Best Natural Tips to Prevent Miscarriage

Miscarriage is also known as pregnancy loss before by itself naturally due to some causes. Miscarriage is very common and at least one in six pregnancies is abnormal in some way, the fetus neither was nor formed properly, or the womb did not do its job properly. Any pregnancy ending before the twenty eighth weeks is said to have a miscarried. Most of these abnormalities are ‘one-offs’ and the chance of miscarrying after one, two or even three previous miscarriages is not greatly increased. Most gynecologists would wait until a woman had three consecutive miscarriages before looking for a cause such as an abnormal womb.

Types of Miscarriage

  • Threatened Miscarriage

A threatened miscarriage is diagnosed when there is any vaginal bleeding before the 28th week, so long as the womb is closed and no fetal parts have been passed. 75% of threatened miscarriages settle down and the babies do not show any increased risk of abnormality. Unfortunately no treatment, not even total bed rest, has been shown to have any benefit in the remaining 25% of cases, which go on to be completely miscarried.

  • Inevitable Miscarriage

An inevitable miscarriage occurs when the neck of the womb has opened or fetal parts have been passed. There is usually a considerable amount of bleeding and ‘cramping’ pains in the abdomen. Because of the risk of infection and continued blood loss, almost all doctors would prefer all women who suffer such symptoms to be admitted to hospital for a D&C or abortion.

  • Complete Miscarriage

If the entire contents of the womb have been expelled, the miscarriage is complete. There is no appreciable blood loss and the uterus is small and non-tender. There is no need for treatment but if there is any doubt a D&C may be needed.

  • Infected Miscarriage

An incomplete miscarriage, where parts of the fetus are left behind, may become infected. This is particularly likely following an un-sterile, illegal abortion. The infection may spread to the abdomen and, untreated, may be fatal.

  • Late Miscarriage

Miscarriages occurring in the second three months of pregnancy are described as late, and are less common. They are usually the result of abnormalities in the womb of fetus and often recur. Late miscarriage should be investigated to eliminate treatable causes such as an incompetent cervix.

Causes of Miscarriage

We want to share with you some natural tips and remedies to decrease your chances of having another loss and preventing miscarriage by creating a healthy, baby friendly body. We suggest using these herbs after a miscarriage or one month before having another secure pregnancy. Make your body and uterus healthy and strong first to conceive a baby.

Best Natural Ways to Prevent A Miscarriage

Red Raspberry Leaf

Boil one cup of water and add one teaspoon of dried raspberry leaves powder in it. Cover it and leave it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Now strain it and drink it. Take 2 to 3 times during the day. If you did not want to use tea you can make its ice cubes and chew one or two times during a day. According to a research it helps and prevent miscarriage naturally by strengthen uterus lining. Also allow the uterus to work more effectively and an excellent herb for pregnancy and childbirth.

Nettle Leaves Extract

To fulfill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals nettle leaves best to prevent miscarriage. Nettle leaves nourish and strengthen uterus. Nettle leaves extract also best to reduce bleeding by tighten and strengthen blood vessels.

Pumpkin and Candy Sugar

To strengthen uterus lining and a healthy pregnancy start eating 20 grams raw pumpkin with 5 grams candy sugar 2 to 3 months before pregnancy. Not only cures you from miscarriages in future also makes your baby healthy and beautiful.

Unicorn Root

If you want to make your uterus and body stronger to cure from habitual miscarriages start taking unicorn root at least 2 or 3 months before conception. Unicorn root is very beneficial and healing to the female regenerative organs after habitual miscarriages. Make a fine powder with unicorn roots and daily take ¼ teaspoon with lukewarm milk before going to sleep.

Banana Flower, Candy Sugar, Cow’s Pure Ghee and Cinnamon Powder

Mix the entire ingredient in equal quantity and mix 10g cinnamon powder in it. Take 5 grams daily before going to sleep. Use this remedy for one or two months before conceiving. Best natural remedy to strengthen uterus and body muscles. Cinnamon and pure ghee can help to improve ovarian function.


Wild Yam Tea

If you have a habitual miscarriages using wild yam strengthen your body and nerves muscles for a healthy pregnancy. Because weak muscles and nerves does not carry a healthy pregnancy and causes bleeding. Daily make one cup tea with wild yam and continue it for one or two months.

Grapes Seeds Extracts

Grape seeds extracts are best for bacterial and fungal infections of the body. Grape seeds are rich in vitamin C and to boost immune system naturally. It is also best to strengthen and protect the sperm in uterus. Take grape seed extract 2-3 times a day for a safe conception.


Make a fine powder with ginseng and mix ¼ teaspoon in ½ cup boiled water. Steep it for 15 minutes and take it 2 times during a day. Best natural herb for strengthening the uterus and preventing miscarriage. Also make your kidneys powerful during pregnancy.

Banyan Tree Bark

Banyan tree bark powder is not only beneficial for male but also best to use for female to prevent from a miscarriage. Make a fine powder with 20 grams dried bark of banyan tree root and keep it in a glass container. Daily take ½ teaspoon with one glass milk on an empty stomach before conceiving and once your period is over continue it for one month. In second month take it after every 5 to 6 days and during third month take it weekly and stop taking it after three months. Reduces PCOS symptoms and heal thyroid glands problem naturally.