Best Natural Tips to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery

Belly size after delivery is base on how much and what foods you eat for fitness. Enlarged belly size is extremely challenging for every pregnant woman and is the most frustrating for new moms. From conception to delivery, a woman’s uterus can grow from the size of a pear to the size of a watermelon. But pregnancy isn’t the only potential reason for enlarged belly size. The uterus extensive stretching of skin formed to accommodate the baby. Keep in mind your body cells also inflamed during the nine months of pregnancy and it is difficult to reduce belly size in days.

Main Causes of Enlarged Belly Size

  • Uterine fibroid and conceiving after 30 are also the main causes of enlarged belly size.
  • Infected uterus during abortion or after delivery.
  • Gross enlargement of the uterus is usually one the main causes of enlarged belly size.
  • Postpartum belly fat production is different for every woman and based on number of factors.
  • Hormonal and physical changes during nine months naturally increases belly size.
  • Severe constipation, scanty periods and other menstrual cycle problems after delivery can also cause spongy belly.
  • Belly and body muscles become weakened and loose very fast during labor pains and right after delivery. These weak and loose belly muscles tend to get fat faster. So be careful to schedule your healthy and nutritional diet plan.

Using natural tips and home remedies are the best alternative because these are most effective treatments to get rid of  jelly belly. But keep in your mind too that without your concentrated effort it is hard to reduce enlarged belly size.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery

Breastfeeding to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery

Breastfeeding to Reduce Belly after Delivery
Breastfeeding to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Establishing breast feed is at the top to reduce your belly size naturally because in this way your new born baby drinks up 500 to 600 calories from your body. Generally new moms often fear that breastfeeding will make their breasts sag and misshape. Breastfeeding will also stimulates and shrink the uterus size naturally after delivery from the first day. This process also discourage fat storage around your belly naturally.

Normally the enlarged uterus returns to normal size within 6-8 weeks with the help of breast feeding. Those who don’t breastfeed their babies, have more fats in their bodies than the women who breastfeed. Breast feeding mothers had significantly less fibroid regression.

For the first two days the baby gets colostrum rather than milk. This thick yellowish fluid is full of antibodies that will protect the new born and reduces excessive fat production in your body.

The process of breast feeding during the first three years of life has the effect of altering hormone levels in the body. This can also prevent an egg being released from the ovary and also reduces eggs production after current delivery. Which promotes a natural contraception too.

Best Warm Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery

Best Warm Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly
Best Warm Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly

Warm detox drinks or tea is the best and most effective choice to reduce internal body inflammation and water retention after normal or cesarean delivery. Detox tea also burns fats faster and increases the enzymes that help to detoxify the toxins. Also helpful to reduce fibroid development naturally. You can start using detox teas from the first day after delivery.

Cinnamon, Carom Seeds and Black Cardamom

Boil 2 liters water with 1 inch Cinnamon piece, 1/2 teaspoon Carom Seeds and 1 or 2 pieces of black Cardamom for 8 to 10 minutes. Drink this detox tea in place of plain water or you can add it with juices. Continued use for 4 to 6 weeks will make a big difference in your belly size because this will be the best detox to clean the body fat and toxins thoroughly.

Fennel Seeds and Green Cardamom

Boil 3 to 4 cups of water and add 4 green cardamoms then add one teaspoon fennel seeds in it. Take it during the day like tea, you can also add a few drops of Lemon juice before drinking it. Best taking early in the morning with an empty stomach. Because it will not only tighten your spongy belly also reduces fat and toxins production.

Cassia Fistula Pulp with Fennel Seeds Extracts

Daily soak 2 inch cassia fistula (Amaltas) stick pulp in one cup fennel seeds extracts overnight. Next morning blend it with one cup water and boil it for 2 minutes. Take it like tea 2 times a day. Within one month you can get flatter belly naturally positively. It also treat constipation and flush out toxins from body as a detox herb.

Caraway Leaves, Cinnamon and Black Cumin

Boil one liter water and mix one tablespoon of black cumin, caraway leaves and cinnamon powder in it to make a detox water to reduce belly and dissolve fat deposits around belly. Take this wonderful tea during the whole day regularly for two months.

