Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Stop Alcoholism

When you drink alcohol, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach and intestine. Most of it is processed by the liver and the rest is got rid of in sweat and urine. If you’re smaller than average or if you’re menstruating, alcohol will affect you more easily. But if you are on the Pill, alcohol is absorbed more slowly and stays in the body longer, which affects your health so soon.

Because women produce much less of the gastric enzyme that breaks down ethanol in the stomach. Consequently, they absorb almost twice as much alcohol into their bloodstreams as men.

Alcohol is a cell toxin. In the liver, alcohol is broken down to acetaldehyde (a toxin) which harms liver cells, the brain and muscles. It increases free redical production and destroys and uses up B vitamins and vitamins C and E. Alcohol acts like a diuretic, making your kidneys excrete more fluid as well as vital minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Alcohol dulls your brain functions, affecting your judgment and self-control. Long term heavy drinking can cause serious diseases such as cirrhosis of liver; it can affect the nervous system, cause stomach disorders, high blood pressure, breast cancer and brain damage. Too much alcohol can make it difficult to get pregnant and it can also affect the fetus if you are already expecting.

Here we have some wonderful and most effective natural tips and home remedies to stop alcoholism.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Stop Alcoholism

Lemon Juice

Alcoholism can be overcome easily, by sucking a lemon whenever the desire to indulge is active. This is not only a perfect substitute but is also a builder and replacer of the lost phosphates, calcium and vitamins needed to balance the system. Abstinence from meat, fish, eggs, and heavily spiced foods, as well as maintaing a rational nourishing diet, must accompany the cure. Any determined patient can be cured by this method in a month or more.

Lemon with Honey

Fructose and sugars in honey helps you to get rid naturally from this addiction and also reduces the internal damages caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. For better results it is best to use honey with lemon and lukewarm water.

Lemon, Ginger and Orange Juice

To reduce the alcohol addiction and causes try to take daily one glass of lemon juice with orange juice with few drops of ginger juice.

Orange Juice

To reduce the after effects of alcohol try to use fruit juices daily as much you can. Fruit juice helps to flush out the toxins from the body and reduces the symptoms of hangover.

Carrot juice with Orange Juice

When you feel urge for alcohol drink a glass of carrot juice with 4-5 tablespoons of orange juice. Not only treat this condition also reduces the urge for alcohol naturally.

Psyllium Husk (Ispghol)

Psyllium Husk is the best reliever for drunker and smokers to keep their stomach health naturally. It is best to avoid alcohol, but if you take it then keep using Psyllium or Husk regularly to keep away from their side effects. Mix one tablespoon psyllium husk in one cup plain yogurt and take it daily on an empty stomach.

Bitter Gourd Leaves Juice with Buttermilk

Take out the juice of the leaves of bitter gourd. Have three teaspoons of the juice, with one glass of buttermilk, every morning, on an empty stomach. This will be effective and helpful to stop alcoholism naturally.


Armenian Cucumber/Kakri

Eating Armenian Cucumber (Kakri) is another effective natural tip to quit alcoholism. Take one Armenian Cucumber before having your lunch  for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Radish Leaves Juice

To reduce the after effects and hangover symptoms due to alcohol consumption drink radish leaves juice 2-3 times 3-4 tablespoons during the day.

Aloe Vera Milkshake

To keep your internal organs from damaging especially liver and stomach. Take 1-2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and blend it in one glass of banana milkshake then add 1-2 tablespoons of honey in it to improve the taste and effectiveness.

Dates and Water

Another option is to blend 4 to 5 dates in half a glass of water. Drink this concoction twice a day. It would act favorably in treating alcoholism.

Grape Juice

Grape juice is composed of an almost pure form of alcohol. A person may drink grape juice for several days until he becomes accustomed to a normal diet regime that doesn’t involve traditional alcohol.

Tamarind with Plum

If you want to get rid of longer time alcoholic hangover and symptoms, start using this wonderful remedy. Soak one tablespoon tamarind with 3 to 4 dried plums in two glass water overnight. Next morning remove the seeds and blend it in blender and mix two tablespoons candy sugar. Drink it on an empty stomach and continue this for one month.

Apple Juice

Apples are best to reduce the desire of alcohol. Daily drinking 1 glass of apple juice with your breakfast or before the lunch is good to aids in the removal of toxins accumulated in the body due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Bananas and Shake

Alcoholism reduces potassium level of the body. Potassium in our body maintains brain’s nerve system and impulse transmission. Bananas or banana milkshake are the best natural source to maintain potassium level of our bodies.

Healthy Diet

A healthy body is the precursor to good resistance power. Alcoholics should be given a healthy and nutritious diet, consisting of wholegrain cereals, nuts, seeds, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables. It would help avert the longing for stimulants like alcohol. This would, in turn, treat alcoholism.


Home remedies for alcoholism treatment include simple multivitamins including especially omega 3 fatty acids; Vitamins A, B, and C; magnesium; and zinc. The amino acid supplement, glutamine also shows promise as a mood enhancer that helps to break the addiction cycle. Other alternative treatments for alcoholism include hypnotherapy for addiction, energy healing, acupuncture, and exercise to release endorphins no longer provided by alcohol-intake.


Yoga will not just help you get physically fit, but it is also extremely relaxing and can help to counter stress and manage difficult situations

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • 1)If you think you are drinking too much, try to break out of your routine.
  • 2)you usually go to the pub in your lunch hour or after work, arrange to do something different.
  • 3)Go swimming, or join an exercise class.
  • 4)If you have to drink socially, choose low alcohol or alcohol free drinks.
  • 5)If your problem is more serious and you are finding it impossible to give you alcohol, then see your doctor as soon as possible.