Top 10 Beauty Tips for Daily Natural Freshness

Staying fresh isn’t just a personal issue any more. We all sweat and it’s a normal healthy function. But apart from the additional stresses of modern living we need to pay more time and attention for ourselves. Because a survey across Britain, showed that people’s attitudes to personal body odor could strongly affect their love life. Here we suggest you top 10 tips for daily natural freshness to stay away yourself from odor.

Top 10 Natural Beauty Tips to Stay Fresh Daily

Take a Bath


Have a bath, shower or all over wash each day. Your place of work can make you hot and sticky, especially in the summer, so keep a toilet bag handy with moist freshen-up tissues, deodorant and/or antiperspirant for extra backup during the day. This will more effective if you take a salted water bath.

Keep Underarms/legs Hair Free

Don’t give sweat a chance to linger and keep underarms/legs free of hair. A light dusting of talc also helps to feel fresh all the day.

Use Deodorants

Deodorants and/or antiperspirants are a must for underarms. Find one that suits you because effectiveness of a product varies from person to person.

Wear Fresh Clothes

Daily change and wear fresh clothes, especially undies. Choose natural fivers like cotton and linen whenever possible. Unlike man-made fibers, they absorb any dampness and are not nearly so likely to become smelly. Nylon tights make you sweat, so avoid them when you can, particularly in the summer. Stockings are healthier, too. Try hold-ups if you don’t like wearing a suspender belt.

Skin Problem


If you have an underarm wet-patch problem, loose-fitting sleeves should do the trick. In fact, avoid anything too tight around under-arms, waist, legs or crotch.

Avoid Hot and Spicy Foods

Steer clear of spicy food such as curries. They raise the temperature and create temporary sweating. Similarly, both alcohol and smoking speed up the metabolic rate which, in turn, activates the sweat glands.

Stay Stress Free

Nervous tension triggers off those glands, too. For some people sweaty hands, for instance, can be a night-mare. Staying stress-free is easier said than done but some people swear by yoga techniques. If you have time, relax for 10 minutes with your feet up. Breathe deeply and evenly and clear all the problems from your mind. The more you practice a serene state of mind, the healthier you become. And the fresher you stay.

Face and Body Sprays


Learn some keep cool tricks. All-over body sprays are a good start. Mineral water sprays for face and wrists bring instant relief. Running your hands and feet under cold water is blissful, too. And keep your hair off face and neck.

Aura of Freshness

Being fresh and sweet-smelling go hand in hand. Using matching soap, talc and cologne creates an aura of freshness.

Don’t Worry

Don’t let a worrying problem continue. Ask your doctor for reassurance and advice; worrying in itself can make you hot and bothered anyway.