Best Natural Tips to Reduce Labor Pain

Normal and natural delivery is the term used to describe childbirth. When the mother to be is active throughout her labor rather than static and lying in bed. Over the past few years, more and more women have adopted this method of birth because they claim it’s more natural and comfortable than cesarean. Many women also accept that active/normal delivery has the added advantage of better and good health after delivery also reduces possible risks and complication for both.

Some women like to feel they can give birth ‘naturally’, ie using relaxation techniques and a minimum amount of drugs. However, some supporters of natural childbirth have extended their definition so that any form of active treatment, even pain relief, is regarded as ‘unnatural’. This is an extreme view, and a disservice to women who want to give birth naturally but who also prefer some form of pain relief during labor. You must use gravity to draw the baby out naturally and totally avoid drugs because it could be harmful for your baby’s health.

Here we suggest you to use these natural tips can increase the chances of an easy normal delivery without any side effect.

Best Natural Tips to Reduce Labor Pain for Normal Delivery

Almond Oil

At the end of the third trimester when the ninth month starts daily mixing 2-3 tablespoons of Almond oil in 1 cup boiled milk and sip it like tea you can add sugar or honey to taste. Daily body massage with almond oil before 2 weeks of delivery is also good for both of you. Not only lubricate your vaginal area for a normal and natural childbirth also helpful for the baby at the time of birth.

Castor Oil

When labor pains start mixing 5-6 tablespoons of Castor oil in one cup warm milk and give it to the mother. Very much helpful to reduce or ease labor pains and enhance natural delivery faster.

Papaya Leaves Extracts

Labor pains normally starts 6-7 hours before delivery during this time your cervix start to opening up after every labor pain. During this time you need more enzyme which help you to ease this period. Papaya leaves extracts contain bromelain an enzyme that known to soften the cervix and thus help to facilitate and stimulate normal delivery at the time of labor pain. Mix one tablespoon of papaya leaves extracts in one cup lukewarm milk or water and sip it like tea 4-5 tablespoons after every labor pain.

Lavender Oil

If you are dealing with high blood pressure during pregnancy period body massage with lavender oil during pregnancy not only help to lower your blood pressure also reduces labor pain.

Pomegranate and Apple Juice

Those women who have lower hb level start having more juice with iron like apple or pomegranate juice from nine month onward for normal delivery. You can also consume one glass apple milkshake with 4-5 almonds and one teaspoon of honey to increase hb level. This will boost immune system at the time of delivery both of you and also increase your baby’s brain power.

Ajwa Dates

Eating 4-5 Ajwa dates from nine month significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labor, and produced a more favorable delivery outcome.

Body Massage and Perineal Massage

Women who take a regular body massage during pregnancy period especially 4 weeks before delivery have more relaxed muscles, less stress, less body swelling, joints pain and less breast and body stretch marks after delivery.
Regular perineal massage can also help your body for an easy normal delivery. All you have to do is hook your thumb inside and gently pull the lower part of the vagina outward and forward.

Take a Regular Exercises During Labor Pain 

The most natural method of delivery is for the mother to squat on her haunches. Given the choice, many women instinctively adopt this position. This squatting position allows the mother to push most effectively. It also tilts the pelvic bone forward and makes the passage of the head easier.

  • 1)Stretch the calf muscles help with squatting. Lean against a wall with the upper body relaxed, and push the heel of your back leg against the floor as you breathe out.
  • 2)If you find it difficult to squat comfortably, practice this supported squat, keeping your heels down and your elbows straight.
  • 3)Stretch and tone your inner thigh muscles by sitting on the floor with your legs as wide apart as possible. Relax your thighs and push your heels away from you.

Warm Bath

When labor pain established try to get into a warm bath or sit in warm water. This will speed up labor and reduces pain naturally.


What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Try to take healthy diet during pregnancy period which do not add extra pounds. Because extra body weight may increase the chances of c-section.
  • You should start walking as soon as you feel the first sign of labor and try to walk through out the labor pain.
  • Avoid to take cold water or other cold foods and drinks. Try to take warm drinks and foods.
  • Avoid carrying weight to get normal delivery during pregnancy period.
  • Most women suffer from constipation during pregnancy due to an increase in hormone progesterone. To avoid constipation try to consume more fiber foods in your daily meal plans. Also stay hydrated and drink more water because it can be the main cause of constipation too.
  • Avoid to take caned food and frozen products that could be harmful for you and your baby’s health.
  • Totally avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. Because smoking and alcohol not only harmful for your health it can also more harmful for your baby’s lungs, brain and heart.
  • Start using white butter or pure desi ghee with your daily food when your third trimester starts for an easy normal delivery naturally.