Best Natural Tips and Remedies for Numbness

Numbness  is a common condition that effects several individuals. Numbness, which is often coupled with tingling sensations, eventually we have feel that a thousand pins or needles pricking on hands and feet or fall asleep. Low blood circulation in arteries or prolonged pressure on the nerves temprarely disconnect the neuro transmission signal to the brain which causes asleep or tingling numbness in some body parts.

Poor posture in sitting or while sleeping, anemia and excessive body weight are he basic root causes of feeling this unusual sensation of tingling. Stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, deficiency of iron, vitamin B 12, thyroid problem, menstrual problem in females and dehydration are the other possible causes of asleep body parts.

Rear Causes of Numbness

Patches of numbness in a recent immigrant from a third world country, especially if they are around areas of depigmentation, may be a sign of Hansen’s disease. another rare cause of numbness is syphilis of the spinal cord. In this case, the numbness has a strange effect on the feet. The patient is unable to feel his footfall, and adopts a stamping style of walking.

Damage to the sensory region of the brain may occur as a result of an accident or a stroke. In many cases of patient can still feel major sensations, but is unable to perform complex tasks such as identifying an object by its feel.

Immediate walking around or little exercise in this condition can increase the blood circulation to the effected area. In a severe condition it is better to consult a doctor because it may be the sign of a serious disease. Some effective tips and home remedies may also helpful for you to get rid from this condition naturally.

Best Natural Tips and Remedies  for Numbness

Ginger Tea with Black Pepper 

Make a cup of ginger tea and add 1-2 pinches of black pepper powder. You can add salt to taste in it too and take it. Immediately improve blood circulation in the whole body and you will feel better in few minutes.

Olive Oil Massage and Warm Bath 

If you are treating this problem from a long period than start massaging your whole body with olive oil before going to sleep and take a warm bath after 1 hour. Useful therapy in treating poor blood circulation in the whole body, it relaxes muscles and therefore may be helpful.

Garlic with Milk 

Boil 1 mashed or crushed clove of garlic in ¼ cup of milk and when it evaporates into 1 tablespoon take it. Best tonic to reduce blood cholesterol  level and improve blood circulation to the whole body.

Dried Ginger Powder with Honey 

Mix 2-3 pinches of dried ginger powder in 1 tablespoon honey and take it daily in severe condition or you can take it weekly to keep your body from this problem.

Turmeric Milk with Egg Yolk 

Roast 1 tea spoon turmeric in 1 tablespoon pure butter for 5-10 seconds and add 1 cup milk in it. You can add crushed almonds, walnuts or other dry fruits in it. Pore it in a cup and mix 1 egg yolk in it with sugar to taste (diabetic patients can use it without sugar). Sip it like tea.

Green Tea with Honey 

Mix 1 tablespoon Honey in a hot green tea cup and sip it immediately. This will speed up your metabolism and improve blood circulation to the affected area.

What to Avoid and What to Add

  • Take a regular exercise to increase blood circulation in body.
  • Consume food with more vitamin and minerals to treat the problem naturally during pregnancy.
  • Try to control your body weight and improve immune system with natural foods.
  • Avoid sleeping or sitting for a prolonged period by improving your sleeping and sitting posture.
  • Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol it may lead the problem to the severe condition.