Best Natural Treatments for TORCH Syndrome (Athra)

TORCH syndrome (Athra) is a group of infectious diseases that can cause some serious effects on you and unborn baby during pregnancy.

TORCH consists of the following five infections:

  1. Toxoplasmosis 
  2. Other infections, such as Chlamydia, HIV, Coxsackievirus, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Chicken pox
  3. Rubella or German Measles
  4. Cytomegalovirus or Jaundice
  5. Herpes simplex virus 2

If a woman get one of the TORCH infections while pregnancy, this infection may spread through your blood to your baby. All of these infections can cause developmental problems to the fetus or unborn baby. Because as a result of a TORCH infection your unborn baby might be physically or mentally disable. As a result of TORCH infection you might suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth.


These are essentially two main causes of TORCH infections:

Across Placenta:

The fetus totally depends on your strong immunity in your uterus. So it has no resistance against the pathogens that cross the placental boundary. These microorganisms may not be very dangerous for you, but may cause spontaneous abortion.

During Childbirth:

While passing through the birth canals or even shortly after birth, some of the TORCH infections in pregnancy may be transmitted to your baby through fluids and blood. However, this type of transmission can be controlled more effectively by good medical consultancy.


The different diseases that consist of TORCH infection have their own symptoms. Some of the general signs of the infection are:

  • Petechial (tiny purple or red spots on the skin) or rash on the skin
  • Fever and loss of appetite
  • Enlarged spleen and liver
  • Jaundice
  • Subtle symptoms like flu, that may not be noticed during pregnancy, but can seriously effect the baby

It is important to diagnose this infection at the earliest stage. Monitoring of baby growth after a positive result is an important part of this diagnosis. Here we suggest some natural treatments to cure this condition naturally without any side effect.

Best Natural Treatments for TORCH Syndrome (Athra)

Green Papaya

Papain and Bromelain are two enzymes found in green papaya which help the body to fight the parasite causing toxoplasmosis. Papaya is a fruit which destroys parasites and them suppress in the body. Papaya is full of antioxidants as well which prevent damage to the body and enhance energy levels.


Pomegranate juice is also very effective for killing internal parasites. You can also eat Pomegranate dried seeds for fast treatment. Pomegranate contains tannins called Punicalagins which have antioxidant properties. They also destroy free radicals which cause cell damage. Parasites such as toxoplasma gondii can be eliminate by drinking up to 4 glasses of Pomegranate juice in a day.


When the immunity is lowered, parasitic infections tend to thrive in the human body. Yogurt contains good bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus. When diseases like toxoplasmosis strike the body, bad bacteria multiples in the gut of the stomach. To counter this, yogurt with mint which produces good bacteria in the intestines, should be taken regularly.

Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple juice and egg white are the best source of lysine. Applying pineapple juice with egg white is also best to treat herpes zoster problem. Drinking pineapple juice during this period is also best to treat this problem. Vitamin C and zinc have also been found to be extremely beneficial in keeping all forms of the herpes virus away. And they have the added benefit of giving the immune system a powerful boost, which of course, helps sufferers of TORCH infection.


Corn Silk Paste

Make a paste with corn silk and apply it on herpes blisters before going to sleep. Leave it overnight and next morning wash it with neem leaves boiled water. The essential oil of corn silk will helps in reducing itching, skin irritation and inflammation. Within 2 or 3 application you can get rid of herpes.

Watermelon Seeds

Blend a handful fresh watermelon seeds in one liter water in a blender. You can add candy sugar to taste. Drink this detox drink 5-6 times during the day to remove out toxins. Anti-inflammation properties of watermelon seeds are best to reduce liver inflammation and reduce bilirubin level.

Barley Water

Barley water is the best and most effective natural source to treat jaundice during TORCH infection. Boil one cup barley in 3 liters water and simmer it for two hours. Take one glass during the day 4-5 times. Best natural way to remove excessive level of bilirubin and improve liver health. Also best for liver inflammation naturally.

Black Pepper

As the disease toxoplasmosis is out of it, which can be consume. Black pepper can help you in effectively fighting against toxoplasma gondii. You can chew few of the raw black pepper each day. You can also make a tea, with ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Wear gloves when gardening or handling soil. Wash hands thoroughly with hand-wash liquid or soap and water after coming into contact with soil.
  • Avoid to eat raw or under-cooked meat, especially pork, venison, or lamb.
  • Wash kitchen utensils thoroughly with dishwasher liquid and water.
  • Thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid unpasteurized raw milk.
  • Avoid feeding cats raw meat. Indoor cats are less likely to develop toxoplasmosis.
  • Avoid to rest in room which is not provide you proper sun rays. But avoid to take direct sun light.
  • We suggest to pregnant women avoid to keep any cat, dog or any other pet during pregnancy and after delivery.