Best Natural Tips to Stop Semen Leakage / Nightfall

stop semen leakage

Weak testicle nerves are the basic cause of sperm leakage, premature ejaculation and sexual problems. Which can lead you many health and mental problems in the future if you do not stop ejaculation earlier. Starting with the puberty period rarely occurrence of nightfall is not harmful. if you do not stop semen leakage on time the excessive leakage can cause back pain, testicle pain, low sperm count, burning urination and hair loss. In this condition semen fluid discharge during sleep and it happens generally in the morning.

In a research low sperm count (less than 20 million per ml) not able to become a Father. You can solve the semen leakage problem naturally, only start taking healthy diet with vitamins, proteins and minerals. Do not use Anabolic steroids that can cause serious side effects like Reduce sperm count, liver disease, high blood pressure and skin infections. Regular exercise and body massage with herbal oils can improve your physical and mental health to stop seminal leakage naturally.

Main Causes of Excessive Semen Leakage

  • Weak parasympathetic nerves (low blood flow) to the penis Muscle
  • Weakness
  • Stress and depression
  • Excessive masturbation 
  • Smoking
  • Medication
  • Spinal cord Injury
  • Alcoholism
  • Zinc deficiency in body Nocturnal emission or wet dreams (uncontrolled erection and ejaculation during sleep)

There are several fast effective ways to overcome this problem overnight but we suggest you to go through naturally. Some useful and effective tips are given below.

Best Natural Tips to Stop Semen Leakage

Dates with Banyan Tree Milk

Take 250 grams Ajwa Dates and pluck out its seeds. Fill these dates with Banyan tree milk than boil these dates in 2 liters of cow milk until it evaporates into ½ liter. Mash dates in it and keep it in a glass jar. Daily eats 1 tablespoon of this mixture. The best and effective tip for any kind of men disease.

Safaid Musli

Make a fine powder with 100 grams sufaid musli sticks and take 1 teaspoon with water daily for 3 to 4 weeks. One of the best and most effective natural tips for the male sexual problems.

Asparagus Tea

Consume one cup daily for 2 to 3 weeks to treat this problem naturally. Also best tip for strong testicles and healthy for men health.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

Daily use 5-10 ginkgo biloba leaves best herbal tip to stop semen leakage permanently in 2-3 months. It improves your mental health for strong body muscles.

Almond Milk Shake

Daily drinking one glass Almond Milk Shake, produces healthy sperms and help to improve your physical and as well as mental health to deal with this problem.


Daily use 3 to 4 slices of this magical food. Very much beneficial to semen leakage and nightfall naturally.

Fresh Juices

All fruit juices and water work wonderfully to help you. Drink 10-12 glasses of water or fresh juices in a day also helpful to stop semen leakage.


Eggs – add daily in your meal for strong muscles to control semen leakage.

Black Currants (Mucuna)

Blend 2 teaspoon Black currants (Mucuna)/Pruriens in one glass milk and take it before going to sleep to treat this problem naturally.

Omega-3s Foods

Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, Sunflower seeds , Soybean products, Seafood and seaweeds (omega-3s) – very much helpful to stop this problem.

Saffron Milk

Saffron Milk – daily one cup good for men health.


Shalajeet – one pinch with a glass of milk twice a week found very effective to stop semen leakage and nightfall. It restore your physical capacity and reduce stress.

Body Massage

Take proper rest and massaging the body with lavender oil or almond oil for strong muscles.


To stop and cure seminal leakage naturally you need to change your diet habits first. Yogurt – daily add one large bowl in your meal especially with an empty stomach early in the morning very much effective to stop semen leakage.

Zinc Rich Food

Zinc rich food – pumpkin seed, oysters, watermelon seeds is very beneficial for semen leakage with urine.

Stop Smoking

To stop and cure seminal leakage naturally you should change your dieting habits. Stop intake alcohol, caffeine and smoking right now it can be harmful for men health also.