Coconut Water with Black Cumin Powder

Take one cup fresh coconut water and 1/4 teaspoon black cumin powder, warm it for 5 to 6 seconds in microwave oven than drink it slowly like tea. The Best natural tips to reduce excessive belly fat and also boosts your metabolism for the whole day. Also, the best helper for feeding mothers that cures your and newborn stomach from bacterial infections.


Green Tea in Brass Vessel

Boil 2 litters water in a brass vessel and dip 4-5 teabags in it for 10-15 minutes. Use this in place of water during the day or mix one teaspoon honey in one cup and take it like tea. This is very much effective home remedy to reduce belly size naturally. Start drinking this water right after delivery and continue it for the next two months.

Cloves and Barley

Soak 3 or 4 cloves in 1/4 cup of barley water overnight. Next morning blend these cloves in barley water and boil it for 2 minutes. You can add honey to improve the taste before having it. Continued use for 15 to 20 days after delivery reduces belly fat without any side effect.

Best Natural Remedies Belly Size after Delivery


Best Natural Remedies to Reduce Belly
Best Natural Remedies to Reduce Belly

Black Currant and Almonds Powder Magical Pills

Mash 250 grams black currants in mortar and mix 250 grams almond kernels powder in it. Now make medium pills with this magical mixture. Daily take one pill with one cup lukewarm milk for one month. This will not only removes extra fluids and toxins from your body also reduces extra fat deposits during pregnancy period.

Peanuts, Walnuts, Honey and Garlic Cloves

Mix 100 grams peanuts, 250 grams walnut kernels in 100 grams honey, 3-4 fresh garlic cloves paste and 3-4 medium size lemon juice. Put all the ingredients in a glass jar and mix well. Daily take 1-2 teaspoon on an empty stomach to reduce belly size naturally and also increase your immune system. Walnuts, pears, dark chocolate, nuts, flax seed oil, macadamia nuts, natural peanut butter, olive, canola, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and almonds with honey have high calories, but with sufficient amount it will help to burn belly fat and boosts metabolism naturally fast.

Black Cumin, Nigella Seeds and Sulfate Stick

Make powder with 125 grams black cumin, 125 grams nigella seeds and 125 grams sulfate stick and keep it in a glass jar. Take 2 grams with lukewarm water 2 times in a day to reduce belly after delivery effectively. All these ingredients also work as a fat burner especially after delivery.

Nigella Seeds, Carom Seed and Natural Sugar

Crush all ingredients in mortar in equal quantity. Take 2 grams with lukewarm water two times a day. The best remedy to reduce belly fat that also reduces excessive fat from the whole body naturally.

Flame of the Forest Gum (Kamarkas) with Milk

Make a fine powder with this wonderful magical herb and keep in a jar. Daily take half teaspoon before having your breakfast with one cup lukewarm milk half teaspoon in the evening. The anti inflammatory  properties of this natural herb best to reduce water retention in body and also the best herb to recover from weakness and back-pain after delivery. Also helpful to reduce depression and stress level in this period. Tighten the muscles and loose skin and reduce the belly after delivery naturally.

Roasted Beans, Lemon Grass, Sesame Seeds, Nigella Seeds and Black Salt

Take 12 tablespoons of roasted red lentil, 12 tablespoons green beans, roasted chickpeas without peels, 12 tablespoons white sesame seeds, 6 teaspoon lemon grass powder, 6 teaspoon nigella seeds powder and 2 teaspoon black salt. Now make a fine powder with all these ingredients and keep it in a glass bottle. Take one teaspoon 3 times a day after 30 minutes of having your each meal. Within one week you will positively reduces belly size about 2 inches.

Turmeric Milk, Dry Fruits and Nuts with French Slices

Use this nutritional milk  with french slice for one or two weeks after delivery in your breakfast. This will also reduces you internal organs inflammation and heal faster. Crush 100 grams dry dates, 100 grams almond kernels, 50 grams pistachios, 100 grams dried coconut, 100 grams pumpkins, soybeans, sunflower and gourd seeds. Now add 25 grams golden or black currents in this mixture and keep it in a jar. Fry 2 to 3 pinch of Turmeric in two tablespoons of white butter for 10 seconds and add 5 to 6 tablespoons of this crushed mixture quickly. Now add 1 glass of milk in it.

