Best Natural Remedies to Treat Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a painful bacterial infection which is transmitted by sexual contact and which can affect any part of the body that is not covered by skin . This includes the urethra, the cervix, the mouth and the anus. The discovery of penicillin in 1928 led to a dramatic fall in the number of cases […]

Best Natural Homemade Sunblock for Men

Men have to face more strongest sun than women, when you are going to be out in the sun in summer or winter then you must need a sunblock to protect your skin cells from Ultra Violate Rays which can be the cause of Acne, pimples, dead skin cells and skin wrinkles. Sun bock is […]

Best Natural Tips to Stop Semen Leakage / Nightfall

Weak testicle nerves are the basic cause of sperm leakage, premature ejaculation and sexual problems. Which can lead you many health and mental problems in the future if you do not stop ejaculation earlier. Starting with the puberty period rarely occurrence of nightfall is not harmful. if you do not stop semen leakage on time […]

Best Natural Tips for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction or impotence in men is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. It may have psychological or physical causes, and may be a short lived problem, or a long term or permanent one. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often only temporary and caused by anxiety, stress or fatigue. It may affect adolescent boys at […]

Best Natural Homemade Aftershave Lotions

After freshly shave most men feel irritation or burning sensation in their bread and mustache area. An effective natural antiseptic aftershave can cure your skin from infections and gives you a fresh looking face with soft skin but chemical based after shave can increase your problem sometime. So if you want to give your face […]

Best Natural Herbs and Foods to Increase Fertility and Conception

Infertility means the inability to have family without children, affecting more than 10% worldwide. Many couples have no symptoms and experience many issues. Some couples manage adapt to their doctor looking for help. The average woman takes six monthly cycles to become pregnant, but in some cases women take more than a year to conceive […]

Best Tips to Increase Scanty Sperm Count

Scanty Sperms is one of the common problem in men. Stress, anxiety, fear, some diseases and medication side effects are the main causes of scanty sperm production which leads to infertility. But nature has always a solution for our all problems. Some medication or steroids may effect temporarily but it also make a big health […]

Best Tips to Treat Testicle Pain and Infection

A testicle is one of the pair of male sex glands, producing hormones and sperm. The sperm are produce along the walls of these tubes and when they are mature they fall into the center of the tube to be carried to the epididymis, where they produce the male sex hormone testosterone and release it […]

Best Natural Tips for Male Yeast Infection

Extra weight, masturbation, prolongs ejaculation, unhealthy diet, smoking and more intake of alcohol can be the main causes of male yeast infection and small genital with weak health. To get rid from this problem, your genital health diet can make a massive change to solve this problem. Using medicines and steroids might be harmful for […]

Best Homemade Skin Whitening Scrubs for Men

Skin whitening scrubs are the best choice to brighten up your complexion instantly with skin care. Scrubbing is a simple method that whisks away dead surface cells from the top of your skin, revealing the plumper, younger ones underneath. It also speed up cell production, which means that the cells that reach the surface are […]