Best Tips to Treat Hysteria Naturally

Hysteria is a type of neurosis which people under extreme stress can display. The hysteric has apparent physical illness as well as psychological disorders. Hysterical people tend to be very selfish and are obsessed with attracting attention and admiration from others. Psychiatrists have theorised that a childhood trauma, or insensitive treatment during adolescence may cause the malaise, but this doesn’t explain every case.

Symptoms of Hysteria

The hysteria appears in particular circumstances. The person goes blind, deaf or mute, or may suffer from paralysis. They may complain of pain and headaches, backaches and lumps in the throat are common. But once the circumstances which have caused the the symptoms go, so do the symptoms.

Best Tips to Treat Hysteria Naturally

Green Olives and Nigella Seeds Powder

Make a fine paste with 250 grams fresh green olives and mix 50 grams nigella seeds powder. Keep it in a glass jar and take 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach and 1 teaspoon before sleep. Continue it for 5 to 6 weeks. Green olive is considered as one of the best natural remedies for Hysteria. This is the best and trial treatment of Hysteria.

Bottle Gourd and Honey

Peel and make Soft 5 kg bottle gourd under hot ashes now cut in slices and place overnight to fall dew drops on them next morning spread Honey to taste on slices and give to patient daily. It is a natural and magical tip to cure hysteria fast.

Lettuce Juice with Green Gooseberry Juice

Take a mixture of one cup lettuce juice mixed with one teaspoon of green gooseberry juice is one of the most effective natural tips for Hysteria treatment. It works best when taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue this for at least 4 to 6 weeks to treat hysteria naturally.

Jambul Juice and Honey

Blend 1 kg jambul with seeds in blender after filtering mix 150 grams Honey in it and give to the patient. This remedy will offer a relief from the disease soon and quite effective natural tip for hysteria.

Pineapple with Candy Sugar

Sprinkle candy sugar powder over pineapple slices and give to the patient along with pineapple water twice a day especially on an empty stomach. It is the most effective natural cure for female Hysteria.

Leather Accessories Smell

Try to use more pure leather accessories like bags, wallet, shoes and jackets to treat and cure hysteria fast and naturally. In earlier times, in the form of an old shoe is likely to have succeeded. People may have learn this remedial effect from the above fortuitous observation. In those days, shoes were commonly made from leather and the other contaminants like sweat, dust, mud, etc., as an important first-aid treatment for hysteria.

Exercise for the Mind

Walking is not just physical exercise for the body, it’s also great exercise for the mind. You will feel more physically and mentally energetic after exercise. Being outside in the fresh air, in beautiful surroundings, really will blow away the cobwebs, allowing time for clear thinking and inducing a relaxed state. Getting out in nature is great for the mind, body, muscles and spirit.

Walking for people suffering from depression or a stress related illness like hysteria, walking 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes have a positive effect. People who are more physically fit tend to have fewer stress related health problems.

What to Add and What to Avoid

  • Apart from these measures, restrict the consumption of stimulating caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse should also be give up as they tend to worst for Hysteria. Plus, avoid refined and packaged foods with excess salt, sugar or white flour.
  • Dry fruits and nuts will help produce healthy blood cells and nourish the nerves.
  • Milk provides nutrition and boost the immune system and help to stay healthy and will avoid any implication of Hysteria.