Boil it for 4 to 5 minutes and pour it in your mug. You can add honey rather than using sugar to improve the taste. Turmeric in it a great remedy to improve inner health of the uterus and also reduce uterus walls inflammation.

Camel Milk and Dates

Blend 3 to 4 dates in one cup camel milk and drink it before going to sleep. Continued use of this tip for 4 to 6 weeks is best to shrink belly size fast.

Semolina, Dry Fruits and Nuts

After delivery a woman needs nutritional diet to boost energy and to reduce postpartum depression. Vitamin and minerals plays a vital role in healing and fighting infections. After delivery you need to recover first with nutritional diet.

Semolina is the perfect to make a healthy breakfast for you from the first day after delivery. Semolina not only prevent you from overeating during the whole day but also prevent you from anemia. Also Improves your bones health and  boost your energy level naturally after delivery.

Vitamin E in dry fruits and nuts increases the elasticity of skin and also keep the skin from sagging. Fiber in nuts strengthen uterus walls naturally. Fry 2 to 3 tablespoons of Semolina in pure ghee for 4 to 5 minutes and when it start becoming golden now add two brown eggs it. Fry it for 1 or 2 minutes and add 2 to 3 tablespoons grounded dry fruit mixture. Boil it for next 4 to 5 minutes and take it.

Roasted Almonds with Goat’s Milk

Dry fruits and nuts are another ideal to use during pregnancy period to tighten overall body skin. Magnesium in almonds is best to build and produce tight muscles and also help to tighten loose muscles naturally. Use of Goat’s milk is also consider an ideal tip to reduce body fats naturally. Eating 50 grams roasted almonds and take one cup lukewarm goat’s milk.

Nigella Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Dried Ginger Powder and Black Salt

Make a fine powder with all these magical ingredients in equal quantity. Take 1/2 teaspoon early in the morning with normal water before going to sleep.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are best for weight loss and reduce belly fat fast. It is the best source to lower excessive calories naturally. Take 1 teaspoon 2-3 times in a day. Carbohydrates in mustard seeds best natural source that provide energy to your body after delivery and also help to prevent mineral deficiency after delivery.

Ginger Powder

The best herb to fight obesity and reduces the formation of new fat cells. Ginger has the quality to clean up the waste and toxins from the whole body organs also from the colon and liver. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the intestines and help to burn more calories. It boosts the immune system, increases the metabolic rate of the body to burn fat faster and naturally. Take 1/4 teaspoon of Ginger powder with lukewarm water or lemon water daily on an empty stomach.


Cinnamon balances blood sugar level and insulin naturally. Excess sugar in the blood can lead to fat storage. Sprinkle two to three pinches of Cinnamon powder on each your meal for 4 to 5 weeks is best to cure obesity and to reduce belly. This will slows down the absorption of excessive fat and crabs in our body. It also increases metabolism activity which reduces excessive calories.


If you want to convert your food into energy and also want to stimulate the body to burn fat start adding cayenne in to your every meal while cooking. Cayenne also reduces the fats in blood and purifies your blood naturally. It reduces the creation of fat cell in different body cells around liver and stomach. Cayenne apart from being a rich source of vitamin C is an excellent natural antioxidant. It reduces your body inflammation while increasing lean body mass. Avoid taking it directly this could be harmful for your stomach and digestive tract.

Best Nutritional Soups to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery

Best Nutritional Soups to Reduce Belly
Best Nutritional Soups to Reduce Belly

Chicken and Cabbage Soup

Take this soup before one hour of taking your lunch for one week right after delivery. Boil 50 grams boneless chicken in two glass water for 30 minutes on low flame. Add 10 grams cabbage, one slice of ginger and ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder. After 20 minutes add salt and black pepper to taste in it. This nutritional soup also helps you to reduce belly size and overall excessive body fat production naturally.

Barley Flour and Cabbage Soup

Roast 2 tablespoons of barley flour and 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder in one teaspoon of olive oil for few minutes. When it start smells up add 4 tablespoons of shredded cabbage in it. Quickly add one cup water in it then add half teaspoon black salt and boil it for more 1 or 2 minutes. Now off the flame and add one fresh lemon juice and take it. This wonderful soup will eliminate extra belly and body fat within one week and you can reduce your belly about 2 inches positively.

