Most Trending Fall/Winter Chic Coats

No cold season is ever complete without coats. And if you’re one with a penchant for what’s HOT out there each season, the Q of what coats to wear in winter probably crossed your mind already. Finding the very best winter coat is the very core of any girl’s autumn/winter wardrobe; it’ll hold elevated outfits together with chic mastery and make jeans and a tee look like an achingly cool combo. Get the right coat, and fashion success in the winter months will be yours. That sounds like a pressurising task, but when you’ve got our edit on hand there are no excuses for a less-than-completely-amazing outerwear situation to be happening in your very own closet. From minimalist coats (with a touch of interest) to patchworked pieces, keep scrolling to see the top 9 coat trends that you can wear now—and next winter.

10 Best Most Trending Fall/Winter Chic Coats

1. Trend: Sherling coats

The fluffy material continues to blanket outerwear for fall, from sweeping coats to shorter styles. It’s vintage perfection, a 70s nostalgia mixed with rocknroll, like in those films with a young Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep, happening somewhere in the winter of 1976, both wearing shearling coats that look rugged and cool. The version of the shearling coat keeps that rugged vibe while being more sophisticated and polished, but not too much, so we still have that badass rockroll vibe to it.

2. Trend: Fur Coats

Tbh I thought they’ve been there done that, but apparently they’re not going anywhere. FYI – faux fur vests are out. (God knows I find it so hard to deal with that, so I chose to wear mine as an outwear option for relaxed days.) Fur coats, and faux fur coats are either short-haired with funky prints and a 70s take on the design, or are more fluffy and delicate. It’s luxe mixed with edgy.

3. Trend: Oversized Coats

Take fit out of the equation with oversized shapes (think: sloping shoulders, elongated sleeves, and a shin-grazing length) for a devil-may-care “borrowed-from-the-boys” attitude. Like those of last year, your know. The longer the coat the cooler the look. They keep your legs warm, and look extremely dramatic.

4. Trend: The Pea Coat

Characterized by its double-breasted buttons and wide lapel style, the pea coat is a nautical classic. Often shorter in length than other coat styles, this style is decidedly more casual than others. With its boxier silhouette, the pea coat is our pick for styling with jeans or dresses of the shorter variety.

5. Trend: The Robe Coat

Stemming from the belted style’s boudoir roots, a robe coat simply oozes with glamour. Leave yours to hang open and loose or wrap and tie it tight at the waist—no matter how you style it, you’ll definitely be the chicest girl out there.

6. Trend: Military Style

Military style coats are always in trend. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi offers an over-sized version with epaulets, belt and relaxed fit. I love the khaki green color and the side stripes in red and white colors. The military theme does not want to leave its peak position. Therefore, if you have a coat in the closet that resembles a military coat; do not rush to hide it too far. Instead, fastly prepare it for next cold season.

7. Trend: Camel Leather

Nothing can beat that rich camel hue. Simply divine. The best part? It works for every silhouette—A-line, fit-and-flared, and trench. Still going strong, with a bit of a staple vibe happening. As long as it’s not draped I’m loving this coat trend.

8. Trend: Duffle Coats

Toggles got a high-fashion, grown-up makeover for fall that ranged from crisp and minimal to edgy and bold. Initially, duffle coats were called only long wool coats, fitted with oblong clasp instead of buttons and inserted pockets. Now, with the fashion industry progress, this design has become even more different. Some designers have shortened its hem, others gave it an asymmetrical cut and other decorated the coats with current prints and colors, while the rest have added inserted pockets and removed the typical checkered lining.

9. Trend: Patchwork Coats

A patchwork coat adds more than enough vibrancy to your outfit, though you can try out the look with neutral leather tones too. It’s all about striking a color-block effect with just one piece.

10. Trend: Statement Coats

Never ever have statement coats been this cool. Everything you love about a coat style is hyperbolised, as to make it more vibrant: colours, fabrics, sizes, cuts, prints, patterns. The edgier or more un-common the better, but it all looks incredibly great, Gucci or Prada style. Busy, luxurious, extra vintage, extra big, extra anything. You know… exaggerate with your coat.