Within few days gonorrhea problem will be treated naturally and effectively. Banyan tree milk is one of best natural herbs for men’s sexual problems.

Raw Goat’s Milk and Lump Turmeric

One of the most effective, trialed and tested topical tip to treat gonorrhea naturally at home. Make a fine powder with lump turmeric and blend 4 grams turmeric in 250 ml raw goat’s milk. Take it quickly. Daily take it early in the morning. Within few days gonorrhea will be remove from the roots.

Brown Egg Albumin with Nigella Seeds

Mix one level teaspoon nigella seeds in one organic (brown) albumin finely. Daily take it early in the morning on an empty stomach for one month. This wonderful natural remedy will treat gonorrhea within one month.

Green Cardamom, Alum Powder and Jujube Leaves

Make a fine powder with 3g green cardamom, 2g alum powder and 2g dried jujube leaves. Wrap 1 gram this powder in one teaspoon cow’s butter and lick it. Within 7 days gonorrhea problem treated naturally at home.

Goat’s Buttermilk and Turmeric

Make one large glass of goat’s buttermilk and take one gram turmeric powder with it. Daily take twice a day to treat gonorrhea and to heal urinary tract infections naturally.

Dried Gooseberry and Turmeric

Make a fine powder with 20 grams dried gooseberry and 20 grams turmeric. Take 2 grams with plain water two times a day to treat gonorrhea problem effectively.

Sandal Yeast (Khamira sandal)

Take 6 grams sandal yeast early in the morning with plain water daily. Continue it until required results. You can treat gonorrhea easily and naturally at home with this magical tip without any side effect.

Mango Tree Bark

Soak 10 grams mango tree bark in 25 grams water overnight. Next morning filter this water and drink it. This is extremely good to treat and cure gonorrhea naturally.


Almond Kernels, Green Cardamom, Candy Sugar

Blend 7 soaked almond kernels, 7 green cardamom and candy sugar to taste in half liter water. Use it three times in a day to treat gonorrhea effectively.

Dried Melon Seeds (charmaghaz)

Char Magaz is a combination of four seeds/nuts: Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Cantaloupe Seeds and Water melon seeds. Blend them in equal quantity with one liter milk and sugar to taste. Take it 3-4 times during the day and continue for one week. Cooling effects of this wonderful drink work as a cool shower on infected and inflamed internal body parts. Also best to increase your immune system to fight against this problem.

Dry Coriander Seeds Powder with Sandal Wood Syrup

Mix 3  grams dry coriander seeds powder in one glass sandal wood syrup. Take it 3 to 4 times in a day to treat and heal gonorrhea naturally.

Camphor and Catechu

Make a thick paste with an equal quantity of camphor and catechu. Apply this paste on painful infected area with gonorrhea. You can apply this on the urethra, the cervix, the mouth and the anus too.


Boil 50 grams onion slices in half liter water when it remains half off the flame. Filter this water and place it to cool. Daily take early in the morning on an empty stomach to treat gonorrhea and heal infections especially burning sensation in urinary tract. Anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of onion are best to treat this problem naturally.

Banana Tree Roots

Boil Banana tree roots in water and sit in it after it becomes lukewarm for 20-25 minutes will decrease infection. Eating raw banana is also beneficial for this problem.

Turmeric and Dry Gooseberry Powder

Mix Turmeric powder and Dry Gooseberry powder in equal quantity and make a paste with water. Apply this paste on affected area. Leave it for 1 hour then wash it with lukewarm water or Neem water. Best and effective remedy for gonorrhea and yeast infection. Also remove burning sensation during urination.

Green Coriander with Apple Cider Vinegar

Make a paste of Green Coriander and mix Apple cider vinegar in it to make a paste. Apply this paste on infected area. It is very much effective remedy for gonorrhea.

Neem Leaves

Boil (Azadirachta indica) Neem Leaves in 6-7 liter water for 5-6 minutes and add 4-5 tablespoons of Sea Salt in it. Leave it to become lukewarm. Put this Neem water in a tub and sit in it for 15-20 minutes. It is the best effective anti-fungal and natural treatment remedy for gonorrhea.


Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacterium that also happens to be found in healthy vaginas. Acidophilus kills yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide. Apply it directly to the vagina and leave it for 30 minutes twice a day. Rinse it off and dry the affected area thoroughly. Also consume an increased amount of yogurt to fight gonorrhea.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • If you are diagnosed as having any sexually transmitted disease, avoid to make a sexual contact with your partner.Also better to inform him/her so that better precautions can be taken.
  • Totally avoid poultry products and spicy foods during treatment.
  • Avoid to make any sexual contact until completely cured.  This may effect your partner too.
  • As with most diseases, prevention is better than cure.

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