Purple cabbage garnished with black pepper and 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil is also very effective to reduce fats from your belly. Also increase your metabolic rate naturally.

Petite Crimson Lentil and Lemon Juice Soup

You can use this tip if you are not a nursing Mom. Boil 1 teaspoon Petite Crimson lentil or red lentil in 4 glass water until evaporate into one glass. Now leave it to cool and leave it to soak overnight. Next morning filter this water and add half lemon juice. Drink it on an empty stomach early in the morning for 40 days to reduce belly and body fat. You can lose 10-12 pounds during this period positively without any side effect. Not only dissolve extra body fat also feel you fuller without skipping meals.

Broccoli and Spinach Soup

Broccoli and spinach are high in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals which make you fuller for longer period. Boil 5 grams broccoli and 5 grams spinach leaves in one glass water. Add salt and black pepper to taste and take it. This will not only drain out toxins from the body also reduces stored fat in your different parts of body.

Best Healthy Drinks to Reduce Belly after Delivery Fast

Best Healthy Drinks to Reduce Belly
Best Healthy Drinks to Reduce Belly

Grapes Juice

Daily take 50 grams grapes juice after one month of delivery early in the morning on an empty stomach. This is very beneficial to reduce belly fat naturally. Grapes juice is best to increase the metabolism of the body and also a good to detoxify for healthy liver. Vitamin C in grapes juice also tighten skin muscles naturally.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are the natural source of organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid, quinic acid and that process functions as digestive enzymes in our body. These acids emulsify elements on sticky fat deposits in the lymphatic system that drain out all of the waste products that the liver cannot process. Cranberry juice also helps to digest the extra fluids and wastes as well as helps you to reduce extra fat deposits and reduces your belly naturally.

Sweet Lemon Juice

After one month of delivery to reduce belly start eating 3 to 4 sweet lemon on an empty stomach for at least 3 weeks and see amazing results. The best easy and natural way to reduce belly fat.

Edible Lime Juice with Honey

Mix 1 tablespoon Edible Lime in 25 tablespoons of Pure Honey. Mix it very well and finely then filter it from a cotton cloth piece. Keep it a glass bottle, lick ½ teaspoon to reduce your body and belly fat. The best tip to have a flatter stomach within 25-30 days after delivery.

Lemon Juice and Organic Honey

Lemon juice and honey help your body to work more efficiently, and improve the rate at which it metabolizes fat. The citric acid present in lemon is an excellent fat burner. It is also got long-lasting weight loss benefits by just sucking on a wedge of lime half an hour before a meal or squeeze a Lemon in a glass of warm water and add 1 teaspoon organic Honey Bee. Drink it on an empty stomach for fast and most effective results.

Lemon Juice, Cucumber, Ginger, Celery and Aloe Vera Gel

Blend one fresh cucumber cubes in blender. Now add one fresh lemon juice, one teaspoon ginger juice, one teaspoon dried celery powder and one tablespoon fresh aloe vera gel. Blend all the ingredients again and pour it in a glass. Daily drink this wonderful most effective juice to reduce and tighten spongy belly naturally.

Green Apple Juice with Fruits Vinegar

Green apple can play a vital role to reduce belly fat in a healthy way. It controls  excessive hunger during the whole day and works as an fat burner agent to reduce belly in a month. Mix one tablespoon fruits vinegar in one glass freshly squeezed green apple juice and drink it daily on an empty stomach.

Best Homemade Belly Wraps to Reduce Belly after Delivery

Best Homemade Belly Wraps
Best Homemade Belly Wraps

Sour Grapes and Olive Oil Belly Wrap

Pour 250 grams sour grapes juice and 750 ml virgin olive oil in a glass bottle with tight lid. Place it in sun for one week and daily shake it. After one week filter it with muslin cloth piece and keep it in bottle. Daily massage on your belly with this oil and wrap it with a long cotton cloth piece. Within few days you can get back your pre-pregnancy belly naturally.

Coffee Beans Powder and Olive Oil Belly Wrap

Another wonderful belly wrap that can reduce about 2 inches within 2 or 3 applications. Take Coffee beans powder one cup, one tablespoon olive oil and one plastic wrap. Make a paste with coffee beans powder and olive oil. Then apply it over your belly area and  wrap it with plastic wrap. Lay down on your bed and cover your belly with blanket or a heating pad. After 45 minutes remove this wrap and take a warm bath.

