Best Spring and Summer Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry pieces differ in their designs and even the materials from which they are made. Wearing different jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings plays a major role in increasing your beauty and enhancing your elegance as a woman. You need to choose those catchy jewelry pieces that can complement what you wear and provide you with the stunning look you need to impress others on different occasions especially the formal ones. You can find gold jewelry pieces that are encrust with diamonds and are consider to be the most expensive. There are other jewelry pieces that are made of cheaper materials such as silver, leather and more materials that do not cost a lot of money to allow you to purchase what suits your budget. In order to choose the catchiest and most stylish jewelry pieces, you have to check out the jewelry trends that are presented every year. Here are nine favorite ways to shake up your everyday looks.

Best Spring and Summer Jewelry Pieces

Tassels Jewelry Pieces

Fringe ornamentation on bags, shoes, clothing and jewelry is everywhere, and we can’t get enough. Bright, festive and oversized styles are here just in time for warmer weather. Adding tassels is one of the most noteworthy jewelry trends you are going to find in the next year. Tassels are not just added to different jewelry pieces women wear such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces. They can also be found in other things that are especially made for women such as handbags and even the clothes women wear. If you want to look gorgeous, then you need to opt for those pearl and diamond tassel jewelry pieces that are more than stunning.

Massive Earrings Everywhere

“No pain, no gain”, the next spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend reads and ensures that with those massive earrings on your ears you have a snowball’s chance in hell not to steal the show. The spring/ summer 2017 runways were literally teeming with heavy, massive and bizarre staples, at times bejeweled to bits, at times more focused on unique graphical designs. Alexander McQueen and Gucci are leading the way in bejeweled sphere, the latter suggesting overloading the ears with bejeweled big birds or a bunch of flowers. At Proenza Schouler, white and red dangle earrings feature some graphical allure, while at Giorgio Armani, elegant graphical numbers are playing for higher stakes. Want something more spring-worthy? Look no further than Delpozo’s massive cuff earrings falling down the shoulders, in bright colors and praising blossomed ears.

One Earring Lost or What?

Want to look different and attract more attention? Do you love earrings but do not like the idea of wearing them? You can try wearing single earrings to decorate just one ear. It is not the first time for this catchy jewelry trend to appear as it was seen before during the past years and continues to be a big jewelry trend in the next year. Single earrings are available in different designs. They are worn by many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie making them more popular.

No Standstill for Chokers

Choker necklaces were present during the 1990s in the form of black pendant chokers and plastic tattoo chokers that were very common among girls. Those chokers come back again but in other designs and materials. You can find gold chokers, crochet chokers, glassy chokers, feathered chokers and more materials from which you can select what makes you completely comfortable and more gorgeous. Chokers appeared at different fashion shows such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Antonio Marras and Saint Laurent.

Bejeweled Brooches vs. Fabric Flower Pins

Always thinking of brooches as something old-fashioned and granny-worthy? Leave these thoughts behind, as brooches have never been so trendy and so versatile before.You might be just spoil for choice whether to go in for bejeweled pieces or fabric floral staples. Balenciaga’s ‘80s-inspired blouses à la Dynasty and spandex leggings are just screaming to be replenished with bejeweled round-shaped brooches fixed on different places. At Dries Van Noten, elegant black brooches look harmonious on blazer lapels, while at Gucci and Manish Arora, massive bejeweled brooches are nestled on collars. But it is definitely Dolce & Gabbana riding high with oceans of brooches spread here and there. Want to go more romantic? Fabric floral pins are surely to fill the bill and throw you into some spring-worthy floral zone. From floral pins on blazer lapels happening at Chanel, Gucci or Lanvin to those bohemian versions on lightweight dresses at Anna Sui and Sonia Rykiel, we say strong YES to this spring/ summer 2017 accessory trend.

Can’t-Miss-It Pendants

Forget the small and simple pendants because it is time for those statement ones. Statement pendants are undoubtedly catchier than the tiny ones. You can try wearing those statement pendants and necklaces if you find that the small ones are boring and do not provide you with the catchy look you need. There are many impressive designs that can increase your beauty and make you catchier on different occasions especially the formal ones.

Piles of Bracelets

Multiple bracelets jailing one arm or both were happening at every turn on the recent runways just to strike the right chord with the women who like to rush in making a noise. What else could make that flirty jingle-jangle than piles of bracelets?Whether we look at those metallic heavy bracelets with red stones at Alexander McQueen or golden multiple ones at Alexander Vauthier, one thing is certain: lightness and easiness are not welcomed the season to come.

Lanyards as Jewelry Pieces?

While chokers or pendants or single earrings are run-of-the-mill issues happening year in, year out, lanyards that are originally meant to secure a whistle or a knife, are to be use as unique necklace styles from this time onward. Still embarrassed by this brand new spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend? Just clap your hands and welcome this practical solution of designers to hold your essentials around your necks. Lanyard is a different kettle of fish, chicer and more elegant holding square pendants, while at Chloé, lanyards take a more practical turn securing a bunch of keys. Want to see a whole lot stranger implementation of this spring 2017 jewelry trend? Wear them without holding anything, much as we saw at Assembly New York.

Loading Up on Rings

There are some women who believe that wearing just one or two rings is not enough to get catchy hands. They think that the more rings they wear, the catchier their hands will be. If you are one of those women who believe in such a thing, then you can wear the number of rings you like in the next year as it is going to be a big jewelry trend. Whether the rings are large or small, shiny or colored, you can create the catchy combination you like to increase the beauty of your hands.