White Clay, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Belly Wrap

Put 6 tablespoons of white clay, one tablespoon of virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of sea salt in a bowl. Apply it over your belly and wrap your belly with soft cotton cloth for 45 minutes, then take a warm bath. Within one or two weeks your belly fat reduced about 4 to 5 inches and enlarged skin pores will also shrink.

Coconut Oil and Sugar Belly Wrap

Mix one part coconut oil, 2 parts sugar and few drops of tea tree oil. Rub this mixture withe your hands and fingers over your belly for 3 to 4 minutes and then wrap your belly with a cotton cloth piece for 30 minutes. Take your regular warm bath.

Green Tea and Clay Belly Wrap

Mix 4 to 6 tablespoons of clay in 2 tablespoons of green tea and make a paste. Apply this paste on your belly and make a little massage with your fingers. Wrap your belly with a soft cotton piece and leave it for one hour. Wonderfully reduces belly within 2 to 3 weeks and also tighten skin cells.

Poppy Seeds, Egg White and Aloe Vera Belly Wrap

Blend 6 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and one egg white in a blender and mix one tablespoon of poppy seeds in it to make a scrub. Apply this scrub on your belly and massage with soft hand for 10 to 15 minutes. Now wrap your belly for 10 to 15 minutes. Now wash it or take your regular warm bath. With this application you can get back your flatten belly within one month.

Soft Cotton with Hot Pad Belly Wrap

Wrap a long piece of soft cotton around your belly and place a heat pad over it from the first day. This really shrink your tummy cells size safely and also help to support your back. It’s better to wrap your belly and hips area before going to sleep for one week right after delivery. Furthermore, it also help to reduce uterus muscles swelling and inflammation.

Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Size after Delivery

Best Exercise after Delivery
Best Exercise after Delivery

Nutritional diet and regular exercise can help to lose weight quickly. Belly exercises, walking, cycling, swimming at least 30-45 minutes to burn 800 to 1000 calories daily will stimulate and tighten body and belly muscles.

Exercise No: 01

Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat and hands behind head. Proceed to simultaneously raise head and shoulders up and extend them toward the raised left knee. Pause, then lower to starting position and perform the next repetition toward the raised right knee. Perform three sets of 6 alternating repetitions toward each knee.

Exercise No: 02

During exercise try to keep your belly muscles tight. If you place 2 kg sand and clay poly bag on your belly that will be better for faster and effective results.

Exercise No: 03

Lie on your back with hands behind a raised head, legs bent and raised. Proceed to raise the lower left leg, while lowering the lower left leg. Pause, then reverse leg positions. Perform two sets of 12 alternating repetitions with each leg.

Exercise No: 04

Sit on the edge of the chair grasping the sides for support, with legs extended out and knees slightly bent. Proceed to slowly raise the left leg. Pause, then lower and raise the right leg.

Exercise No: 05

Lying on your back and fix your hands on your head back now raise your head towards your belly. This is one of the most effective exercises to reduce your belly size.

What to Add and What to Avoid

The Importance of Rest

Your body also needs rest to recover during first 40 days after delivery. You may find all the do’s and don’t s that this period comes too restrictive especially if you had a caesarean delivery. Rest is the best way to heal your aches and pains. Rest may also cures you from infections and postnatal complications.

Salt Can Cause Water Retention

The sodium, or salt, causes your body to hold onto large amounts of water and it is in more of the foods. This is another cause of significant amount of water retention in your body. This also makes your appearance spongy and soft, also stops you from losing the weight.

More Sugar Can Increase Belly Fat

You should also decrease sugar consumption during this period. Because your body has more space around your belly to store more fats and calories now. Avoid taking more sugar in your daily diet but do not cut it completely because it is most the important which your baby needs from you.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet with essential vitamins and minerals are the best helper to get flat belly. Try to use foods based on high calories but low in volume. Never skip any meal because this may cause of tiredness and weakness for you, also non healthy for your new born baby.


Hydrate your body with a lot of normal, plain but boiled water at least 2 liters per day. More water can increase your metabolism, it can also helpful to reduce excessive appetite. Water also improves your digestion system because constipation is one of the main causes for a spongy belly.